Weigh In Week 53

Weight loss is a funny business.  Sometimes it seems like there are no changes taking place, regardless of what the scale says.  Other times things seem completely obvious.  And most of the time you just feel like yourself.

I went to a party with some friends on Saturday night.  I had a little cheesecake and some trail mix and used most of my weekly points.  That was fine, I stayed close to my dailies the rest of the week and even manned a cookie table for 2 hours on Sunday at a sledding event for church.  Anyway, at the party we were talking about weight and my friend and I realized that we are wearing roughly the same size right now, but it was different.  For her it was a high weight and she was working to turn things around and starting a new formal weight loss program this week.  For me it is down 100+ lbs from E2’s birth.  I am near the lowest adult weight I can remember.

Are we both overweight?  Certainly and we are both working to improve it, but it is mind boggling to think that I’ve lost 100 lbs and still am morbidly obese and yet, when I see my picture there is so much progress there!  See?


I am not certain what my point is here, other than to be aware that what you see may not reflect what you think that person’s story is.  If you met me for the first time you may not know I’ve lost as much weight as I have and think I am just another overweight mom.   At my heaviest I remember scanning the room ever time I went into  it.  If I were the largest person there I would feel uncomfortable.  If I had company in my size I felt safer knowing that I was not alone.  Weight issues are messy, losing weight is hard, so be mindful of who you meet and what you say.

Despite that tangent I had a solid week.  I tracked and did some meal planning that helped.  And I saw some results on the scale:

-2.4 Pounds Lost

94.4 lbs lost on WW to Date (128.8 lost total)

Most importantly I have nearly lost all the weight from my holiday trip up/winter depression issues.  My light continues to help and I am working hard to be productive as it helps me be more positive with my thinking.  I am not “cured” just yet, but I am having more good days than bad ones and for that I am grateful.

I did go to the gym on Monday, not to work out but I went swimming for 1.5 hrs with E1 who was off school.  It wasn’t quite “going” to the gym, but it did get me feeling like I might have the courage to get back there soon.  It wasn’t as intimidating as I’d thought.

Well, my break is over and I have church programs starting soon so I’ll touch base again later.  In the meantime, thank you for your support and keep on fighting for your health.  You are worth it.  (I am too).

Weigh In Week 52

I am proud of me.

I am proud because I weighed in each week for 52 straight weeks.

I am proud that I tracked all week.

I am proud that I made good choices and surrounded myself with the tools to help me succeed.

I am proud that I am back to -90lbs down with WW.

I am proud that I am fighting for my mental AND physical health.

I am proud for caring for myself as well as for others.I-Am-Awesome-Close-Up-e1346147344621

It wasn’t a perfect week, but it was a good one and for the first time in a long while at Weight Watchers today I felt I had something to contribute to the group.  They even coined a new phrase.  They wanted to hear my “Lizdom.”  LOL.  (This week’s Lizdom – “You can either let food go to waste, or go to waist.  Your choice.”)

I don’t know about that, but I do know that things seem more stable right now and that showed on the scale.

  -5.4 Pounds

91.8 lbs lost on WW to date

For a year on Weight Watchers, I’ve lost 91.8 lbs.  Added to the weight I lost before I joined I am down 126 lbs!  Part of me is “annoyed” that I didn’t get to 100lbs down in my year on Weight Watchers, but I really know that it is not helpful for me to put timeline’s on this.  I am better off when I do the work for the sake of the end goal, but not for a time deadline.  So I am ignoring the annoyed part of myself and focusing on being proud.

In reflecting on a year of Weight Watchers I wonder where things will be at this point next year.  Will I be near a goal weight?  Will I be running again?  How will I balance the two kids, jobs, work, life at this time next year?  It is strange to think how long a year seems and yet how quickly the time passes.

All I really know is that I want to continue to build on my success! 988847_10153010229259872_5468538497644609902_n

I’m Surrounded

I am trying a new idea to stay on top of my health – mental and physical.  I call it the Surrounded method.  That is, I am surrounding myself with the things that lead to a better life for me.  This involves food certainly – I went to the store today just to stock up work with fresh fruit, some lunch options and snacks (skinny pop pre-portioned bags, fiber one bars, baby bel’s) so I have no excuse to make bad choices.  And I always have something that I can eat on hand.

I purchased a water tumbler that can live at work that is dedicated to my water.  Hopefully I can boost my water intake again.  I have not been feeling Plant nanny lately and have been slacking on the water department.  That needs to turn around, so I am making water as easy as possible.

I have my “happy light” as I call it on my desk at work, ready for 45 minutes each morning.  The days I had it last week were productive ones, the two days this weekend I didn’t use it (because I forgot it AT work) I struggled more.  My not-so-scientific study of the light so far is that it seems to be making a difference.

I am glowing!



Most importantly however I am surrounding myself with people who love me and have my back: Mr. Goat, my kids, my friends.  I am making time and effort into seeing friends and catching up – in fact I saw friends on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday this weekend, and I still got my work done.

E1 and E2 make me smile



Don’t get me wrong, things still seem hard.  I am still tired (I cannot wait to surround myself with covers tonight), but I feel a bit stronger every day.  Now to tackle this gym block I seem to have developed!

Love from Cold, Cold, Minnesota,



Weigh In Week 51

In the spirit of honesty I have to tell you, I very nearly skipped my Weight Watchers Weight In today.  I was feeling discouraged and frustrated with my struggles and I thought about just quitting it out right.   That is a thought that I’ve been having lately.  I just want to quit – to quit having to worry about tracking or what I eat, t0 quit wondering how to find time to work out, to quit having to fight each day toward a healthier me.

I wanted to quit.

What I did instead was go to my meeting, weigh in, pick up a balanced lunch from Byerly’s, and track my food.  I also unboxed my new sun lamp, sat there for 45 minutes and joined in on #wwchat tonight to get support from my fellow Weight Watchers on Twitter.

+2.2 Pounds

86.4 lbs lost to Date with WW

It is a frustrating number, but not half as frustrating as the mental war I have been waging as I try to remind myself that I can do this, and that I am worth it.  It is so cold out.  There has been so much sickness through the family.  I am just so tired that I really just want to eat and sleep – since I have to work and care for the kids sleep is limited so my go-to is eating.

So yeah, it hasn’t been pretty around here, but I am still fighting.  I made good choices today and I did NOT give up.  That is a victory.