Excitement x2

Starting Weight: 159.8
Last weeks weight: 157.8
Current Weight: 157.6
Total Gain/Loss: -2.2lbs

Yes folks, a .2lb loss — 2 ounces lost. I have to be honest and tell you I’m not counting this as a victory because the realness of it is that I could probably swallow my own spit and lose .2lbs. It is a good sign that I didn’t gain weight, yes — I recognize that. Eh – I’m cranky so how about I just skip the rest of this section? {I should point out I have been extra crankified lately. I am trying very hard not to let it come out but telemarketers watch it, I’m not a happy camper.}

Running lesson:

Yesterday after, I learned the importance of running before work. I knew if I went home, I’d probably get lost and distracted again so decided to change into my running gear at work. I was kind of hesitant because the running capris I had brought with me were really really tight. And by really really tight I mean painted on.

I am not really embarressed about me being healthy but was slightly unsure of being seeing outside of work appropriate attire. I managed to get out of the building with no one seeing me so I was safe. I did NOT realize how hard it is to run in heat… not only humidity but heat. It was 91 degrees and whoa baby, I struggled! I made it about 3 miles and ended up taking frequent walking breaks. 40 minutes later I was drenched and beyond exhausted.

After my run, I had a few errands and didn’t get home to eat dinner until 8:30. I devoured dinner and then, Iggy and I decided to lounge around in the online world for a bit, getting some work done.

Iggy loves to burrow himself behind pillows when I’m laying on them — does anyone’s doggy doe this? It is so cute, I love when he does this! By about 10:30, I started to get a really bad headache so I figured it was time to hit the sack! Today includes some serious HR work and then, a serious sweat workout

Excitement x2

I have two things to share with you. Some fun things that have been in the works and I know how excited ya’ll will be. First, I am excited to let you know that I accepted an opportunity to a contributor with the Minneapolis Star Tribune!

This came up because about three weeks ago, I noticed the Minneapolis Star Tribune has a wellness section online but most of the content is related to general topics – nothing is really dedicated specifically to how to be healthy in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I tweeted @startribune telling them I had an idea and a partnership was born! How fun, right? I’ll start posting in the next week or so and let you know when things go up so you can follow me there if you are interested.

(Time to track Weight Watchers points) 

The second exciting thing I have to share with you is something HUGE. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for close to a year and am only now ready to dive in. But it isn’t just for me, this is really something for YOU.