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Weigh In: Weeks 1-2

I’ll keep this short and sweet! It’s Friday, I just finished my extremely stressful yet exceedingly rewarding work week and I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my husband and kids!

My first weigh-in was August 12. I planned to post updates every Wednesday, but that changed a bit after hurting myself last week and not weighing myself on the 19th. The new plan is to post my weight every Friday!

Without further delay:

Starting Weight: 254.6
Current Weight: 247.8
Weeks 1-2 Loss: -6.8

I ate well this week with lots of fresh salads, grilled meat, some full-fat dairy, and even a piece of cheesecake one night and dark chocolate every night. I planned to eat at home for every meal but had one dinner out (grilled chicken and a salad) and a kind of disappointing salad from Chipotle today. This morning, I resisted the very strong urge to go to ChikFilA after my weigh-in and boxing class as a ‘reward’; instead I drove right home and made an egg and cheese sandwich. Little wins like this have boosted my confidence a bit and it feels really good to not be lethargic and mad at myself for making bad choices. I do plan to have one or two Coney Island Hard Root beers tonight to celebrate some major work victories and that my husband is home from his business trip one day early!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Tomorrow is my birthday.  I love my birthday, but honestly, for the first time ever I am just not excited about it.

It has little to do with age.  I don’t mind getting older, so I did some thinking about why I am dreading tomorrow.  It comes down to a few things I think.

1. First, I am disappointed with the year that passed.  This time last year I had walked 60 miles with the 3 Day.  I was training for the Disney Half. I was down 100+ lbs.

Then I was injured, dropped out of Disney, fell into a depression, gained weight, was diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder and some other stuff too that isn’t for the blog.

It was a hard year and if I am being honest I don’t see any signs of a quick turnaround in fortune. I continue to do the work, to fight the fight, but I am pretty downtrodden at the moment.

The other reason I am not looking forward to tomorrow has to do with life and celebration.  Right now I want less in my life.  Fewer things, less weight, less struggle, fewer messes (literally and metaphorically).  

The things I want more of are hard to quantify, much less gift for a birthday.  I want more time with my family and more time for myself. I want more stability.  I want more peace and more joy.  None of these things are found in the aisles of Target.   

I’m sure tomorrow will be fine but overall, I am just not feeling in a celebratory mood.

This is 40?

Instead of a post about how my great workouts have been for the past two weeks, I’m going to tell you how I managed to hurt myself at boxing class last Monday. Am I allowed to attribute these kinds of things to being 40? :)

It’s really not a long story – I was twisting my upper body to throw a left hook while moving to my right to give it more power. I moved something wrong and felt something tweak. I even stopped for about five seconds to tell Coach that I think I hurt my back, but it didn’t really hurt at that point. I was able to keep moving and finished out the workout really strong. I was a little sore for the rest of the day but it felt like ‘workout sore’ and not ‘hurt my back sore’.

But good grief!

Tuesday came along and I could not even stand up straight! I had to attend a customer meeting that day which required a lot of walking, so by the time I got home, I just wanted to curl into a little ball of pain. It. was. awful.

I managed to get to a chiropractor on Wednesday where they did an exam, small adjustments, and therapy on my back. They told me I had strained muscles and ligaments in my back but requested a spinal x-ray just in case there was a bigger issue. I was supposed to have a follow-up visit on Saturday to review the x-rays but had to cancel because of a birthday party that started two hours earlier than I thought when I made the appointment. I’m going to try to get back there Wednesday to get the exercise all-clear.

The good news is that my back is now about 90% pain free. I can move pretty well, stand up straight, and don’t wince when I pick up one of the girls. The bad news is that I let my emotions get the best of me last week and didn’t eat well at all. I didn’t weigh myself at all last week because I was just mad at the world, but will weigh-in and post later this week.

I went to the grocery store this morning and stocked up on fresh produce, frozen vegetables for soups, grass-fed beef, chicken, and eggs. I am determined to cook every meal at home this week and am actually looking forward to cooking. I have vegetable beef soup simmering as I type and I hope it tastes as good as it smells!

I really meant to blog about the injury last week but I went to bed as soon as the kids were tucked in because the pain exhausted me. I also wish I had a great story about how I was sparring someone and caught a jab to the face…but not yet. Maybe in a few months? :)

Happy Monday everyone – cheers to having a great week ahead!