Living mindfulness? Let’s get in the right frame of mind w/ @phillydvibing

Some of you have met PhillyD, he is an amazing speaker and yogi. He has this charismatic aura about him; absolutely energetic and inspiring. I signed up for one of his sessions on Sunday and thought some of you may want to jump in as well? PhillyD’s style can be summed up as YOGA WITH A CONSCIOUS  SWAGGER. I always leave Phil’s classes feeling his words so deep in my stomach, my heart and my mind, I leave feeling energized and revitalized about life. While this isn’t one of his yoga with a conscious swagger classes, this is one of his changeyourlife classes.


Who wants to come with  me? Register HERE(scroll down to Sunday’s event)

I can’t wait – I really need this class right about now. Let me know if you sign up so I can look for you on Sunday! I’ll probably get there about 12:30 to transition into the class, and spend a few moments just being.



  1. Mindfulness is a common Buddhist teaching – Thich Nhat Hanh has a lot of books and seminars on the topic (for life, relationships, eating, etc). It’s really changed my life!! I try to aspire to daily mindfulness, though I fail a fair bit. I’d go to this if I lived anywhere close!

  2. Sounds awesome! Wish I was in the area as I’d totally sign up!

  3. I love yoga, but I live in that it is difficult to find a person like PhillyD. I feel really lucky you, I just train through the method see on Youtube, and it is not enough. Because I did not feel anything from changing my mind. 😀 😀

  4. I missed this until now. Does he have regular classes.

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