About PriorFatGirl.com

The PriorFatGirl blog started on July 2, 2008, as a personal journal used during Jen Emmert’s weight loss journey — a journey of losing 90 pounds by working out and eating healthy. Throughout Jen’s journey, she relied on the blog to document her experiences whether frustrations or successes. While she found journaling her experiences to be therapeutic, Jen quickly realized the depth of the online community and learned that her journey was not unlike many out there.

What started as a personal site for Jen has evolved into an online community and brand. Although the original intent of sharing Jen’s story still exists as it’s main focus, PriorFatGirl.com has grown to the healthiness journeys of others from a variety of backgrounds including the first PriorFatGuy. It is believed that by sharing their personal stories of fight, struggle, success and goals reach, everyone in the PriorFatGirl and PriorFatGuy family too can help spread motivation and inspiration for readers to begin and continue their own healthiness journeys.

PriorFatGirl Mission

It is the mission of PriorFatGirl and PriorFatGuy to spread motivation and inspiration to those on their healthiness journeys through documenting and sharing personal experiences, struggles, successes and goals reached, in order to publicly declare that no one is ever alone in their journey and to do whatever is possible to encourage others that the healthiness fight is worth the reward.