Weigh In Week 66

Jumping in after a long day for a weigh in update.  It was another good week on the scale.  As much as it is a pain to be relosing weight I lost once before, I continue to be glad that I have found my tracking, eating mojo once more.  The fact that I am stepping up my activity also seems to be helping.

-5.0 Pounds

88.4 lbs lost on WW to date (124 lbs total)

I’ll definitely take it.

With the race and just general busy life I earned more activity points this last week than I have in a while.  As a result I think I was hungrier, but I also had better results on the scale.

As a result my focus for this week, besides tracking everything as I always do, is to get in my 10,000 steps for a whole week.  Honestly, this is a real stretch goal for me.  Life is crazy it seems and I just don’t quite know how it might happen yet, however I made it work today and made it past 10,000 steps.  So Day 1 is a success.


Having 2.5 hours on my feet during my ministry programs tonight sure does help with that though.  Still, goal met so I will celebrate today’s effort.

One thing I have been thinking about a lot this week is a quotation I saw from one of the HoNY (Humans of New York) posts on Facebook.HoNY


I am mesmerized by the idea of my short term self and my long term self.  It makes complete sense to me.  I struggle with the perspective to keep my long term goals in the forefront of my mind, when it comes to food I have been a short term thinker for so long that I am changing deeply ingrained habits.  The part of me that has perspective about food has decayed and I am having to rebuilt it one plank at a time.

For me it is not partying, at least not in the sense of booze, drugs, or losing my inhibitions.  For me it is cookies and cake, chips and cheese and all sorts of other foods.  I can count on one hand how many foods in the world I have discovered that I truly don’t like (cooked salmon, canned tuna, mango, and probably something else I am forgetting).  The problem is liking it too much.

So I am doing the work training my brain to think about my long term self and to learn to shut down the parts of my head that say “EAT ALL THE THINGS.”  It is not an easy task, but a necessary one.  That is one of the reasons that I like Weight Watchers – it teaches me to think about portions and choices as much as about the foods that I eat.  I could eat clean or paleo or some other restrictive diet and still gain weight because I enjoy nuts, meat, veggies, etc.  For me the key is in managing my portions and learning to make choices that fill me up and satisfy me within the reasonable amount.  And I have 66 weeks of proof that when I do the program, the program works.

So onward and downward I go.  Allons-y.

The Hot Chocolate 5k recap

I was thrilled to get back to “racing” this weekend.  Full disclosure: I walked the whole thing, well except for 50 yards from the finish line.  This is because I don’t think my knee will let me be a runner and I am fine with that.

Even as a walker though I love races.  There is energy, there is swag and there are rewards for putting yourself out there.  This Saturday was no exception.  I got up early and headed downtown to meet up with my friend Mel who walked the race with me!

Not sweaty yet!

The Hot Chocolate 5k (there was also a 15k) was right along the Mississippi river in Minneapolis and it was an amazing day.  It was about 60 degrees during the race which is perfect in my book.  The Hot Chocolate 5k also had a ton of hot chocolate and chocolate fondue at the end of the race, which also seems pretty perfect to me.

The view from the race course – stunning.

Race selfie! – Walk, Liz, Walk

Mel and I did not have a stellar time – roughly 17 minute miles – but I wasn’t out there to break records.  I was out there to get my body moving, to enjoy the day and to live an active life.  (Oh, and for chocolate.  I was there for chocolate too.)

My chocolate reward – fondue in a container in the mug plus a banana, mini pretzels and some marshmallows for dipping.  I enjoyed it, I tracked it and I moved on and had a good healthy eating day!

It was an amazing time and a wonderful morning.  It felt so good to shake off the icky winter and get going towards some goals.  The fact that parking was nutty meant that by getting to the race and back to the car when all was said and done I had clocked 5.5 miles before 10am!  Then I went to the store and took the kids to the park later so I ended the day at over 8 miles!

You will notice my Enell gear here.  As an Enell ambassador they did sponsor my race which is so nice of them to do.  Naturally I was wearing my Enell bra too – I love those things, especially now that gravity and children have wreaked havoc on my chest.  They are the only bra I own where I don’t bounce so that is a win.  It is great fun to work with a company and a product you believe in.

Post-race: Sweaty and as close to a bra shot as you’ll get.  I went with my Scuba blue Enell for Saturday’s race!


I am not yet certain what other races I may “run” this year.  I am like keeping some races on the calendar to encourage me to move.  Time to go searching for another fun race to do.  Anyone want to go “run” one with me?

I was provided the race entry as well as the Enell bra and hat, shirt, jacket as a part of the Enell Ambassadorship, however all opinions are my own.

Weigh In Week 65

Wednesday is weigh in day.  Wednesdays, regardless of how the scale goes, are good days because they are days where I can reset.  If things have been difficult I can regroup and start fresh.  If things have been good I can celebrate what I am doing well and keep going.

Wednesdays are good.

Of course, Wednesdays where I lose weight are even better!

-5.4 Pounds

83.4 lbs lost on WW to date (119.4 lbs lost to date)

I am thrilled with that for a week’s weight loss, but more than the number it signifies turning the weeks of gains around.  It signifies taking things one day at a time, dedicating my time to tracking, working on moving and attending to my mental and emotional well-being.  It has less to do with the numbers and more to do with me choosing MYSELF over food.  I finally feel like I have grasp (tentative perhaps but at least I am holding on) to eating after breastfeeding.  I am adjusting to lowering that intact since I no longer physically “sustain life” of anyone but myself.

There is a bit of regret looking at this number of course.  I would be lying if there weren’t.  I was farther along on this journey and took a detour that I am not terribly proud of.  However, sometimes the most important thing you can do is backtrack and find the path again.  What is done is done and I owe it to myself to learn from my mistakes (numerous though they are) and work to fix them.

We are starting a major renovation at work/church this week and I’ve had to move my office to a completely new area – my Sunday school work room.  Everything, and everyone, is in a bit of a kerfuffle anticipating the mess and chaos and challenges to come of working and being in the midst of a construction zone for month.  We know it will be messy, but we are also promised something transformed at the end.  Weight loss is messy and sometimes it is hard to see the end in the midst of the mess, but there is the promise of a transformation at the end if we keep doing the work to get there.

I am worth doing the work.

The Monday morning difference

Monday morning (and the upcoming Wednesday Weigh In) is easier to face when I have had a strong weekend.  I still have weekly points in the bank, I have untouched activity points and I have more energy from being active all weekend long.

In particular having some weekly points left helps a great deal, it means I don’t have to be perfect for the last days of the week.  I have noticed that when I use all my weekly points during the weekend my anxiety is high for the end of the week as I try to manage my food budget with perfection.  Knowing I have some weekly points is a buffer that makes me calmer in general with food.

The activity is obviously a good thing.  Saturday had me getting in 5 miles at the MN zoo which was a good step day all around.  That it was done having fun with a friend and my kids is even nicer.  I love workouts that don’t feel like I am working out.

Plus it leads to adorable photo ops… *insert gratuitous photos of my cute kids*


Despite my double chin, this may be my new favorite picture of E2 and I, shot by my friend Kris unbeknownst to me.  Motherhood is beautiful even with double chins.

It was a good weekend – I even got a nap on Sunday afternoon!  When life seems extra crazy a simple weekend filled with relaxation is a wonderful thing, and that I can navigate the food of that well is another benefit.  I am hoping Wednesday’s weigh in shows good progress back down the scale!