Week 1, Weigh-in 1

Better late than never, eh?

New Year’s Day was a good kind of busy, but it didn’t afford me the time I had envisioned for writing my first post. Sometimes life is like that. We plan for a story, and in the end there is only time for a sentence or two.

But I made a promise to myself. So this is it.

Week 1,  Weigh in 1:

203 lbs

Tomorrow, I’ll be a little closer than I was today.


A PriorFatGirl


  1. I started following this blog just before Jen decided to stop blogging and passed it on to Liz. I am glad to see you are back. I’m going to be following along on this journey with you. Looking forward to sharing ideas.

  2. Agh, Elle. So eerily similar.

    That’s exactly my re-starting weight. I’ve done this twice before now. Once down to 135, once to 155. I’m so weary of this whole thing. And yet. steely eyed and determined.

    Let’s do this.

  3. 212 right now… my goal as a kick start is to get to 199

  4. I don’t have a scale in the house at the moment, but I am probably weighing in at 235 (best guess based on doctors visit 2 weeks ago). Ah, the journey I have before me.

  5. I weighed in at 200 today…strength in numbers, ladies! Seems like Elle has a lot of people in her corner and we can all do this together☺️ Here’s to a healthy (ier) 2015!!

  6. So happy to have you back, Elle! You can do it!

  7. Hi Elle –
    Welcome back, I enjoy your blog. and it’s nice to see you back. I hope you don’t mind some unsolicited advice but I follow quite a few health bloggers and see a pattern in what works and what doesn’t. I have also achieved and have maintained a healthy weight for after years of being heavy. I know in a previous blog you mentioned you didn’t want count calories but the answer is TRACKING I personally use Livestrong My Plate and track religiously. I get my cals & macros as close as possible eating clean and working out. It’s in the math, it works. Feel free to e mail me if you try My Plate and I’ll give you my profile name. BTW trying to hit my #’s perfect has become a game and I kind of find it enjoyable. Your gonna do this, believe.

  8. Welcome back! Be brave. – Jessica

  9. Not sure why you’ve disappeared again, but I just wanted to say that we all have slip-ups, especially in January when we’re putting (probably too much) pressure on our selves. I think I speak for a lot of readers when I say that we were thrilled to see you back again and we’re all rooting for you, even if this month hasn’t gone as planned. Hope you’ll be posting again soon!

  10. Ditto, Lindsey! Thanks for saying what I’ve also felt. Elle, we LOVE you! Please, please post…I was so excited that you were back….please stay!?

  11. Elle~
    I’m so excited to see you back on here! I, like you, and many other blogs I was following, Lost weight and than gained it back and are now trying to lose it again and change my lifestyle to get rid of the weight and then maintain! I LOVE reading your posts and missed reading them a lot! WELCOME back and please keep us updated– so many of us are cheering you on and need to know we are not alone!!


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