The Bees Knees

I find it a little bit amusing that I turned 35 (on Tuesday) and on Wednesday I had an appt to get my knees evaluated.  Welcome to middle age Liz!  I went to a local clinic that specializes in orthopedic care who has taken good care of Mr. Goat and my in-laws before.  For my trouble I got an xray which told me what I already knew, that I did not have any breaks or any major misalignment in my knees.

Instead my pain appears to be a function of excessive use and the recommendation was ice, elevation, ibuprofen and more training to keep getting stronger.  This is a great outcome.  There was a chance there might be a minor strain or tear going on in there, but based on the reduced swelling and reducing pain over the days since the 3-day the Dr. said that the treatment might be worse than the disease at this point.

My left knee in particular is still sore and doesn’t always want to do what I tell it to, but it is improving.  I hope to get out this weekend for a trial walk/run and then start my training for my upcoming races after E1 starts Kindergarten!

Thanks to my ambassadorship with Enell, I am going to be running my first 10K in about a month.  I also have at least 1 5k on the books (the Monster Dash) and I found out yesterday that E1′s school does a September 5k for fundraising, so I may do that too.   I want to get some outside running in before it gets cold.  Mr. Goat is training for an Oct half marathon too and is doing great.  We’ll be alternating some running evenings in the next few weeks!

I have to tell you, I struggled a bit on the 3-day about having to sweep and listening to my body.  It felt like failing, however after sharing this thought with the other walkers they all reminded me that I am crazy (in a kind way).  The 3-day is not about walking every mile, but instead it is about raising awareness, funds and support for people with breast cancer and the researchers who are trying to cure it.  The real work is done prior to the 3-day and the actual walk is a celebration of walking with and for all the people whose lives are touched by breast cancer.

And after all, I still walked roughly 48 miles, partially on complaining knees.  So I wouldn’t say I was exactly a slacker!

This was my first experience needed some medical care during an event or training.  I want to give major props to the Susan G. Komen 3-day folks for bringing in an amazing VOLUNTEER medical team for the event.  I truly think that the care I got made it possible to finish the event.  I also think I learned a good lesson about stopping if something hurts to get it evaluated.  It is far easier to fix something before you are hobbled!  And once you know that nothing serious is going on then you can still push through the pain to finish strong.

I learned some good lessons from my knees this week and I am excited to get running and on to my next training routine (“sentences I never thought I’d say for 1000, Alec”)  Hopefully my knees won’t give me much trouble in the next challenges.  Of course I won’t be walking 20 miles a day so there is that!

Weigh In Week 32

Have you ever…. done a 60 mile walk and tried to track but by lunch on day one you were so focused on the mental gymnastics needed to keep walking that food became a fuel and whatever you could stomach sort of thing?

Have you ever… had to drink Gatorade for 3 days straight.  It is literally forced on you at pit stops every 3 miles – for good hydration reasons?

Have you ever… finished a physical event sore and elated and proceeded to justify all sorts of delicious foods.

Have you ever… had that spiral into a 2 day Eat-anything-you-want Fest?

Have you ever… had a birthday during that time too?

If you have then your weigh in might have gone like mine this week.  Boo.

+8.8 Pounds

-62.2 lbs on WW to date


I didn’t expect it to be good.  I am not a fool after all.  I know I ate crap and I know that I am probably still retaining water and salt from the weekend too.  I also know that no good choices happen at the chinese buffet and that Birthdays are not an excuse to give up on healthy eating.

I know it and I ignored what I know.

That is what you get.

I am….bummed.  I wanted to have a loss to go with my amazing walk this weekend, but I got lazy with it.  Perhaps I was lazy with food out of rebellion from the effort that the 3-day took on me.  Perhaps I was close to the edge already.

I will say some things in my favor however.  Life is not all about the scale after all.

  • I had an amazing experience at the 3-day and walked roughly 48 miles
  • The xray of my knee shows no concerns.  There isn’t enough swelling or pain right now to justify an MRI either.  So good news there.
  • I went to weigh in today and stayed for the meeting.
  • I tracked again today.

I will leave you with a favorite quotation of mine,  and one that I am living right now:


Scenes from a 3-Day – Days 2 and 3

I will be giving you a full recap and some of the emotions and experiences from the last amazing 3 days, but first here are some pictures for you from the awesomeness.   Then for the rest of the day I will be recovering with a much needed day off on the couch!  So stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy lots of sweaty selfies!

Snack time at Pit Stop 2 on Day 2


Jodi’s Couch pops up throughout the route from time to time


My knee told me to take the rest of Day 2 off after lunch :(


Knee care back at camp so that I could walk Day 3


Lyssa, my Fitbloggin’ friend and Social Media guru for Susan G. Komen.  So glad she was here this weekend!


Getting a ride on the sweep van to save my knee for the end of Day 3.  I was on the Boy Band Sweep Van


I walked the whole second half on Day 3 and made it to the capital!


Me and my teammates: Tiffany, Robin and Irene.  I could not have done it without them!  Go team Boobs, Sweat and Tears!


And this is Cindy from Medical, who got my knee back into walking shape for me!


My weekend step totals.  Not too bad!


Scenes from the 3 Day – Day 1

Today was my first day of the 3 Day and I am still alive and smiling. I am off to bed now so here are some quick pictures of the walk so far from my phone.