In The Beginning…

Alright, you’ve asked for this… so here is my blog!

As much as I can, I will add post’s that relate to my journey on weight loss so first, let me give you some background on me.

I am 26 and live with my boyfriend, Carlos. We live in a townhome 10 minutes north of downtown Minneapolis. I am very close to my three sisters, my friend Nicole, and my parents. They are my best friends!

Growing up, I was always overweight. I have always been on diets. In fact, I can remember my mom buying me those richard simmons dancing movies! Ha…

In August of 2008, I realized I was an ooompa loompa (proof below)

Okay, well I wasn’t as short as an ooompa loompa nor was I orange but holy goodness was I fat!

The rest of these blogs will be sharing my success stories, my failure, what I’ve learned and funny stories along the way…

When you receive inspiration and motivation from me and my story, pay it forward.

Wishing you a healthy lifestyle,