Weigh In Week 15

Sometimes it is important to take the scale with a grain of salt (especially if you have EATEN too much salt), sometimes though, the scale can reveal things to you that you didn’t realize.  I went to weigh in today feeling fat.  You know the day where everything seems tight?  When you feel awkward and clumsy in your own body?  I was having that sort of day (week).  What I assumed was that I was going to have a weight gain this week.  While I did track everyday, I went quite overboard on Sunday.  I did get right on track and I haven’t had any Easter treats since Easter Sunday, but I still assumed that I would gain.  I was wrong.  I still lost weight.

-3.2 Pounds

51 lbs Lost to Date

Shows how much I know!  Or even how much you can predict about the scale.  It may be that I will see the effects of Easter Sunday next week, or it may be that by staying on track the rest of the week my body was able to adapt.  It may be that what I tracked was more than I actually ate, or worth more points.  Or maybe I got lucky.

The point is, sometimes you just don’t know why your body does what it does.   That is why the scale can be a good tool (one of many) to use during the weight loss process.  If I went by how I was feeling I would be bummed and fat, instead I am feeling large but proud of myself anyway.  I am doing this and it is the cumulative that matters, not how any individual day goes.  Sometimes, the scale tells you what you need to know (even when it isn’t the direction you were hoping).

ww week 15Every time I hit a milestone loss at my Weight Watcher’s meetings, my leader Liz asks me what is working for me, or how I am doing it.  In many ways I don’t know what to say.  There are many days I struggle with the motivation to do this, but it ultimately boils down to “I follow the program.”  I track my mistakes and my victories.  I put in the time even when I don’t want to.  I do what needs to be done to lose the weight.  I am sure that I’ll hit a point where the weight doesn’t seem to come off as easily as it appears to be right now and I try to mentally prepare for that.  I am learning not to let one bad choice or bad day snowball into a few days or weeks.  I am learning that making good choices makes me stronger to keep making good choices.  But honestly many days I just feel a bit lost about how to do this weight-loss-thing.

I always feel like I don’t have good advice, it sort of feels like trying to answer the rhetorical statement: “I don’t know how you do it all.”  Many days the answer is simply:  I don’t know either, I just do.

That is why it is so important to find what works for you.  For me weight watchers provides the structure that enables me to have greater success right now, that might not always be the case.  If it doesn’t work for you however it is not your tool for success.  Keep trying to find what works until you do.  It isn’t a magical answer and you won’t wake up one day skinny.  But you might lose a little each week and suddenly the though of losing 51 lbs in 15 weeks becomes magical, not because of hocus pocus, but because you did it.

And while it seems magical to me to have lost 51 pounds, I know there is still a long road ahead, so I might as well tighten my belt (literally) and keep on going.



If you…

If you ate too much yesterday…

Forgive yourself and start again.

If you failed to work out…

Make a plan and go for a walk, head to the gym.

If you ate Easter candy like it was going out of style…

Get rid of the leftovers, remove the temptation and be thankful for the treats you had.

If you gained weight…

Remember that you are more than a number on the scale and there is always something you can do about it.

Yesterday is past, and yesterday’s choices are in the past too.

All that truly matters are the choices you make today.

There is still time to make good choices.

Each moment is a new opportunity.

You are not a failure no matter your weight..

or your pants size…

or your Easter candy stash.

All of the pieces of our bodies that work together each day is an amazing feat of engineering.

You are remarkable.

Yes you.

Just as you are today.

Wiggle your toes and marvel at them.

Smile, make silly faces, dance in your living room.

You are created in God’s image.



Just as you are.

No caveats.

No BMI tests required.

Jesus is risen.

For you.

You are already forgiven.

Forgive yourself.

Move forward.


You are strong enough to make good choices.

So make them.


(by “you” of course, I really mean myself) 
Happy Easter Friends.

Weigh In Week 14

I always prefer to go into my weigh in knowing that I had a good week food-wise.  Exercise is still a big miss, but I am managing my food really quite well.  So when I have a good week of eating then I go into weigh in fairly confident.  I confess, I was wondering if I would make a milestone of sorts.  Last week I was 3 lbs away from getting out of the 300s again.  It had been a sad day in my pregnancy when I realized that I’d gone over 300 lbs again, so I was looking forward to crushing this milestone.  Still, I couldn’t say if it would happen this week yet.

When I got to weigh in I was 300.4 and I said “WAIT!” and I took off my sweater.  That made the difference and I ended up at 299.8.  I don’t typically try to alter my clothes and such when I weigh in, I know there are lots of variables and I usually just take the number I am given, but today I liked the victory of seeing that “2″ in front of the number.  That “2″ is a big deal to me!

-3.2 Pounds

47.8 lbs Lost to Date

You will notice in my weigh in posts that I don’t put my starting weight, or typically my current weight.  It isn’t because they are a secret.  Basic math can help you figure it out easily enough (347.6 is my official WW starting weight).  Instead it is that knowing my starting weight doesn’t mean that much to me.  Even knowing my current weight is less important than knowing the progress number – the number of pounds that I have lost through my own efforts.  Those are the numbers that are most important to me.  Yes, I am THRILLED to be back in the 200s and plan to stay here until I reach the 100s (someday.), but the amount of work I’ve done is more important.

I love this chart, and I look at it proudly, I love the consistency of my downward slope over the last several weeks.  I am steady and keeping the course.

ww week 14 graphOne of the things I realized this week is that more often than not I like eating more than I like eating junk food.  That is to say, I am happy when I get to eat and most of the time I am equally happy to eat an apple, a salad, or a balanced dinner, especially if it is still delicious in its low points value.  I also enjoy eating cookies, cake, chips, etc, but often it is because I want to eat and not that I want to eat X.  So regardless of whether I make a poor choice or a better choice – I still get to EAT!

I don’t know why that spoke to me well, but it was a good realization for me.  I like good food and when I have it I get to eat, and often I get to eat more within my points.  Better choices still mean delicious food!

ww week 14

We are going out to Easter brunch on Sunday as well as the Easter baskets descend on the house.  The “bunny” has steered clear of most candy this year, opting for other Easter treats, but there will be some in the house.  There are some treats I will allow myself.  I am saving ALL my weekly points for Easter Sunday this week and I am going to track the heck out of brunch.  And ultimately I know I will enjoy myself whether I eat 4 pieces of bacon or 12.  Or one Reeses egg or 4.  So I am going to opt for restraint AND indulgence.  We’ll see how it goes!

P.S.  What do you guys want to know about what I’m doing on a day to day basis?  Ask any questions below – I am going to start answering them in blog posts! :)

I think I might need some new pants?

photo 2 (4)Also needed: a haircut, a clean living room, and a nap.

I went to the Dr on Friday and according to his scale I am down 76.4 lbs since I delivered E2 just over 5 months ago.

That is more that the combined weights of BOTH my children.

-photo 4 (3)photo 5 (3)

While I count my official weight loss from the first weigh in back at Weight Watchers, it is nice to look at the BIG postpartum picture from time to time.

I’d say I’m doing pretty well!