Rest for Iggy, wine for me

This is the face of a gross doggy:

photo 1 (1)

He was staying at my cousin Kirsten’s house this weekend (her kids loooove Iggy) and when Kirsten turned around, Iggy took advantage of the fact that she had didn’t shut the bathroom door (she literally just came out of the bathroom and was going to go back to clean in 2 minutes.) He made a b-line for the bathroom garbage and ingested something doggies shouldn’t eat. No need for graphic details now… just know it was in the garbage and not meant for doggy indigestion

Off to the vet he went so they could give him something to vomit. Iggy and I spent most of last night curled up, resting. He with an upset tummy, me with a glass of wine. So thankful he is okay! (I watched this week’s Downton Abbey episode – so sad! 🙁 )

My car ended up breaking down Sunday (so much for having plans!) so Carlos has been shuttling me around. While I miss having the independence of driving myself, I loved being able to read my book and eat eggs & kale this morning while stuck in horrible traffic due to snow.

photo 2 (2)Carlos was not too excited that his car smelled like kale 🙂

We have to replace the engine on my car (we are replacing it with a used engine) and then will sell it so we can buy a newer car. I think I want to keep with an SUV type car vs. a sedan but not sure what I want. I drool over the Kia Cadenza, which isn’t even a SUV, but I am not paying that price so I’ll just dream.

I’m feeling a little out of sync because I didn’t go to the gym Monday and today (I can’t drive Carlos’ car, it’s a stick and I have yet to show interest in learning.) Since I won’t have a car for about another week, I’m going to have to get my workouts in at home. That’ll defiantly throw a kink in my mayorship, ha! I plan on using the Nike Training app – my sister, Heidi, showed me this app. It definitely kicks my butt! It’s a great home-workout app that doesn’t require a lot of equipment, will talk to you through your workout and will push you beyond what a lot of videos do. Highly recommend it. I haven’t used it in awhile so it’ll be good to switch things up and, it’ll help me continue to get my workouts in.

If you are keeping track, I’ve already made 2 recipes from what I linked on Sunday. They both turned out well – here are details:

  • Sunday: chicken & bacon on cauliflower pizza crust
    • Crust was good! Good flavor. It doesn’t crisp up as much as thin crust pizza does but it’s cauliflower – whaddya expect?! Carlos liked it and said he would eat it again.
  • MondaySlowcooker Paleo Eggplant Parmesan
    •  this does not looks the best but tastes really good. Because it’s a crockpot recipe, it’s super easy and ready when you get home from work. Carlos said he really liked it. Ton of leftovers!
  • Tuesday: MN Wild game (I plan on finding a chicken sandwich and a side salad)
    • WAHOO, this is tonight!

Here is what we have left to try this week:

WednesdayTaj Mahal turkey curry over zuchinni noddles
Thursday: Leftovers
Fridayspiced chicken (2nd spice blend) with steamed broccoli

Any recipes you’ve tried already this week that you can share?




  1. Poor Iggy.

    I’ve had to take my pooch into the emergency, too, once for getting into chocolate and another for getting into alcohol. Bad dog!

    Hope he gets well soon!

    Yesterday, I posted last week’s recipe fails and wins. There were 3 “fails”, but 2 were old standbys that I tweaked and there are 3 wins, so check them out if you have time!

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