Scenes from a 3-Day – Days 2 and 3

I will be giving you a full recap and some of the emotions and experiences from the last amazing 3 days, but first here are some pictures for you from the awesomeness.   Then for the rest of the day I will be recovering with a much needed day off on the couch!  So stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy lots of sweaty selfies!

Snack time at Pit Stop 2 on Day 2


Jodi’s Couch pops up throughout the route from time to time


My knee told me to take the rest of Day 2 off after lunch :(


Knee care back at camp so that I could walk Day 3


Lyssa, my Fitbloggin’ friend and Social Media guru for Susan G. Komen.  So glad she was here this weekend!


Getting a ride on the sweep van to save my knee for the end of Day 3.  I was on the Boy Band Sweep Van


I walked the whole second half on Day 3 and made it to the capital!


Me and my teammates: Tiffany, Robin and Irene.  I could not have done it without them!  Go team Boobs, Sweat and Tears!


And this is Cindy from Medical, who got my knee back into walking shape for me!


My weekend step totals.  Not too bad!


Scenes from the 3 Day – Day 1

Today was my first day of the 3 Day and I am still alive and smiling. I am off to bed now so here are some quick pictures of the walk so far from my phone.











Weigh In Week 31

It was not a great week for me, but that is not the reason I am a day late with the weigh in – yesterday was work, E1′s Kindergarten teacher meeting and I went out to the Twins game with a new friend who is walking the 3 Day as well this weekend.  I did find a chance to run over to weigh in but just didn’t have the time to get on the computer last night.

Still, it was a bad week.  Dropping the 7 points I was hungry a lot.  I held my own with weekly points and my daily points until Monday when I went into a full blown pity party, stress-eating food binge.  It wasn’t pretty and while it was mostly over on Monday it did care over onto Tuesday some as well.  As a result I was majorly in the hole point-wise for the week and it was too late in the week to make up the deficit with activity.

So I was up.

+3.2 Pounds

71 lbs lost on WW to date

Like I said, it is not pretty.  Still I did have some successes this week.  For one I tracked my entire binge.  This was a hard thing to do but it does show me that I didn’t completely give up while I was in eating mode.  Secondly, I had several social events this weekend and I tracked and made mostly good choices there.  I even hosted people in my house and managed not to eat my entire table of snacks.  Both these are signs that I have come a long way.

The gain is a gut-wrencher, but I earned it by eating and letting myself wallow in being stressed.  Thankfully I have a new week and a new opportunity to make this a good one.

With my 60 mile 3-Day walk on Fri, Sat, Sun – I am not yet sure how best to track the food there.  I will have ot play it by ear.  I do know my activity will be sky high so I am not too worried about it.  I also have to navigate my birthday on Tuesday (naturally the day before weigh in).  I do plan to have cake and am going to do my best to manage my points to keep enough for Tues.

Weight loss happens in real life, and real life can be messy.  This was a particularly messy week for me, but I am still working and trying.  In the end, that is what we have to do when we fall – pick ourselves up and start again.

{Sponsored Post} Chocolate Therapy

photo 5Sometimes as a working mother the only time I ever slow down is when a child is sick. On those days I am forced to take things slow. Meetings get missed and email replies may be delayed, but it is important to be home with my sick child.

E1 was sick last Friday and we settled in for a quiet day. He just had a cold, but it settled into his asthmatic lungs so we stayed home with our albuterol, he had to miss bike day at his summer program. So we did one of the best things to do when you are home feeling sick – we made brownies!

In this case we used Tastefully Simple’s Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix. Like all Tastefully Simple mixes this called for just two added ingredients – butter and eggs – so we had the items on hand. In this case we improvised and added some PB 2, a powdered peanut butter, to the mix as well. I added a ½ cup but could have added more. PB2 is great because it gives peanut butter taste without adding the fat of actual peanut butter.

photo 1 (6)

The mix sure looked fudge-y and delicious going into the oven. The hardest part was the half hour baking time! But before we knew it our brownies were done and out of the oven! They smelled delicious.

After a short cooling period we dove in. I cut mine into 9 servings in the 8×8 pan, but it easily could have been 12. While they were baking I had figured out the Weight Watchers points with the added peanut butter. For one serving it came to 9 PP. This is a definitely splurge, but one I had saved points for!

And as splurges go, this was an amazing one. The mix lives up to its name. The brownies were dense and full of chocolate flavor. I could taste the peanut butter and it went well with the fudge! They were just a bit gooey in the best way possible. It was a splurge that I thoroughly enjoyed and it was rich enough that I could stop after one serving. E1 also gave the brownie two thumbs up – it was a good treat for a sick day!

Because of the points value I wouldn’t make these very often, and I would probably cut them smaller. However, they were a great treat and a nice way to spend some time with E1 while he was under the weather. Sometimes, a little chocolate is all you need.

I was provided the brownie mix from Tastefully Simple and I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own.