Blog blog blog.

Yes my friends, I see your comments, emails and tweets asking me to continue blogging. And I think about it often. In fact, I found myself in the last week actually tweeting again.
But blogging? I don’t know what to talk about. Haven’t I blogged about everything already? I cringe at the idea of getting up on here talking about how hard this is. Partially because I feel like I should have this figured out by now, but also partially because I feel like a big whiny baby. 

I joined a gym last month. A fancy one that turns out to be about a 6 minute drive from my house depending on if I hit lights. I have made it 2-4 times a week since I joined. Not as consistent as I would like but certainly much better than anything I have done over the last two years. 

Francisco is 11 months now and more independent than ever. He is almost sleeping through the night, falling alseep at 6pm every night. He still wakes up between 2-4am for a bottle but will then go back to sleep until after 5:30am. He has been walking for a couple months now, opening doors, drawers, and so curious. I love it.

It has been a beautiful weekend here in Milwaukee. We spent a few hours outside yesterday. I always heard how amazing it was seeing little babies experience life for the first time but now that I actually see it first-hand, seeing Francisco feel grass, feel leaves, feel rocks…. it really is life changing. 

I just got home from the gym and need to jump in the shower. We are meeting some friends for breakfast then need to get Francisco some new pants before find a park to play at. 
Happy Sunday my friends!


  1. I know I don’t expect you to have things figured out by now!!!! LOL Life is one giant balancing act. Sometimes we do well and sometimes we don’t. We want you to blog because we all feel a connection in some way. For me personally I have two kids one that is about to turn 18 (OMG where did the time go) and one that will turn 15. I’m still to some degree being run ragged by them and can’t for the life of me find the motivation to work out. But I’m also tired of having the extra 10 to 12 pounds on my frame and the guilt I feel when my eating is crappy.

    We are all in this together!

  2. I don’t mind you being a whiny baby and telling us how hard it is. Because it is hard! And I am right there with you! And Francisco is ADORABLE!

  3. Firstly, Mr. Francisco is adorable!

    Secondly, I agree with the first comment … we miss your blogging because in one way or another we can relate.

    I know I’ve also backed off from blogging as regularly also because life has been busier for me, so I totally get it. But I’m also very excited you’ve come back to check in and if you only do that once a month or so I’m totally content with that.

    Your honesty about your journey is part of what makes you inspiring to me. I hope the replies you’re getting on here are encouraging your along as well.

    We are all in this together. (Hug)

  4. Jenn we love you because you are real! Sometimes you are kicking ass and sometimes your ass is getting kicked. Just like ALL of us. The other writers here couldn’t cut it through the getting your ass kicked part. It is so hard to stand up and say, right now I’m struggling. But I am not giving up. I am trying again. And I’m figuring it out day by day. I have a private accountability group where we do this, but I could never put out my struggles for the whole world to see, because people are mean! You handle that meanness with grace and panache. You are brave as shit. And strong as hell. That’s why we want you back! To inspire us to do the same! But only if you want to. You are responsible to you only. If this is not helpful give it up. If it is- keep inspiring us. We love you!

  5. Yes continue blogging and keep motivating….

  6. Pls continue blogging…….

  7. Yeah, but the blogging might give u the support and accountability you need to meet goals… people need that, and i think its the reason the success rate doubles with Weight Watchers meetings, as opposed to going it alone.

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