Running in the Dark – Now with Bling!

I had one main workout goal for the weekend – get a run in.  I really needed to test my knee since it was feeling better.  In addition, I have a 10K in 4 weeks and while I am confident in my ability to walk 6.2 miles, running it (even in part) is still another story.

I had one main goal and thanks to a combination of work, family and other responsibilities I found myself sitting in the living room at 9:30pm on Sunday night having not gotten my run in.  It was dark.  I was tired, but I really needed to get that run in.

So put on my new Enell bra and shirt, laced up my shoes and headed out the door.

IMG_2925.JPGI don’t like running in the dark, it feels vulnerable.  However, I stuck to the one mile long loop block surrounding my house and I had my reflective vest on and a bright white hat.  I was confident I would be seen.

This was my first run back since really before I got pregnant with E2.  I had done an inpromptu jog here and there, but nothing I would call running training.  I have decided that intervals are the way to go and decided to try a 2 minute walk, 1 minute run interval for this first time out.  I managed two miles of this pacing before deciding to walk most of the 3rd mile.

Still the running was not bad, my lungs were weaker than my legs and if I can boost my breathing and endurance there I think I’ll have longer runs in me quickly.  I kept a fast pace walking too.  I know that the #runDisney races have a 16 min/mile pace and I was determined to keep that as a goal during my training.

I ended up doing my first 5k (with running) last night, in the dark.  My splits were similar and my pace was not bad for my first time out.  All in all I am pleased with how the run went.


After I finished my run, I realized that in doing a 5k last night I earned my first bling for a virtual race.  I had just received the virtual race medals from Jost Running earlier that week!  It felt great to do a hard fought run, in the dark, and earn a medal for it.  Jost Running has great virtual races every month and the medals are no joke.  They are hefty and shiny and very motivating.  (Yes, I am a geek.  Yes, I am going to add up my miles this month to reach the marathon medal too!)  And since the virtual races all go to help good causes I don’t feel guilty for liking the bling!

Run in the dark and earn a medal all on a Sunday night.  Don’t mind if I do.


After my run I made sure to stretch well, but I am afraid I need some guidance with stretches.  My knee started acting up later that night in bed and has been stiff and painful all day.  I am back to icing and ibuprofen.  I am contemplating another orthopedic visit and researching foam rollers online.  I take comfort in knowing that it did NOT hurt while I was walking or running so am confident that this is an issue of my Baker’s cyst and possibly a weak IT band (based on pain location).

Still it is a pain (ha!), and I am going to have to figure out a solution so I am not hobbled for a day after every run.  If it continues to become and issue I will have to look elsewhere for my exercise.  (Something I need to do anyway for variety).

But I don’t want to jump to conclusions about my knee either way.  So for now I keep on moving forward.  I hope to let my knee rest up and try another run later this week.  I also might try to catch a yoga class for some additional stretching this week.

I am an ambassador for Enell and was giving the bra, hat and shirt.  In addition, I was also sent the Jost Running medals to participate and blog about their virtual races.  As with all other things, all opinions are my own.

PriorFatGirl’s Candy Challenge

RANT time: Did you know that school started on Tuesday?  That is only September 5th? So why is there HALLOWEEN CANDY displayed all over already (Target, Cub, I am looking at you in particular).  Could we not have a few weeks without “fun size” treats to tempt us? Seriously?

Ok, rant over, but now I am going to do something about it!  Enter Prior Fat Girl’s Candy Challenge.

What is Prior Fat Girl’s Candy Challenge you may ask?

Simple: I am challenging myself, and anyone who would like to join me, not to eat ANY Halloween Candy BEFORE Halloween.  I know that if I started buying Halloween candy now I will buy it at least 4 times over before Halloween even happens because I will keep eating it (or Mr. Goat or E1 will).  None of us need that.  I am not a Halloween Scrooge, I will have a fun size milky way and a Reese’s peanut butter cup…on Halloween.

So are you in?  No Halloween Candy until Halloween.  No ever, just for the 8 weeks until Halloween.  Look I even made a little badgey-banner thing that you can post on your blog and challenge others.

Prior Fat Girl's(1)Who is in?  Leave a comment below!  Share it, Instagram it, Tweet it.  We can do this.  No Halloween Candy until Halloween.

Weigh In Week 33

Let’s recap – last week I was up nearly 9 lbs after the 3-day walk and a birthday binge.  The week before I had a stress related gain and the week before I was statistically the same (a .4 gain).

I was diligent this week about tracking, so diligent in fact that I had -7 points left in the week.  Yes, I ate a bit too much but I tracked it anyway.  I also drank a lot of water this week and started moving (albeit slowly) again after the 3-day walk.  I anticipated I would lose some weight, simply from water weight and inflammation from the 3-day.  What I got was this:

-16.6 Pounds

78.8 lbs Lost on WW to Date

Go home scale, you are drunk.

Seriously?  I don’t even know how that happens.  No matter what we say about calories in/calories out sometimes my body is just a mystery too me.  Still I am THRILLED with the weight loss.  It sort of erased the bad scale of August and I am down officially lower than I was when I got pregnant.  Still being in the 260s now, while amazing, is still only part of the way (weigh) to go.  But it is a big part.

I even got my WW 75lb washer for my charm key-fob.

ww week 33

I am also very excited to be back on a fall routine.  E1 started Kindergarten this week and 2 days in is loving it.  I am also loving that I have a regular schedule to follow for my family.  There will still be craziness, too much to do, and such, but at least it is some what predictable now.  That helps my eating so much.

I suppose I should show you a full body shot since I haven’t in a while for comparison.  Despite the giant loss it has been a long work day and I am feeling puffy but it seems like a good time to do it (i.e. Mr Goat was still up so I could make him take a photo of me).


Parts of my definitely feel smaller, and I am enjoying my waist emerging.  I am frustrated that my pants sizes are not changing as quickly – or that fit is still a hard luxury to find.  I am going to be in trouble when i need to start wearing pants as I am not sure I have any that fit me right now.  Thankfully skirts are forgiving.  Other parts develop other issues as I get smaller however.  E1 likes to “flap” my wings (my loose arm skin).  He thinks it is hilarious and when I ask him not to it just seems funnier to him, while I am mortified inside.  On the one hand I am proud of them, but I wish he didn’t notice them.

I think an important lesson to me is that there will ALWAYS be something you don’t love about your body, and there will always be parts that you like.  Weight might change what your favorites are but you will always have areas of your body that are not appealing to you.  Still, I am not in this for beauty, I am in this for health.  If I was overly concerned about beauty I would wear makeup!

I don’t want to make too big a deal over this week’s weigh in, just as I didn’t want to worry about last week’s too much.  I just want to keep tracking my food and see the scale continue to move in a general downward trend.

Until next week my friends, keep on tracking!


The “Support” Team

I got a present in the mail today!  I was expecting it since last week and VERY excited about it.  You see this was my first package from Enell as one of their new Ambassadors!   And in this package was the super-secret NEW COLOR that launched today.   It had been voted on but no one knew what color won until it was announced today.


I want you to ask yourself “When was the last time I was excited about getting a bra in the mail?”  But I am!  It helps that it is from a company I really like, whose bras are top quality and actually work for large women while working out.  It also helps that I have been wearing nursing bras almost exclusively for 10 months! I was also excited about a fun new color.  I have my share of boring bras, but for sports bra territory fun is the way to go, in my opinion.

And the new color is….



(Isn’t is gorgeous?!)

In addition to the beautiful bra I got some fun gear to wear at my races.  I just love race gear – it gets me excited to run.  That sentence is one that still makes me giggle when I think about how less than 3 years ago I had never run a mile.  Amazing.


Look for me wearing the gear at my first 10K on Oct 4, a race that I am getting to do because of my partnership with Enell.  (Which is good because race habits are expensive!)  Who knows I may even get the courage to model the bra here myself, but let’s not hold our breath shall we?

As one of Enell’s brand Ambassadors I was given the items about as well as race entries.  However all opinions are my own.  I am lucky to be picky about who I get to work with!  Also, if you want to know where to get an Enell bra in the new color check out their blog post with a list of retailers.  But be quick – last year’s signature color sold out quick as a bunny.

P.S.  Can we just give Enell some mad props for using real size women in their advertising?  I love that about them.