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Happy Monday!

The weekend flew by, as does most weekends. It was so beautiful here in Milwaukee. I did a 20min home yoga video on Friday night and then Francisco and I met a friend and her boys at Harvest Fest on Saturday morning. We also took a lot of walks both Saturday and Sunday.  All weekend, I tried really hard to pay attention to my eating this weekend. I mentioned in one of my posts last week I know I not only need to focus on getting more movement in my day, I also need to work on my eating. On Saturday, even though we were at the fair from 9:30am until 1:15pm, I skipped eating from any of the fried food vendors and instead came home to have lunch. Usually, I would have just allowed myself to eat there because it was “lunch time.” Small victory.

I spent a few hours on Sunday preparing food for this week. I roasted chicken, cauliflower, made an egg bake and made some meatballs for Francisco. I bought a few different Chopped salads from Dole which make grabbing a salad so easy during the week, I just add chicken and I’m done. I’m also back to tracking this morning using my trusty DietMinder journal. I’ve gone through multiple of these over the years. But, one change I’m making is NOT recording calories. I really want to focus on the foods I eat, the quality of foods, not the calories. I don’t want to fall into a low-calorie diet mentality again.


Over the weekend, I fixed the blog so that my posts will show up on the front now. You can still find archive entries from other PriorFatgirls from the menu at the top.

Francisco was up every 3 hours last night so tonight will an early bed time for me. I’m looking forward to it already!


Admitting the real struggle

The first step in any drug or alcohol treatment program is admitting the addiction. That is what I’ve done this week, admitted I’m struggling. I’ve been trying to hide it but I know by hiding it, I am allowing it to continue to be a problem. I try to wear baggier clothes. A lot of black, avoiding colors that draw attention to me. I avoid being social, avoid posting photos on Facebook and Instagram with me in it. I also avoid eating with people, even Carlos.

But, I have to admit my problem. By no means am I comparing my struggle to drug or alcohol addiction but I can learn from their recovery process, borrow best practices and leverage success factors. So, without further ado, please accept the next picture that admits my problem:



I am utterly, unequivocally, beyond embarrassment. 24lbs away from my all time highest of weight, 76lbs away from my lowest. I’ve gained close to 30lbs in the last 6 months since Francisco was born. Add that to the 20ish I gained during pregnancy and the other 20ish I had gained in the years since my lowest (which I wasn’t worried about), I am now at the highest weight I’ve been at in almost 9 years. I don’t want to lose all 76lbs. I don’t want to go back to 140lbs, that wasn’t a realistic number for me to maintain. And, to be honest, it really isn’t about the number on the scale. I just want to feel healthy and confident again. I want to feel good about myself. If that means 30lbs or 40lbs lighter than where I am, so be it. But it isn’t about the number. It’s about what that number represents. It’s about the number being a symptom, my general unhealthiness being the real issue.

A comment on my post earlier this week made me stop and reflect. It read…

Hi Jen,
I do not remember how I connected with your blog years ago, but I have always admired you and your story has always touched my heart. Maybe it is because I have a daughter your age. I am going to give you the advise I have given my daughter.

In one word, it is stress.
It all boils down to we women are doing too much. Something has to give. There are simply not enough hours in the day to work full time, parent, take care of ourselves, be a wife we can be proud of, have a clean house, cook and do all the other things we women need to do . Even with the help of a supporting husband. It is just too much. Something has to give.

My solution to stress? Less Stuff.

We are working to have a nicer car, nicer house, nicer vacations, etc. Nicer stuff. We need to give up some of that stuff to relive the stress in our lives. There are 2 ways to do that. Work less (or not at all) so you have the time to take care of the things that are important to you. Or pay someone to do things that will give you more time in your day. Or a combination of both

Either way, you have less money for stuff. Another blog I found about the same time I found yours is Money Mustache. It gives a refreshing outlook on things we can do without. Dave Ramsey also has some great ideas on that.

Do without some stuff to relieve some of the stress. Get off that hamster wheel and enjoy your life. Can you downsize your life? I do not know your circumstances, but less expensive housing, and cars are usually the biggies.

I hope this does not come across too harshly. I just think a lot of us Americans have traded a more relaxed, less stress, happy life for more stuff and higher class of living.

My 2 cents, given with love in my heart.


Whether or not you and I agree on the sentiment that it is women trying to do too much, I do agree so much with the general message from Kaydee, that I need to work on stress. I can feel it in my jaw, many times throughout the day having to remind myself to un-clench my jaw. I can feel my blood pressure rise as I drive to and from work, rushing to get there or rushing to get to daycare. I know I need to work on lowering my stress. I think the easiest way to do that right now is 30 minutes of yoga right before bed. I had originally been using this time to de-stress by playing Candy Crush and reading BuzzFeed in bed but usually fell asleep within 5-10 minutes. I think 30 minutes of yoga right before bed would be the perfect time.

Carlos is gone this weekend visiting a friend so this weekend will be a great weekend to start with my new routine. Francisco goes to bed around 6:30pm so that will give me enough time to make supper and eat, do my dishes, clean or fold laundry, and then do some yoga before bed.

Now. I don’t want to end this post with that picture. So I think it’s best to post photos of little baby Francisco. Except he isn’t really little, he’s in the 97% percentile for both height and weight.




Francisco is 6 months old. He has 2 teeth, is crawling everywhere and is already starting to pull himself up on things to a stand. He is hitting a lot of developmental milestones fairly early which at first I was like “go go Francisco” but now I get weepy thinking about it because he is literally growing way too fast. He eats like a toddler, hating purees and cereal, and instead insisting on eating actual food. He eats banana pancakes, sweet potato, carrots, scrambled eggs, chicken, banana, and tomatoes. His teachers at daycare tell us often that he is a very busy baby, always having to be somewhere he is not.

I love him so much, you guys.

Happy weekend!

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The unhealthiness cycle.

Thanks for all your support on being back at this, on being back on this whole push for healthiness. It feels utterly ridiculous that here I am again because I KNOW what I need to do. This whole unhealthiness thing just feels like a cycle.


Every day I wake up with good intentions. Those good intentions last an hour. Or three. Or maybe until lunch time and then I get pulled into 4 straight hours of meetings. Today, I inhaled my lunch at 1:45pm in a 6 minute window of time between two meetings, while trying to answer questions from my boss who just got back from traveling.

Please tell me. How do you make this work? I have about 1 hour in my evening when I could possible sneak in a workout and that’s the one hour that I could possible sit down with Carlos and have some 1:1 time with him. Or I could clean a bathroom. Or read. Or play Candy Crush. Lord have mercy.

I just feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I feel like my cheeks are suffocating my face.


I need to be back.

I need to be back.

I need to blog.

Life is like WHOA. I have now gained MORE weight in the six months after the birth of Francisco than during my entire pregnancy itself. I am uncomfortable and want to hide. I hate getting dressed, I hate being social, I hate being seen by people who haven’t seen me in awhile. In fact, I avoid being social.

I have contemplated blogging for awhile now but there has been a little voice in side my head reminding me the blogging world isn’t what it was when I started blogging in 2007. People are quicker now to give their judgement via comments. People are more mean. To be honest, I’m scared of mean-spirited comments when I fall off the wagon. Or when I eat something someone doesn’t agree with. Sharing my struggles for the world to see. Opening myself back up to vulnerability.

And, does anyone read blogs anymore?

But Carlos reminded me recently that if I were to start blogging again, I wouldn’t be doing it because people read my blog. I would be blogging to hold myself accountable. Dear diary, I suppose.

Because I need to be back.

I need to blog.

I don’t know what my voice is. What I once was as Jen, priorfatgirl, is a memory. I am a mom now, our little guy is SIX MONTHS. We moved to Milwaukee a few months ago. I am now 5 hours away from my sisters, my best friends. 5 hours away from the healthiness support I could have reached out to. Still trying to navigate the stress of a huge move, starting a new job, going back to work. I feel like I’m starting from scratch. Like I’m all alone. Trying to figure out how to balance work, life, a baby AND try to be healthy overwhelms me. Excuses become justified, food becomes my outlet. Same story, different time in my life. Funny how I find myself here yet again.

So, dear diary. Dear typing my emotions out. Dear blogging for myself, for my healthiness, for my emotional processing. Dear diary.