Pizzaful weekend.

Carlos was gone this past weekend so it was just me and the puppies. I call ‘em puppies but both Iggy and Willy, the dog we have been watching are 5 years old. Still, PUPPIES to me :)


Willy went home Monday morning so Iggy will be glad it’s back to all the attention on him. Since I was eating solo this weekend, I tried to clean out some things in the fridge/freezer that had been there for longer than they should have. I had a few Flatout Flatbreads in my freezer so made pizza twice this weekend:

Chicken, peppers, spinach & onions topped with melted cheese:

Breakfast pizza with peppers, onions & scrambled eggs with melted cheese & hot sauce:

Both were so delicious! That said, I did eat more processed carbs this weekend (2 pizza’s above, Subway for lunch, english muffin, etc) than I have been in the past year and totally noticed the effects on me mentally. I felt more sluggish and hankering to binge on allthefoodinthehouse.

Note to self: keep processed carb intake low & focus on carbs from fruits & vegetables!

Sunday afternoon, my dad, his wife, step-daughters and foster girls came over for lunch. My how family dynamics change… thankfully, while there were some rough times in my relationship with my dad, we’ve made it through and are now in a good place. It’s still sometimes hard because I crave the family dynamics that once were, but I know I’m not the only one that misses my mom. And, I know things all happen for a reason, and we all have picked up the pieces to put life back together again. I’m not extensively close with dad’s new wife but I know he doesn’t expect me to be – we have conversations, are nice to each other and she makes him happy so that’s what matters. Plus, I love her daughters. Sunday afternoon, we made spaghetti and all sat around the living room talking for a couple hours. The dogs loved having company since they’ve been stuck with just me for days. By the time they left, we all needed naps. We had perfect weather yesterday so all the windows were wide open – so nice!

I signed up for a painting class through Minneapolis Community Education, it starts on Tuesday. Over the weekend I got the supply list and may have spent my entire paycheck at Dick Blick Art Supplies, or at least it felt like it. Luckily they had a huge 60% off sale on painting supplies and I found a ton of pre-stretched canvas for 70%. I’m so excited for the class. I really wanted to paint all this weekend but figured I should wait & learn a little before I start using all the canvas I just bought.

This week, Carlos’ cousin & his girlfriend are flying in to stay with us for a long weekend. I’m excited but it means I have a lot of work to get done so I can take time off at the end of the week. I’m struggling to fill a few positions at work and getting frustrated at the lack of available candidates who meet what we are looking for. I know there are still a lot of people looking for work, but it seems no one for Field Service Engineer in our specific niche industry. I don’t usually talk about work details here because I try to keep the blog and work separate but every once in awhile, the HR comes right out of me :) Good thing I LOVE my job, seriously.

Speaking of, I better get to the workday & start searching for candidates on LinkedIn (keep your profiles up to date, people!!)

Happy Monday!



Alright kids… I’m 3 days into this 12-week lifting routine and love it.


I’ve been warming up with a 1 mile run and then spending 30-40 minutes doing the weights. I did this Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and will have a rest day today. Tomorrow I’ll do just a serious cardio sweat session, have another rest day on Friday and do the last weight lifting session on Saturday.

I’ve also been tracking my eats again this week because I really do think that’s where my biggest loss of focus is. I think I know how much I eat; I think I know how balanced I eat; I think think think. The problem is that I think, not KNOW. I really need to be accountable to myself, be honest with myself, and KNOW, not think.


I heard on the radio this morning as I was driving into work this morning a woman being interviewed about a book she just wrote about work/life balance. To be honest, I forgot most of the interview because on of her statements stuck with me a voided out everything else she said…

We take better care of our phones than we do ourselves. Every night,
we charge our phones back to 100% but we charge ourselves only
partially, often getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night.

THIS is an area I usually do not compromise – my sleep. I KNOW I am much more on my game when I get a full nights sleep. I KNOW when I get less than 7.5 hours, I will feel the effects very blatantly; I’m sluggish throughout the day, my decisions are less healthiness focused and it is easier to say “oh just a little won’t hurt” or “it’s just one piece.”

I KNOW this. I also know that for the rest of my life, healthiness will need to be a priority. For the rest of my life, I cannot take take my eye off focus. While at first thought, it sounds like a daunting task, I don’t really think it is… I just think it’s a part of life. Other people have to focus on their recovery every day for the rest of their life, whether it be drugs or alcohol. Other people have to focus the rest of their life on managing their diabetes or heart disease. For me, every day I need to focus on my healthy.

I recognize I’ve written posts like this before, all this mumble about how this is my life. And it isn’t that I have had some light-bulb moment but more of just a self-awareness moment. I realize I’ve let my focus shift; I’ve let my guard down. I’ve become more relaxed. THIS is where I need to refocus.

I cannot exist in an I think world. I need to know. 

On a separate note, on a note regarding all this painting I’ve been doing as of late. I want to learn more about tips, tricks and ideas so does anyone want to take this Acrylic Painting Class with me? It is 6 classes starting next week…


Planning for success this week.

Monday already – weekends seem to go faster and faster as of late.

Friday evening, I met my friend Cindy at Smack Shack to celebrate her recent engagement. I am beyond excited for her – such a fun time in life & relationships :) She gave me the most hilarious of cards and along with it, came a huge responsibility of helping with wedding festivities. I’m honored she asked me :)


HERE is what the inside of the card says.
(The personal attendant version…)

Saturday, I hit the gym and then came home to hang out with Iggy and Willy, the dog we are watching. I made breakfast and then cleaned a little. Then, I realized we had just enough time to curl up and sneak a nap in. Post-nap, I made my way to St. Cloud, MN to spend some quality time with family. My grandma & grandpa and aunt & uncles all met at the mid-point between where we all live for an afternoon of hanging out by a hotel pool. After everyone worked up an appetite, we cornered off one of the little breakfast nook areas and had a potluck to celebrate my grandpa’s 80th birthday.


I love seeing family, especially my grandma & grandpa, and wish they lived closer. By the time I got home, it was after 9pm and I was exhausted!

Sunday morning, I hit the gym and started THIS weight-lifting routine. Who else started it yesterday? I had lunch with Kristi and her daughter, friends who came in from out of town and then hit up the grocery store. Sunday afternoon was spent finishing cleaning the house, doing laundry, roasting a chicken for lunches this week, and doing a little menu planning & food-prep:

Chopped cauliflower & broccoli

Hard Boiled Eggs

Dinners for the week

  • Sunday: eggs & toast
  • Monday: turkey/feta burgers with a spinach side salad
  • Tuesday: pork chops with a fruit compote, roasted cauliflower
  • Wednesday: leftovers
  • Thursday: chicken & artichoke pasta (zucchini noodles)
  • Friday: Subway

Sunday evening I ended up painting for a bit…



And then, I realized it was almost MONDAY!

My boss & co-worker are both gone this week on Spring Break which means I’m holding down the HR office. I’m anticipating a crazy week trying to keep everything moving. To help keep my mental state of being, I decided I will block lunch every day this week and LEAVE the building for a workout. That’ll help me clear my mind and come back with enough energy for the afternoon. Or, maybe I should just plan for coffee in the afternoons and wine in the evening? :)  (aaahhh… but we all know I’m cutting back on wine so maybe on Friday I’ll have a glass!)

Planning for success. That is the way this week will go.



This girl’s gotta lift!

I woke up to a grey & dreary day this morning. But I’m not worried because the little rain we are getting is better than snow AND, it’s starting to wash away all the dirt that accumulated in snow banks.

Also, I have beautiful tulips a friend brought over this past Saturday.


What is better than flowers from a friend?

I did some googling this past weekend, searching for workout routines for women and stumbled on THIS 12-week program from Simply Shredded.

I am going to start the lifting/weights part of the program next week. I think it’s time I got back into lifting as my primary workout focus & get out of a cardio-centered routine for awhile. Here’s the first four weeks:

SOURCE - SIMPLY SHREDDEDWorkout Routine & Image from Simply Shredded

I saved the above image on my phone which I usually have with me at the gym so I’ll do a quick warm-up (10-15min cardio) and then jump right into the above. We do the above for 4 weeks and then there is a new routine for the next 4, and it continues like that for the entire 12 weeks.

I’ve kept up with a some lifting over the past 6 months but I want to step it up so the Simply Shredded program will be good.

Anyone want to join me in getting in the lifting every week?