wrote an entire post and then everything disappeared. want to dropkick my computer. second time’s a charm …

last night i had dinner and giggles with eliz and nathan. we (mostly they) made superyummy veggie and bean fajitas! so yummy, in fact, that i ate four. whatever, they were healthy.

here’s how i built each masterpiece: i began with a small corn tortilla that i had warmed in the oven (only 1 pt for two tortillas!). i proceeded to add a few diced tomatoes and an avocado slice. next i scooped on a spoonful of refried/black bean mixture. (yum! great idea, nathan!) atop that i added some sauteed green peppers, red peppers and red onions. i sprinkled some colby-jack cheese to finish it off.

i couldn’t wait to fold ’em up and dig in, but, as you might have gathered, i filled those babies to the brim. i took one or two bites of the folded fajita and wound up eating the rest with a fork. still tasted great! nom nom nom.

while we were sitting around afterward, eliz suggested getting mini blizzards from dairy queen. i realized, OH MY GOSH I HAVEN’T HAD A BLIZZARD IN YEARS!!!!!!

where have you been all my life? wait, have i even missed you??

i used to get blizzards with my parents every once in a while in my hometown, but i’m not sure if i’ve gotten one since i moved to the sin cities seven years ago. if i did, it was within that first year or so. i definitely haven’t had one in the last two years.

but when eliz brought up the new MINI blizzards, i was gung ho for getting one. mini blizzards are only 7 oz, which is 5 oz less than the “small” size of 12 oz. i did some calculations using the dq website’s nutrition info for a small mint oreo blizzard and found that a mini mint oreo blizzard has 338.33 calories, 11.67 grams of fat, 0.5833 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of protein. well … at least there’s a gram of protein per ounce, right? hmm, pretty sure the 48.33 calories PER OUNCE cancels out the excitement i got from the protein number.

(UPDATE: check below for newfound nutrition info. yikes.)

as it turned out, we didn’t get the blizzards. not because of the 8 pts it would have added to our already-over-pts day, but because it was raining cats and dogs. sure they would have tasted like heaven, but i’m reeeeeaaalllly glad we didn’t get them.

i’m also really glad i looked up the facts on blizzards today. maybe some day 8 pts of mini blizzard won’t put a damper on my day, but it was the last thing i needed yesterday. or even any day in the foreseeable future, for that matter. hello! i’m still trying to lose like 10 pounds here!

so now you have some mini blizzard knowledge. information is power! i’ve never gotten a large mint oreo blizzard, but now that i know the numbers NO ONE EVER SHOULD. 1070 cals+36 g fat+2 g fiber=DISASTEROUS 24 PTS! never.

UPDATED TO ADD: so i finally found the nutrition info for the mini blizzards on the dq website. you need to use the nutrition calculator rather than the nutrition info pdf. bad news, folks … it’s worse than we thought. according to their calculator, the mini mint oreo blizzard has 360 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 0 grams of fiber. that’s 51.43 calories PER OUNCE. still 8 pts. still not worth it for me right now.

no excuses. get the facts about what you put in your body.


i just weighed in at dubs and I’M BACK WITHIN GOAL RANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i didn’t need to pay, i feel superskinny, and i’m set to have a wonderful weekend!

tracking works, people!

(in case you were wondering why i didn’t weigh in on tuesday, it’s because eliz has twins season tickets (awesome) and opted to go to the game. i jumped on the opportunity to relax (and save money) instead.)

have a superb weekend πŸ™‚

too pumped for the weekend to think of a clever title

i’ve been tracking calories, fat, fiber, protein and ww points since monday, and i’ve learned a lot already!

1. tracking isn’t so bad!

i tracked points for a long while when i began ww, but that tapered off after awhile. i’d go back to it when i found that my weightloss was slowing, but otherwise i had a pretty good handle on portion sizes and eating until i was satisfied. honestly, the past four days have been the most consecutive days i’ve tracked in more than a year. and i’m kinda diggin’ it again! i also realized that i’ve been eating waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much random crap and my portions were oftentimes megasized.

2. calories vs points

i was shocked at monday’s numbers. 983 calories and 21 points. whaaaa?? how could that be??? i’m shooting for 20-21 points a day, but 983 calories???????? i don’t think so. something’s fishy there because that’s not enough. i thought ww had their program set up so people wouldn’t go below 1200 calories, and i KNOW people get less points than i do. totally weird. on the other hand, i consumed 1175 calories and 19 points on wednesday, so it’s definitely not a perfect science.

and don’t go thinkin’ that i’m not eating enough. tuesday equated to 1562 calories/28 points. and yesterday … ooooh yesterday … 2841 calories/60 points. let me tell you, those slices of pizza and cheese sticks tasted as wonderful as they were point-y.

the average for the four days was 1640 cals/day. much more realistic in my eyes. 983? no way.

3. protein!

i’m getting enough! take that, uneducated judgers! veg or not, do YOU know how many grams of protein YOU should be consuming daily?

i googled my little heart out and found numerous sites dedicated to helping you discover how much protein you need per day. my research has led me to my personal target of a minimum of 55 grams per day.

find your magic protein range using this handy calculator HERE. or for you math whizzes out there, feast your peepers on this:

it’s recommended that you get 0.8-1.0 grams protein per kilogram of body weight (or about 0.36-0.45 grams protein per pound). protein requirements for athletes and active individuals are higher, so do your research if you’re in that category.

i’m active but not crazyactive (exercise 3-4 days a week), so i’m going to base my protein number on 0.8 for this example. converting my weight from pounds to kilograms just for funsies, too πŸ™‚

yes i actually wrote it out and scanned it. thank you, high school chemistry!

since becoming mindful of my protein minimum, my intake has increased every day. 26.6 g monday (boo), 55.57 g tuesday, 64 g wednesday, and 80 g thursday!

here’s the trick, though.

i’ve been eating a cup of cottage cheese every day since monday. that’s 28 grams of protein right there! i know there are a ton of meatless protein-rich foods out there, but cottage cheese has been the most accessible lately and presents the highest numbers.

i would LOVE some variety, though, so please please PLEASE holla at me with suggestions. i like cottage cheese and all, but i don’t want to OD on it and hate it later. (i just got back into liking it after hating it for more than 15 years!)

ok now, kiddos, time for me to head into my weekend of fun. wedding and reception for my friends christine and adam tomorrow, morgan and mike will be in town, bowling with emily on sunday, and who knows what else?? i sure know how to jampack my weekends, right?

one more time: what are your fav meatless protein-packed foods??

track it before you attack it.

back on track(ing)

first off, let me just say that i had a superb weekend! i took vacation on friday, which felt A-MA-ZING, and headed back to my hometown thursday evening.

friday morning i went for a 2.8-mile run/walk, picked up sticks in my parents’ yard for like an hour (storms, blah), then mowed the lawn with a push mower for an hour. i mowed wearing shorty shorts and my bikini top JUST LIKE I DID IN HIGH SCHOOL! priorfatgirl what.

i'd give this guy a run for his money.

i showered quickly and went to the la crosse interstate fair with my friend dan, his sister and their foreign exchange student. it was the kind of fair that had farm animal contests and stuff. not usually my thang, BUT we walked around for a couple of hours on a gorgeous day, i rode a ferris wheel for the first time in maybe 10 years, ate some delicious cheese curds and a root beer float, and i got to pet a goat for the first time! the animal-lover in me wanted to take one home soooooo bad, but yeah right.

that night, after a not-so-healthy dinner at t.g.i. friday’s (spinach dip, beer, side salad) and singing some tunes at dan’s piano, we met up with some other great friends and headed downtown. i had some drinkies, played some darts and enjoyed the company of friends who i only get to see a couple of times a year. gotta love that! shaun and i walked home, and although i asked if we should scoop some food for the road, he said no.


i was like, “you’re such a great influence, shaun! i’m totally gonna blog about this!” not only did we walk a mile or so home BUT WE DIDN’T GET AFTERBAR FOOD! accomplishment? heck yes!

saturday afternoon i went to an r&r party for my cousin tim who’s back from afghanistan for couple of weeks. he was so surprised when i walked in and he gave me a huge hug. totally worth my going back for the weekend!

after that i went out on the river with wylie, liz, eric and other peeps. it was sooo hot, and it felt pretty great to be bobbing around in a floatie innertube. i was a tad selfconscious in my bikini around a bunch of skinnies, but my love of the sun on my skin overshadowed my insecurity.

i love sun ... and harvest cheddar sun chips.

we grabbed dinner (i got a salad β€” holla) before heading home and getting spiffed up for another evening downtown. i had a few more drinkies, played more darts and spent time with some wonderful bunderful friends who i wish i got to hang with more often.

i spent sunday doing four or five loads of laundry (thanks, mom and dad!) and lounging around. i probably should have gone for a jog, but i was tuckered out from my weekend shenanigans. i smooshed a lot into those two days!

back to life *staple* CLICK FOR AWESOMENESS.

and here i am now, back in st paul. i had a cute lil lunch date with jen this afternoon. so cute, in fact, that we both ordered the exact same meal! romaine lettuce, red onion, gorgonzola cheese crumbles and balsamic vinaigrette β€” yummers! the salad was a great choice, especially considering what’s happening tomorrow.

liz and i made a promise last week that we WILL BE GOING to dubs tomorrow. it’ll count as my july weigh-in … and i’m a smidge over my goal. i will be paying for the week.

boooooooooooo! i thought we went over this last month!?!? apparently just thinking in your head that you want to lose a couple of pounds doesn’t actually make it happen. who knew? oh wait, we all did.

today is my first day back on track.

i’m tracking everything i eat and drink beginning today. it’s the tried and true method, and i could definitely benefit from the stability. i’m tracking calories, fat, fiber, protein and ww points. cals, fat, and fiber determine points values, so i COULD just do points, but i’m interested in seeing those other numbers. i’m tracking protein out of pure curiousity.

as a vegetarian, i hear waaaaaay too often: “but where do you get your protein?” “you really need to make sure you’re getting enough protein.” “you only get sufficient protein from meat.” uh, no. and now i’ll have documentation regarding the protein issue for myself and other interested parties.

i picked up a purse-friendly (and earth-friendly!) notebook on my way home from kickboxing. i’ll be tracking it all once again. i was a diligent tracker when i began weight watchers, and it worked! i’ll be back at and under goal in no time.

positive thinking = positive results