Skin Removal Surgery – 5 month update & another surgery

It is now just over five months from my initial weight loss skin removal surgery in November yet here I am going back for another surgery. I never anticipated I’d have any other surgeries after the first.

The first surgery removed excess skin from my stomach & annoying under arm skin. The second was to remove the painful skin that folded over my bra, which I, nor my surgeon, anticipated becoming as big of a physical pain as it did. That 2nd surgery turned out not to fix the entire painful problem so my 3rd surgery is to remove the rest of the skin from surgery #2.

It is not my intention to go back for additional surgeries, at least and especially any time soon. I am very happy with my progress this far and very happy with my decisions to gave the surgeries. I’ll share arm photos after this next round of surgery but am excited to share updated photos of my stomach.



I came home from work tonight, mentally ready for tomorrows surgery. I don’t feel very nervous, maybe because the idea of surgery, even for the 3rd time, still seems so surreal. Last night, I cleaned a couple bathrooms and made a couple dinners for next week (chicken pot pie & ham/veggie pasta dish.) I also made a ham we can pick at throughout the weekend. On top of the lasagna I froze last week, we are set for the next week!

I’ve been saving my recorded shows for this weekend and also plan on addresses our wedding invitations. I have a book I want to finish reading and plan on taking a lot of naps.

I have to arrive by 6am for prep, surgery starts at 7am. It is expected to be a 2 hour surgery so I should be done and recovering by 9:30am.

So ready? Here I go!



A perfect weekend goal (and a 2 week surgery picture!)

Can you believe it’s been two weeks already since my surgery?

I still have no major pains although I am starting to feel discomfort after days when I’ve been too active. Toward the end of long days, I feel tired quicker and my back feels like a sunburn.

I’ve been wearing a compression garment still and have a check-up on Tuesday. I anticipate I’ll be able to stop wearing the compression garment after that. My incision scar still looks really good – it’s much thinner and not as read as the incision lines on my arms and stomach. It is still swollen but looks much better post-two weeks compared to the other incisions did. Here is a picture:

The above picture isn’t with really natural light – I think had it been day time, the incision wouldn’t look so raised.

This past week has been a good week. My boss and co-worker are on spring break so I’ve been holding down the HR Office. It’s been fairly busy this week which I like but I’m excited for them to come back next week. It’s been so quite in the office, it’s hard to actually concentrate. Despite having a massive to-do list, without a lot of external noise, I often struggle to concentrate. Sound weird? I know.

This weekend, we are celebrating Easter at my sister, Heidi’s house on Saturday evening. Sunday morning, Carlos and I are meeting my uncle Dean for brunch, to talk wedding, and catch up in general. Other than those two plans, my goal is to catch up on some recorded t.v. shows and read. That’s it, that’s all.

RELAX. My goal is to RELAX. That sounds like a perfect weekend goal, right?

What’s your perfect weekend goal?

Engagement Photos (a wedding update)

Engagement photos.

I almost didn’t do them.

I didn’t know what to do with them, had no intention of using them so wasn’t sure I wanted to waste our time and the photographers time taking photos. Since my surgery in November left me somewhat immobile, we decided to wait a few months which put us in the dead of what was suppose to be a Minnesota winter. I had no visions for our engagement photos so the thought of taking photos outside in white fluffy snow made no difference to me. In February, I started getting antsy and decided I wanted photos – I wanted to capture who we were, now, before we got married. I wanted to capture the love we feel for each other. I wanted to capture us.

Unfortunately, Minnesota has gotten a very limited amount of snow this winter leaving everything brown and dead-looking. Not picturesque. We tried to wait it out, hoping for a huge snow storm but got nothing.

So we did it anyway. We wanted very non-traditional. No hand-holding in a forest. No cheesy sitting next to each other, smiling & looking at the camera. No poses.

We went mid-week, after work. Instead of going to a park, or somewhere flowery, we went uptown. To the alleys. To the streets. To the restaurant where we had our first date.

And then, well, we just acted like us.

For more engagement photos, click HERE. Special thanks to Stuart, our photographer, who both Carlos and I highly recommend.

Wedding countdown: five months!

Time to move on…

Wednesday is a perfect day to start working for the week, don’t you think?

I really wanted to go back yesterday but after my doctors appointment, I still hadn’t showered and wanted to go home and clean up. By the time I ate lunch & showered, it was mid-afternoon so I just decided to stay home.

My doctors appointment went well – very well. Dr. Gervais said my incisions look really well! I have to wear the compression garment for two weeks which will be a little awkward since it is bulky but that’s the cost of surgery so I’m not complaining.

I have heavy swelling right above the incisions, especially toward my underarms. Hopefully this isn’t too graphic but here is a picture of my back:

There is clear tape over the incision, the darkish blackish stuff is dried blood trapped under (sorry, probably too detailed.) To help rid your mind of that photo, here is a photo from this past weekend when my nephew, Colton had come over. Colton wasn’t sure which toy Iggy wanted to play with so Colton piled all the toys up for Iggy to choose from:

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in the chair with Iggy sprawled out by my feet sleeping…

and a candle glowing next to me while filling the air with a wild ginger scent.

I feel no pain in my back, none what soever. It makes me feel guilty, I’m not sure why. After a full day of work today, I’ll come home and sit in the chair the rest of the evening to try to balance out the day of movement.

I’m on limited activity for the next two weeks which is when my next check-up with Dr. Gervias is. I will go in on Thursday to meet with one of the nurses to have the tape removed but other than that, just try to stay still.

My boss and co-worker know about the surgery and have been very flexible and supportive during both surgeries. I’m looking forward to picking up now and moving forward through the next couple of weeks and months as Carlos and I get closer and closer to our wedding.

Until then, I’ll just keep taking it one day at a time.