Weigh In Week 14

I always prefer to go into my weigh in knowing that I had a good week food-wise.  Exercise is still a big miss, but I am managing my food really quite well.  So when I have a good week of eating then I go into weigh in fairly confident.  I confess, I was wondering if I would make a milestone of sorts.  Last week I was 3 lbs away from getting out of the 300s again.  It had been a sad day in my pregnancy when I realized that I’d gone over 300 lbs again, so I was looking forward to crushing this milestone.  Still, I couldn’t say if it would happen this week yet.

When I got to weigh in I was 300.4 and I said “WAIT!” and I took off my sweater.  That made the difference and I ended up at 299.8.  I don’t typically try to alter my clothes and such when I weigh in, I know there are lots of variables and I usually just take the number I am given, but today I liked the victory of seeing that “2″ in front of the number.  That “2″ is a big deal to me!

-3.2 Pounds

47.8 lbs Lost to Date

You will notice in my weigh in posts that I don’t put my starting weight, or typically my current weight.  It isn’t because they are a secret.  Basic math can help you figure it out easily enough (347.6 is my official WW starting weight).  Instead it is that knowing my starting weight doesn’t mean that much to me.  Even knowing my current weight is less important than knowing the progress number – the number of pounds that I have lost through my own efforts.  Those are the numbers that are most important to me.  Yes, I am THRILLED to be back in the 200s and plan to stay here until I reach the 100s (someday.), but the amount of work I’ve done is more important.

I love this chart, and I look at it proudly, I love the consistency of my downward slope over the last several weeks.  I am steady and keeping the course.

ww week 14 graphOne of the things I realized this week is that more often than not I like eating more than I like eating junk food.  That is to say, I am happy when I get to eat and most of the time I am equally happy to eat an apple, a salad, or a balanced dinner, especially if it is still delicious in its low points value.  I also enjoy eating cookies, cake, chips, etc, but often it is because I want to eat and not that I want to eat X.  So regardless of whether I make a poor choice or a better choice – I still get to EAT!

I don’t know why that spoke to me well, but it was a good realization for me.  I like good food and when I have it I get to eat, and often I get to eat more within my points.  Better choices still mean delicious food!

ww week 14

We are going out to Easter brunch on Sunday as well as the Easter baskets descend on the house.  The “bunny” has steered clear of most candy this year, opting for other Easter treats, but there will be some in the house.  There are some treats I will allow myself.  I am saving ALL my weekly points for Easter Sunday this week and I am going to track the heck out of brunch.  And ultimately I know I will enjoy myself whether I eat 4 pieces of bacon or 12.  Or one Reeses egg or 4.  So I am going to opt for restraint AND indulgence.  We’ll see how it goes!

P.S.  What do you guys want to know about what I’m doing on a day to day basis?  Ask any questions below – I am going to start answering them in blog posts! :)

I think I might need some new pants?

photo 2 (4)Also needed: a haircut, a clean living room, and a nap.

I went to the Dr on Friday and according to his scale I am down 76.4 lbs since I delivered E2 just over 5 months ago.

That is more that the combined weights of BOTH my children.

-photo 4 (3)photo 5 (3)

While I count my official weight loss from the first weigh in back at Weight Watchers, it is nice to look at the BIG postpartum picture from time to time.

I’d say I’m doing pretty well!

Weigh In Week 13

I got lucky?  I lost weight this week – a GOOD amount of weight.  I was expecting a gain however, or at least something around the same as last week.  I overindulged this weekend and had some dessert and lots of sushi.  I also had chicken and veggies and a fabulous cocktail called a white linen (which might be my new favorite).

Perhaps I expected a gain because I assume the worst, or because I assume that eating ALL the weekly and activity points (by my best estimate due to guessing on some of the food out) will lead to a gain.  And I’m not sure why I am even complaining? about it.  It isn’t so much a complaint as bewilderment, but I am grateful for the loss just the same!

-3.6 Pounds

44.6 lbs Lost to Date!

I do attribute the fact that I ended up with a loss to a few things:

1.  I tracked everything I ate, even when I had to guess or estimate points.  When I try to estimate, I try to estimate high.

2.  I didn’t give up.

3.  I am nursing.  (I am writing a whole post on losing weight while nursing just so you guys know)

For me, tracking = success, even on the weeks it doesn’t so on the scale.  When I am not tracking I am not holding myself accountable to portions or positive choices.

This week in our Weight Watcher meeting we talked about how we decide if something is “worth it” for us.  I struggled with the conversation a bit because one of the key points was that there is no EVENT that makes mindless eating “worth it.”  I agree with that, but I do believe that there are events, occasions or reasons that mindFUL indulgence is worth it.  And I am not sure I’m prepared to be convinced otherwise.

But mindful indulgence means a few things.

1. Splurge on items that are special: homemade dessert vs store-bought sheet cake?  Homemade is worth it, the sheet cake – maybe, and only if I have the points to spare.  Cheesecake from local fabulous place for Mr. Goat’s birthday?  Worth it.  Cheesecake on a random Tuesday because it is there?  Not worth it.

2. Work it into the plan for the day/week.  Use weekly points, but know that it takes those points away so you can’t use them other times.  I do eat my weekly points but I try not to use them M-T.  I save them for the weekend when they might mean more, especially when translated to a glass of wine or a dessert with friends.

3. Plan what you can eat responsibly.  I almost always have indulgences when I am AWAY FROM MY HOUSE.  If I have cake in my house I can find any time is reason to eat cake.  Portions are made by me and so are seconds and “edge evening” (a family trick to get one last bite of dessert).  When I am out, the portions are made for me, there are no seconds, and typically I have someone I care about willing to share with me.  I am more satisfied and I eat less.

I lost weight this week and though I did not expect it I think it is because I am being mindful about my eating, even when indulging.  I had more than I planned this week, but I didn’t veer too far away from the norm, and it still paid off in the end.  Imagine that – a plan that works when you follow it.

ww week 13

Shaking off the Winter

Last week we had an April snow storm.  Despite our whining in Minnesota these are not uncommon, but are generally much maligned and they lead to weeping and gnashing of teeth.  8 inches later (from Thursday to Friday) we were left with a lovely new blanket of snow and a bad attitude.

Winter is like gaining weight… (and often causes gaining weight but that is another story).  Anyway, as I was blogging, winter is like gaining weight.  The longer it lasts the more impossible it seems to escape from it and the harder it is to remember life before.  Winter narrows your perspective on life – work, car, home, car, work, repeat.  Weight gain narrows your perspective too – food, scale, food, scale food.

In winter one snow storm or polar vortex follows another, and while gaining weight one binge or diet “slip-up” follows another as well.    I know that everyone starts grand resolutions in the New Year, and I think that is some of the reasons that resolutions fail: winter is pervasive.  It creeps in and refuses to depart and it makes everything, even daily tasks, seem complicated and hard.

Today however, it is a glorious spring day.  Friday’s snow has melted and the sun is shining.  It is supposed to stay ABOVE FREEZING all week long.  This week my friends, this is the week to make resolutions.  Spring bursts forth and even though I know it is coming it always surprises me with its sudden appearance.  In this way winter and weight gain differ – winter seems to disappear overnight magically, while it requires our own effort to turn weight gain around.  But has loosened its hold on us, and mentally too we can approach things from a sunnier place.

I won’t lie, this weekend was a bad eating weekend for me.  I gave into desserts in social situations.  They were delicious but I do feel guilty about it.  More than that, I just had a hard time stopping at reasonable amounts of food.  Mr. Goat’s birthday celebrations were an excuse to dive in.  They were not the cause of my overeating, but simply the justification I gave to them.

I anticipate a gain on Wednesday, but that is ok.  I need to have accountability and I need to have reminders that slip-ups are human and expected.  At the same time I need to move forward with purpose (spring forward?).

It is time to shake off the remnants of winter and weight gain and step into the light (and a lighter me).  Anyone with me?  (And if so what is your Spring resolutions!)

It is a good day to start over.