Elle, a PriorFatGirl

Hello world… and welcome to my story. You probably already know my name is
Elle, and that I’m on a healthiness journey. It just so happens that I got lucky enough
to share it with you here.

For most of my teenage years and into my 20s, I have been self-conscious about
my weight. I’ve missed out on countless adventures with my friends and family
because of it, and I’ve never been able to really enjoy being me because of it. The
funny thing is, I knew the entire time what the problem was (too much food, not
enough exercise) and exactly how to fix it (less food, more exercise). But somehow it
seemed easier to ignore the situation than too address it.

In early 2010, I finally mustered the courage to do something. It took me about
seven months of up-and-down, back-and-forth before I actually hit “the zone.”
With my encouraging parents rooting me on, I was ready to fully commit to a new
lifestyle – one in which I would embrace healthy eating. Forever. That was in August.
As of November 17, I have officially lost 30 pounds. I’m aiming to lose another 60 by
April 2011, which will bring me to my goal weight of 130 pounds.

One of the things that keeps me inspired is PriorFatGirl. I found Jen’s story while
browsing the Web for weight-loss blogs one day in February 2010, and I’ve
been hooked ever since. When she announced that she would be adding a writer
to the PFG family, I was thrilled. What better way to be encouraged and offer
encouragement to others than through the same blog that has kept me motivated in
my own healthiness journey?

My intention, as I start this great adventure with PFG, is to share my experiences
with you. While many of them will be food and exercise related, others will be about
the transition from being “the fat girl” to just one of the normal girls. This journey
is about SO much more than the calories and the sweat, isn’t it? There are mental
gymnastics that we will go through, hurdles we must overcome and surprises along
the way that we won’t be expecting. And we will share them here, on PFG.

Thank you for following my story. I can’t wait to see what we learn from each other!