Moving on.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I finally made it to the gym last night – it felt so good to just zone out and sweat a little. I wish I could get back into morning workouts but Francisco is still all over the place with waking up in the morning. Sometimes he is up at 3:30am, sometimes he sleeps until 4:50am. Carlos is really helpful with Francisco but I’m much more of a morning person than he is so for now, morning workouts aren’t really going to work. Until then, I just have to keep pushing myself to get the evening workouts in. I am not trying to set expectations for myself too high – I would like to be consistent with just 3 to 4 times a week.

This morning, we were up at about 5am. I had plenty of time to mix up some chicken salad and put together lunches for today and tomorrow for myself.


Tonight I have a hair appt at 5pm so I’m going to run there after work, then my plan is to go home, change into workout clothes and hit the gym again. I also need to spend some time googling baby things:

  • How to get Francisco to sleep through the night.
    The doctor told us at his last appointment we should try to stop with the night time feedings. Francisco wakes up 1-3 times a night. The first time or two that he wakes up, I can get him back to sleep without eating but sometime between 2am and 4am, I will usually need to feed him to get him back to sleep. I talked with my sisters and they all said they never forced the night time feedings to stop, they just did it until the babies slept through the night on their own. I did some initial research and there is a lot of information on both sides so I guess I just need to figure out where we will land.
  • How to get Francisco to not bite.
    Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare, one of the teachers said the past couple days he has been crawling up to them and biting their knees. Francisco has his two bottom teeth and is eating more and more table food so I know a lot of babies go through this stage.
  • Baby sign language.
    I feel like I’m starting a little later on this but do want to start using baby sign language at home.

Any advice on sleeping, biting or baby sign language?



  1. My two cents… My kids are 18, 18 and 16 now and I found this is how things worked/didn’t work for us:

    – I saw your baby goes to bed at 6:00 pm. Maybe if he was up later he would sleep more at night? Mine were never in bed for good that early, more like 8:00/9:00.

    However, my twins woke up at least once for a drink until they were 2 years old and potty training. I didn’t have the internet to look these things up and looking back would’ve tried somethings had I known about ways to stop this. My son only ever woke up once to feed and that did taper off early, by itself. So, different things work for different kids/families.

    – One of my babies bit and we flicked her in the mouth for it. Some say this is harsh, but she never did it again. Kids have to learn boundaries and yes, even as young as 7 months. Biting is no joke, my friend’s son did it for a long time, when he was a tot, until she began disciplining him for it. It’s like teaching your dog not to pee anywhere but the designated spot; Mr. Fransisco needs to learn to bite in the appropriate places. 🙂

    – I think the baby sign language is neat, but just one of those fun things this generation does. *giggle* Yeah..this is when I feel old. lol

    You’re doing great balancing mothering and work and learning. Raising kids is a lifetime of learning and worth every minute of it.

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Good job on getting to the gym! It’s SO hard to find the time/balance with kids, especially an infant. I can’t even imagine working full time with a baby. Huge props to you for fitting it all in.

    For both of my kids, I used the baby whisperer EASY method. I’m a stay at home mom so sticking with the routine was a bit easier, but the general idea is to have the baby Eat, have Awake/play time, and then Sleep which is Your time. It wasn’t quite as easy when baby number 2 came along but the idea of it really helped me. Check out She has lots of free info on the routine on her blog. Both of my kids started sleeping through the night at about 3 mo doing this and at 2 and 4 they are both great sleepers. She has gentle methods to help sleep train if you can’t bring yourself to some of the “harsher” methods. I’ve also found that if I leave my baby for 2-3 min when they wake in the middle of the night, they will usually put themselves back to sleep. It can feel like the longest 2 minutes if they are crying, but they learn to comfort themselves back to sleep if you let them learn.

    I didn’t handle the biting situation very well. Both of my kids bit me once. I was caught off guard both times and my reaction was to yell at them. I told them it hurt mommy after the fact, but the yelling scared them enough I guess. They never did it again. It is just a phase though.

    I started doing baby sign language with my kids at around 9 mo. My 4 year old still uses it sometimes. Probably because he’s mimicking me with his baby sister. I don’t know how much it helps, but when your baby is crying and can sign that they are hungry, I think it’s awesome!

    Sorry for the novel, but I’m someone that needs my sleep so I did lots of research when it came to sleep training. But the most important thing I’ve learned during this journey called motherhood is to take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt and follow your instincts and do what works for your family. Francisco looks like a very happy, loved little boy and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

  3. Good job on packing your lunches and on getting to the gym.

    My sisters had a lot of luck with the videos – Baby Signing Times. You can try them at the library or it is my understanding that they are also on YouTube. Just like most kid shows, the music does get annoying (sorry!).

    Good Luck!

  4. I did sleep training with both my kids when it was time/they were ready.

    He will sleep through the night eventually! Every kid is different. He probably still needs a feeding at least once in the night. George is 9 months old and I still feed him once a night.

    Baby sign language – it works! They understand it before they can do it back to you. So keep doing it. Soon they will sign back and you won’t feel like an idiot for doing it all that time.

    Biting – he’s just teething. It will pass. Daycare should understand that and gently redirect if he tried to bite another person. He’s just a baby!

    Hope you all are well in Wisconsin!

  5. I used the Baby Whisperer book EASY method as well….but as a Canadian, in had a full year of maternity leave so I was home with both kids to do that. I will say it worked on one kid and not the other. But i will say with my second it was so much easier to just not stress. I did the night feedings, I did extra nightime snuggles. I decided i couldn’t love my baby too much. It was the folks around me stressing me out more than anything and i had to block out that judgement and just let my mommy groove flow.

    As for the biting….i do not believe in “bite them back” (the advice every aunt, grandmother, friend gave) because if my baby were to slap me or hit me, I wouldn’t hit him back to prove it hurts. I can’t admonish a behaviour but do not to prove a point. I was a phase both my boys went through. They were teething and it mostly was an attempt to show affection. I realized they were seeing me nibble on them and love on them with my mouth and tons of kisses and they didnt really know their teeth hurt because they’re freaking babies! I would suggest redirecting. Saying “no thank you, teeth are both for biting” ( as when they would throw food on the floor, no thank you, food stays on our plate or goes in our mouth). As for babybsign language the most useful sign was “more” and in would do that after every bite of food/before the next bite. Kid caught on real quick! Good luck. Go with what works for you and your family and your mommy gut. It will never steer you wrong.


    She is a wealth of information. Read her comments too.

  7. I know a lot of people out there think baby sign language is just a passing “fad” but this is a very legitimate form of communicating with your baby. In 1996 when my daughter was about 18 mos. I worked for a local hearing and speech center as an on site nanny for one of the employees 2 month old baby. Several of the employees were deaf or were fluent in ASL and in addition to speech therapy, they ran a few preschool programs for deaf children…one for 1-2yo. My employer was very kind and let me bring my daughter to work and let her attend the preschool program. My daughter learned to sign along with the other babies and because of this, we were able to communicate SO much better at home. She didn’t get as frustrated if I didn’t understand her verbal request, she’d just sign it instead. It was amazing.

    Infants who are deaf or have deaf parents only learn to communicate through signing and for them it isn’t a passing fad, it’s their lives.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now especially because no one here has made any negative comments, only positive, but this is something I feel very strongly about. I truly believe both you and Francisco would highly benefit from some basic sign language. They pick it up SO quickly!

  8. Hi Jen! I have no input on the baby stuff as I am babyless (for now!). But I was wondering – how do you make your chicken salad? It looks delish! (Also good on you for making it to the gym!)

  9. I didn’t have too many sleep through the night issues at that age but my friend did and she always did baby cereal before bed to fill up her babies tummies.

  10. I recommend starting baby sign with “more” and “please” when you are eating. That’s what we did with my son. Also “milk” or drink was helpful. So before I gave him more food I would sign more. I also taught him dog and signed dog everything we were playing with the dog. Just learn the signs for the things you do and keep it simple.

    I personally wouldn’t stop a breast-feeding baby from night feeding but that’s just my personal opinion. I can’t remember off the top of my head if you are nursing if you are check out some of that Kelly mom resources they have good information about how much and how often a breast-fed baby should be nursing.
    And I’m using voice to text so sorry if some of the wording is a little crazy I’m also trying to give my kid a bath

  11. Katherine Moore says:

    Sleeping through the night seems to just depend on the baby but this is what has worked for us since she was 6 weeks old (she turned 2 yesterday!). Our daughter sleeps 6PM to 5 or 6AM everyday. We make the room as dark as possible with blackout curtains, keep the room cooler but put her in fleece footy pajamas and have a white noise machine. She went from waking up 2-3 times a night to within a week sleeping through the night and has never had a single set back!!

    With biting I’m not help lol Belle occasionally bites when she’s too excited

    Signing is a tricky one. I understand the benefit however I know multiple people who taught their babies how to sign and how those kids are in speech therapy because they signed more than talked and it ultimately hurt them. I personally never did it with Belle and now she’s 2, talks like a champ and has a great Vocabulary!!

    Ultimately as mommy you get to do whatever you think is best!!!

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  15. Katy Chambers says:

    I just have to say I was so happy to see you were back in the blogging world! First, congrats on Fransisco, he is adorable!

    I used to read your blog religiously a long long time ago. I was sad to see you go when you decided to pass on the torch. I’d still look at the blog occasionally but I didn’t really connect with the other prior fat girls. It’s nothing against them at all, just different lives that I didn’t connect with. I always felt a connection with you; were around the same age, work in HR, and just seem to have a lot in common.

    I was googling weight loss blogs this evening (trying to get my own motivation back!) And yours came up. I gave it a click and began reading. At first I didn’t even realize it was you… The original Jen… I thought another Jen had taken over, but then you mentioned Carlos and I kept reading and seriously almost cried tears of joy. I read all of your updates at once and I’m just so happy you’re back. I know it’s for you and your own accountability but just know you were missed!

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  18. Okay, I am a little behind – I just today noticed that you were blogging again a few months ago. Please continue!!! I have missed your blog. I read it back when I was losing weight before, and now I have two little boys, and the struggle to be healthy continues, but with more stumbling blocks. Francisco is still so little; it is really, really hard when they are still babies and not really sleeping enough, so be kind to yourself about what you can and cannot do at this stage.

    • Yes, come back! You don’t have to do it as quickly or successfully as last time. This is part of your journey to, and you are an inspiration to so many on similar journies!

  19. It’s amazing how you managed to go to the gym even with a small child. I need to organize because for more than a year I have not moved, my life has never been so stopped. Your response motivated me, Thank you.

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