Weigh In Week 47

It seems like this week has been an endless one on Weight Watchers, perhaps because it was such a bad one food wise.  In fact, I think a picture sums it up best:


 +5.2 Pounds

88.0 lbs Lost on WW to date

 oof.  That is a hard one to stomach.  There is no denying it, I made poor choices this week.  Some of them were for positive things.  Like Date Night on Friday night to the St. Olaf Christmas Festival including a Norwegian buffet with many tasty once-a-year treats.  (Lefse, not lutefisk)

IMG_4476.JPG Other slips ups led from poor planning, too many meals out with family visiting, oh and a little stress around the still non-sleeping baby (teeth now) and the diabetes diagnosis of our cat Doppler.

Doppler the Diabeticat


Insulin is expensive.

Note to self: avoid diabetes.

Still no matter how you slice it, I fell down this week. I made poor choices.  I chose to eat foods I shouldn’t have.  I chose not to track.  I seem to be incapable of doing things “part way.”  I cannot just eat freely for one meal.  One meal leads to two, to a day, to a week.

I cannot stop at one dessert.  Or one spoon of peanut butter.  Or a few chips.

However, all is not lost.  It never is and there are always new choices to be made.  So this week I am making good ones.  I tracked and was solid all day long.  I ate veggies, I drank water, I got in 10,000 steps despite (because of?) a 12 hour work day.

I can do better.  I plan to.

In the wisdom of a fellow Fitblogger…








Time for the reset button.  This weekend was a great one, except for eating.  There was lots of great food and that was the problem.  Yes,  I was tired and stressed and at parties/out to eat, but the food was my own choice.  I chose indulgence this weekend.  It felt so good and easy at the time.

Now, however I am feeling overly full from a weekend of indulgence.  I am bloated, sore and the food doesn’t feel as good on this side of the choices.

2.5 days of eating what sounded good is not the end of the world, but it is important to have it stay there and move away from the permissive eating of the weekend.  Luckily the beauty of weight watchers is that there is always a reset button.  There is always a new choice and opportunity to make better ones.

Sometimes I am alarmed how easily I am led astray by the thought of delicious food – especially desserts and free meals.  Many days I am very strong and can pass up things with ease.  Other times it seems impossibly difficult.  And once I do give in it is even harder to stop.

You don’t lose 100 lbs though without having some strength of character so I have to remember that.  I think I am going to detox the sugar intake this week.  I don’t have any parties or events in the next week so it should be light on the temptation side.

I feel sheepish.  I had a gain last week and an indulgent weekend this week.  I don’t seem to have good focus lately.   Is that the lack of sleep?  The busy schedule?  The stress?  Whatever it is, it has to stop.  I am better than this.

Random Midnight Thoughts.

  • E2 appears to have a 3.5 hour sleep cycle.  If I can get her down in her crib I can typically get 3.5 hrs until she wakes up again.  Did I mention she is teething, still on meds for her ear AND appears to be getting another cold?  Ah the joys of parenting a toddler.  However, the snuggles are an excellent payment.
  • I stretched wrong and tweaked my back today.  It reminds me that I really really need to find a new gym routine.  I have the Sunday School Christmas program this weekend, but I think on Monday I may challenge myself to do the 30 day Shred.  I can take the DVD with me when we travel for Christmas, it is short and I can watch in on the laptop too.  Anyone want to do it with me?
  • Melissa McCarthy is apparently going to make a line of clothes that just goes from regular into plus.  Like it will be all the sizes, without a distinction between “normal” and “plus.”  Here is the article.  We are having an interesting discussion about it on the PFG Facebook Page.
  • If I could have any one task done for me.  Anything at all, it would be cleaning my house.  It feels so futile and yet so necessary.  Ick.  I will do almost anything else happily if I never had to clean again.
  • I am really getting into the Christmas spirit this week.  I have the music on, church stuff is in full swing and we are hopefully getting our tree this weekend.  Plus I am nearly done shopping which feels like a victory in and of itself.
  • P.S. Why are MIL’s so hard to shop for!?
  • My cat Doppler, who had a weird lump earlier this year that turned out to be an allergic reaction thing, is looking sick.  I need to call the vet, but I am afraid of what I might hear.  My hunch – old age and kitty cat diabetes.  But I just don’t know.
  • Mr. Goat found the “baby goat” Halloween costume from E1′s first Halloween.  So here is a comparison shot of the two kids for you.  They are not related.  at. all.  :)


  • Yes, of course E1, formerly Baby Goat had a goat costume.  Duh.
  • I think I have decided on a first race back after my injury.  I do want to try a short race to give me a sense of whether or not I need to move away from running long term.  And I can always walk it.  I am thinking of this 5k.
  • Are there local people who would be interested in a meet up in January?  If so let me know.  I am pondering things!

Time to transfer the baby back to her crib, she seems asleep now, we’ll see how it goes.  Wish me luck and sleep!

Weigh In Week 46

My morning did not go well.  I was up until 3am with E2.  She wasn’t up, unless I put her down and then she was inconsolable.  I honestly don’t know if it is teeth, her ear still, a lingering cold or just wanting to see if mom will crack. (kidding, mostly) Then I over slept, we missed E1′s bus so I drove him to school.  Because of being late I didn’t get to pump and was 20 minutes late to my Weight Watchers meeting.

But hey I went and I weighed in anyway.

+2.4 Pounds

93.2 lbs Lost on WW to Date

With Thanksgiving and illness, sleep deprivation and lots going on, I saw this one coming.  I am not terribly upset about it because I know that as frustrated as this week was I did most of my damage on Thurs/Fri while I was sick, traveling, had Thanksgiving, and dealing with a baby with an ear infection.   The most important thing for me is that I did not throw in the towel.  I wanted to, but I didn’t.  Instead I kept tracking and I scaled back my eating to match my daily points.

I wasn’t perfect, but I rarely am.


I have been sad today.  It is the kind of sad that finds me when I am beyond tired – a melancholy about people (myself primarily).  I saw a person on Twitter belittle herself while posting a new “before” picture.  While I don’t know her personally, the 140 characters implied that for her worth and weight are related.  It made me sad.

I always get sad when I see someone who is a bit overweight and feels that it honestly effects their worth as a person. If that was true, I would still be worthless despite my weight loss.  The person on Twitter was considerable smaller than I am now, likely 50+ lbs smaller, but the comparison is immaterial. Worth is not dependent on weight. Period. You are a beloved child of God. Chosen. Loved. Blessed. Worthy.  And so am I.

A number on the scale doesn’t dictate anything but our weight. There are hosts of reasons to want to lose weight, but I don’t want anyone to think it is to become worthy of someone or something, or especially of God. Grace and love don’t work that way.

I gained. I am human, a tired human, but one who keeps on trying.  If all I can say about this week is that I kept trying then I am doing just fine.