Harvesting lettuce

Stating (June 2nd): 178.0lbs

Current: 173.6lbs

Total weight loss: 4.4lbs


Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. This is going to take forever to get to goal at this rate!

I got up early today and got a quick 3 mile run in – a muggy 82% humidity. YUCK. Most of the East coast and Midwest is included in this heat wave so I know I’m not alone.

I had a fortune cookie yesterday and got this fortune:


No one needs to tell me twice! Last night, I made a simple chicken breast, a balsamic reduction and mixed veggies for dinner. I also harvested some lettuce from the garden.


I loved picking the lettuce but couldn’t tell a difference between it and what I buy from the grocery store. Not that I expected it. I would have to turn my whole backyard into a lettuce field to get enough lettuce for a month of eating and I’m not sure it’s worth growing one or two if there really isn’t a difference between what I grow and what I buy. It is fun just going outside to grab lettuce though!

After dinner, Carlos and I watched a couple episodes of Master Chef and then I curled into bed to read. That’s how I would describe a relaxing night!

Whew – ok, I think I’ve cooled off enough from my run and can get ready for work.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. OK, I’ve been on the uphill battle of weight loss since I was 12, I’m now almost 34. I’ve had up years and down years. I completely understand the frustrations. I understand the stomach dropping feeling when you see the scale at a much higher number than what you want it to be. When you are at the weight you are now, weight loss isn’t going to happen fast. You’ve been in a maintenance type mode. It is going to take longer to reach your goal weight. As discouraging as this might sound there is a bright side, it’s the fact that it might take longer but it does eventually happen if you keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t forget to recognize the numbers, but not to let them discourage you, as long as they keep moving down that’s what you want to see.

  2. Super cliche but slow and steady wins the race. I’m a firm believer that steady losses are more manageable in the long rung. + It’s real weight versus water weight.

    How cool that you have lettuce in your back yard! Good luck with everything πŸ™‚

  3. Keep growing the lettuce! It’s way more nutritious when you freshly pluck it from the ground. Just think, it was alive and growing minutes before you eat it! Conversely, think of how long the leaves sit in the grocery store!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Agreed! It tastes so much fresher when you grow it yourself, plus it’s packed with more nutrients and there are no toxic chemicals (assuming you don’t treat your garden with anything). We planted 4 lettuce plants in May this year and still have two that are going strong.

  4. I wanted to grow lettuce this year (goodness knows I eat enough of it!) but my husband decided to fill our garden boxes with other veggies!

    As for your weight loss…at least it is going down (that is more than I can say after my camping trip this weekend!). For exercise, are you only doing cardio? Are you including weights? Are you doing any interval workouts? I have found that it really shows on the scale when I lift weights regularly and incorporate intervals into my cardio.

    Just a thought!

    • Amy Wagner says:

      I was going to say the same thing- maybe give your runs a break for a month and try doing HIIT cardio for a while. Maybe you’re body has gotten used to your usual forms of excercise and isn’t responding as well to it anymore.

  5. miss mary mack says:

    hey I know this is off topic, but since google reader is no more can you make any suggestions on how to add you to my blogger home page?

  6. Well I think 4.4 pounds is a huge loss! That is 2kg! Well done.

  7. I’ve been working on weight loss for over a year now, and it is a slow struggle if you are doing it the right way. I think that’s because you’re losing mostly fat and not so much muscle (which is what you want) and that just takes time. Are you measuring your inches? I’ve started looking more to the measuring tape lately than the scale because I am seeing more progress there.

    Anyway, congrats on the weight loss! I think that’s excellent progress! Keep up the great work!

  8. @Grace – I was literally just going to say the same thing, and I’ll say it anyway because I think it’s worthy of repeating; slow and steady definitely wins the race. Congratulations on the amazing weight loss πŸ™‚

  9. My journey is looking similar right now. In the beginning I gained the bit of weight associated with starting a new workout program, and then after a few weeks, quickly lost it. And since then, its been a few ounces here or there. But I have been trying to make better, healthier choices — and that’s the most important part! Keep it up!!

  10. I am still super happy for you! Way to go Jen! And a big green thumbs up on the lettuce. I cannot grow anything but kiddos!

  11. Tammy C says:

    Congrats on the loss and on growing your lettuce! I love reading your posts!

  12. The important thing is the scale is going in the right direction, and so are you. The lettuce looks wonderful, and growing your own means it’s fresher. Sounds like you have a green thumb.

  13. Keep going girl, reading your blog helps keep me on track. And well done with growing your own – it’s SO much better for you than shop bought.

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