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Weigh In Week 56

Despite illness in the house…still…again, (Seriously?!), I did make it to weigh in today.  I went to the lunchtime meeting rather than the morning one but I made it.

-0.4 Pounds

94.4 lbs Lost on WW to Date

It seems to me that this is a good result.  As you recall the perpetual sick kids kept me from Weigh In last week but I was certain I’d gained some.  This week I worked hard and so while -0.4 doesn’t seem like much I realize it means that I lost my gain and a little more.

I really worked hard this week to track, manage portions, cook real food and in general try to be balanced in my eating.  I had good luck with it.  It helps that I had virtually no occasion for splurging.  The one time I did was some “free” pizza for a co-worker’s birthday but that was tracked and weekly points used.

I’m learning slowly that while I can have anything I want, I don’t really want to have just anything.  There are things I want more than cupcakes or cookies, chips or dips.  The trick is remembering it.

I ran across this today (from the website listed on the comic) and I laughed.  This is the way it is for me.  I can have anything I want, but it means telling myself no on a regular basis. 10858567_835984513129325_4902888238269771272_n

I have to be both parent and child.  As parent I need to temper reality with some restrictions and some indulgences so that I stay on track.  As a child I need a deep belief that I can accomplish goals that often seem daunting at best.  It is never easy but it is possible.

This week looks pretty straightforward – if we ever get well I’ll be plenty busy but there are no major food speedbumps ahead.  Still I look forward and keep planning so that I can keep on track.  I really want to see me reach that 100lb mark soon.  I know better than to put a date on it, but I hope to head steadily in that direction.

Now I am off to bed.  As both E1 and Mr. Goat have strep and I have a sore throat I think an urgent care visit is in store for me.  (I promise I do disinfect my house, the trouble is my kids leave it regularly to go lick subway walls or something…)  Until next time friends, stay well!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Some Sunday nights I sit down and wonder just where my weekend went!  This was a relatively unscheduled weekend but it didn’t stop my from doing a lot (what does!?).  The weekend was mostly good AND I am doing well with tracking.  I still have two days left of my WW week but am feeling strong and still have 7 weekly points and my activity points just in case.  I am not planning to use them however.

Anyway, since it is Sunday night the most mental energy I have is for a list form of update so that’s what you guys get!

Good – WEEKEND!  (Duh!)

Bad – E2 has another ear infection.  (Thankfully her ENT referral is next week – I see tubes in our future).

Good - Getting a much needed haircut and feeling cute!


Good – grocery shopping by myself and sticking to healthy and needed foods for home.

Good – saw two friends for coffee this weekend, just quick ones but still nice.

Bad - a conference at my church kept me out of my Sunday School classrooms until this morning so I had sort of a crazy morning getting stuff set up in time.

Good – lots of steps as a result!

Bad – I still have the cold and had a horrible night’s sleep last night even though my kids both slept.

Ugly – E2 got her first black eye when she slipped into the wall of the tub, even though I was 6 inches away from her.  Mom guilt with a side of toddler rite of passage


Good - Healthy choices at an impromptu lunch out with the ILs today after church and I tracked it – Wild Mushroom Omelet FTW.

Bad – E1 is officially down for the count with the family cold and Mr. Goat seems to be following.  I’ll be home at least part of tomorrow with my eldest.

Good – we officially have some plans for Spring break next month that involve seeing people we love and not being home!  Yay!

Ugly - diabeticat seems to be improving with insulin except that he likes to throw up the new diabetic dry food and I stepped in it first thing this morning.

Good - I have a lead on a treadmill from a friend.  I hope it comes true, it could be such a God-send for my working out at home.

It never seems like the weekend is long enough but on the whole it was good despite the sickness.  I hope everyone continues to improve and this week goes smoothly.




Weigh In Week 55 – Scratch edition

I am a scratch for weigh in today.  I am home with a sick toddler and I am sick too.  I feel a bit guilty skipping this week since I know I am up.  I feel sheepish for being up to, like I owe it to you guys to be better at this.  However, it is the facts of this week – I had too many social events.  I made bad choices.  I am sick.  I am tired. and it is all a hole of my own doing (except the sick part – I blame the kids for that).

I’m not leaving the house today until I have to head to work tonight and I know my home scale doesn’t relate well to the Weight Watchers scale so I’m not even going to guess.  Instead, I am going to refocus my efforts on tracking and eating real food.  No more potlucks and sugars (real or substitute) for a while.  Though I can eat anything on Weight Watcher I know which foods make it easier to stay on track so I am going to do some self-restriction for a while and get back in my groove.

Hopefully I will start feeling better soon too.

I have more blog posts to write but today is not the day for them.