An expensive signature.

Saturday started with an expensive signature.


After a week of car browsing, researching, pricing and test driving, we finally decided on a Kia Sorento. Love the new car, hate the car payment. I’m appreciative we had gotten ourselves to a point where we have an emergency savings account, just mad we had to reach into it. But, the Edge was over with. I am not good with car language so excuse me if I totally butcher the explanation but apparently coolant leaked into the engine and fried it? We were faced with buying a new engine & having it put in or, just scrapping it, selling it for what we could, and buying something else. So we went with the latter. Lemme know if you want a 2007 Edge in good shape but that needs a new engine 😉

Post car purchase, I hit the gym and then made my way back home to get ready for some friends coming over that evening. We may have played Cards Against Humanity for hours.

20140120-075720.jpgI mean, hours. Iggy was so not impressed.


It was such a good evening seeing so many friends! Sunday morning, I may have needed some convincing to get out of bed. Luckily, Carlos new just the trick. BACON.



I sauteed some greens, tomatoes and served my bacon with some eggs. Perfect. Then, Iggy and I curled back up. He was so tired from staying up so late!


When I finally did get up and moving, it was for hot chocolate. YUM. My sister, Alicia, and her son Colton came with me.


It was a perfect day for some outside social time – I loved seeing my cousin, Kirsten, and her family, and was SO PROUD of Sophia! She is going to total up how much she raised and announce it sometime today. She has such a beautiful heart!

I didn’t go grocery shopping yesterday because we had some produce leftover from last weeks’ trip so I’ll wait another day or two. I didn’t menu plan any specific recipes this week, which makes me feel a little off but am just planning on keeping it simple. Here’s what we’ll have:

  • Monday: Chicken legs & cauliflower
  • Tuesday: Steak & broccoli
  • Wednesday: Pork chops & sauteed spinach
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: to be decided…

I made it to the gym this morning, feels good to start Monday’s off with some serious sweat. No day off here, but I do anticipate a quieter work day since some parents will be home with their kiddo’s. Love quiet days like this!



  1. Congrats on the new Car!!! Those are super cute!

  2. Nice choice on the car! I have thankfully never been forced to buy a new car and take on a payment I hadn’t been previously prepared for, but at least you’ll be set for a while! Kias usually have a longer than average warranty period I think…

  3. I had to dump my car and get a new one in the last month, too. (I got Hyundai Tuscon.) Car payments suck, but peace of mind with a warranty is worth something, for sure. Have fun with it!

  4. The new car comes with the new car payment but I’m glad that you got a car that has great specs and I have no doubt will take you and your family around safely for years to come.

  5. I bought a Kia Sorento too!! I also have a Kia Sedona. They have been the best cars I’ve ever had and they have really long warrenties. They have safety ratings just as high as Honda but without the price tag so great choice!!

  6. I bought a 2013 Kia Sorento in May 2012, and I STILL love it!! I have never had a car with so many bells and whistles and I was able to keep the payments within my budget (I started to walk away and the salesman called me back and gave me what I wanted!) Congratulations!

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