Weigh In Week 54

Another week, another weigh in.  Does the monotony of these posts drive you nuts or do you look forward to seeing what I’ve done with my week?  For the most part I love my weigh in days – not because I always do well but it is always a reset button – new points, a new chance at a good week.

The walked the fine line this week of too much food.  I ate all my weekly points in one fabulous night out with the family, but then I used a few activity points and just in general pushed it with my portions.  My estimating was sloppy.  And last night I finally went over on points after having a crabby day and simply not caring enough to be strict on my portions.

As a result:

+.4 Pounds

94.0 lbs lost on WW to date

All gains are annoying but in the scheme of things this is salt and a bad night on Tuesday more than a failed week. Today was a better day and I was able to make good decisions all day long.  Sometimes the greatest gift I can give myself is the ability to shrug off a ho hum week and start again.

It is hard to remember on hard days but there really is always a new chance to start over.  A bad decision yesterday doesn’t mean I need to make one today.

So despite a slight gain I am doing fine.  I am awash in non-scale victories – TWO pairs of size 18 pants fit me now, I am getting good comments from people I know, I am staying on top of things at work and feeling confident, my light is helping, my kids are currently well.  Oh, and the most exciting of all – I get to lead a small group discussion at Fitbloggin’ this year!  Woohoo!

Sometimes our progress is not about the scale after all.

Review: Jump Sport iBounce Kid’s Trampoline

A week or two ago I was contacted by JumpSport who was looking for bloggers with children 2-5 to review a kid’s trampoline: the iBounce Kid’s Trampoline  I remembered JumpSport from my first FitBloggin (2013), but had been bummed that I was too pregnant to feel comfortable jumping in their exercise class.

I was excited to review and indoor toy that could keep E1 moving during the winter.  It was also an exciting opportunity because E1 has loved “Toy review videos” on Youtube lately and he was over the moon with a chance to star in his own review video.   Plus, since it has a giveaway to it too it was extra fun.

So we assembled it this weekend and he has been bouncing all weekend long.  It came with 3 DVDs that have bouncing ideas and games, but he prefers to just free bounce.  Even E2 wanted to get in on the action though her gross motor skills require lots of supervision still.


I really like the trampoline, the bungees are covered so that kids won’t get caught in them.  It isn’t too high off the ground but it still has a good bounce to it.  E1 can get some serious air.


The handlebars are sturdy and make it safer for the kids.  I do think E1 might be on the cusp of being TOO big for it, it is designed for 2-5 yr olds.  Still I can see E1 and E2 getting a lot of use out of this.  And if E1 is bouncing during the occasional netflix video even better.  There is even an iPad holder you can attack and an app to give additional bouncing games for the kids.

I could go on, but I think the smiles on E1’s face and his enthusiasm speak volumes.  (Please note, he is sometimes tempted to show off and forgot the handlebars at one point.  We are working on that, lol.)

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That seems to be my motto right now.  Keep trying.

Work, family, home, extras, weight loss – just keep trying.  Keep the goals in front of you and focus on those – family, husband, health, finances, laundry.

Do, do, do.  Try, try, try.

On the one hand, I am making progress.  Trying works – I am tracking and more or less on track for the week ( a family “date’ took up most of my weeklies but it was an amazing splurge).  Work is strong and I feel confident in my abilities.  Family is good and I feel in tune with the kids especially right now.  I wish my house were cleaner but I’m really never very good at that aspect of life.

So life is pretty good.  And tiring.

There is a push to keep improving that is driving most of what I do right now, but that same push keeps me up a bit later than necessary (blogging at midnight…hmmm), and it still keeps me a bit closer to some anxiety.  I am working hard on recognizing this and I wonder where is the middle ground.  What can I do to both keep trying and moving forward and still have times of rest, relaxation and calm.

So this week I am going to make an effort, for the rest of the week I am going to go to bed when Mr. Goat does. (With the exception of book club on Friday night as I don’t know when that will wrap up).  No more late nights, but one week of working hard and then letting myself really rest.  It might mean dishes get left undone, or I wait to send out a note or write a blog, but it will be an experiment in trusting myself and my ability to do what I can and prioritize rest as well as growth.

It will be interesting and may require more willpower than tracking does for me.  Because there is ALWAYS something else that needs doing.  This week my challenge: to let go a bit more and find more rest.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Weigh In Week 53

Weight loss is a funny business.  Sometimes it seems like there are no changes taking place, regardless of what the scale says.  Other times things seem completely obvious.  And most of the time you just feel like yourself.

I went to a party with some friends on Saturday night.  I had a little cheesecake and some trail mix and used most of my weekly points.  That was fine, I stayed close to my dailies the rest of the week and even manned a cookie table for 2 hours on Sunday at a sledding event for church.  Anyway, at the party we were talking about weight and my friend and I realized that we are wearing roughly the same size right now, but it was different.  For her it was a high weight and she was working to turn things around and starting a new formal weight loss program this week.  For me it is down 100+ lbs from E2’s birth.  I am near the lowest adult weight I can remember.

Are we both overweight?  Certainly and we are both working to improve it, but it is mind boggling to think that I’ve lost 100 lbs and still am morbidly obese and yet, when I see my picture there is so much progress there!  See?


I am not certain what my point is here, other than to be aware that what you see may not reflect what you think that person’s story is.  If you met me for the first time you may not know I’ve lost as much weight as I have and think I am just another overweight mom.   At my heaviest I remember scanning the room ever time I went into  it.  If I were the largest person there I would feel uncomfortable.  If I had company in my size I felt safer knowing that I was not alone.  Weight issues are messy, losing weight is hard, so be mindful of who you meet and what you say.

Despite that tangent I had a solid week.  I tracked and did some meal planning that helped.  And I saw some results on the scale:

-2.4 Pounds Lost

94.4 lbs lost on WW to Date (128.8 lost total)

Most importantly I have nearly lost all the weight from my holiday trip up/winter depression issues.  My light continues to help and I am working hard to be productive as it helps me be more positive with my thinking.  I am not “cured” just yet, but I am having more good days than bad ones and for that I am grateful.

I did go to the gym on Monday, not to work out but I went swimming for 1.5 hrs with E1 who was off school.  It wasn’t quite “going” to the gym, but it did get me feeling like I might have the courage to get back there soon.  It wasn’t as intimidating as I’d thought.

Well, my break is over and I have church programs starting soon so I’ll touch base again later.  In the meantime, thank you for your support and keep on fighting for your health.  You are worth it.  (I am too).