Preggers Review and Giveaway!

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Disclaimer: there will be no photos of me in maternity pantyhose.
You’re welcome.

Pre-pregnancy, you wouldn’t catch me in a dress unless it was for a wedding or other special event. And when I did wear a dress, I always had my trusty Spanx on underneath to try to help with my bulges and bumps. I’m not sure if it was pregnancy hormones or what that made me lose my mind, but I bought some dresses that I want to/plan to wear this summer. Some are too casual for pantyhose, but for the ones I will wear to work, I plan to wear pantyhose…and had a heck of a time finding maternity pantyhose that would fit my still-plus-size body.

Enter Preggers by Therafirm!

Let’s be real here…I’m still talking about pantyhose. Pantyhose is not something I would wish my worst enemy to wear on a daily basis, but sometimes, it has to be done. And in my case – working in a fairly conservative office and having pale legs that would blind someone who looks at them in direct sunlight – I kind of need pantyhose. (Let’s not forget those bulges and bumps!)

I wiggled and jiggled my way into the size Tall pantyhose and was pleasantly surprised by the support. The wide band at the top was snug yet comfortable and the material did not cut into my growing stomach. What makes these hose different from ‘regular’ maternity hose is that Preggers offers gradiant compression to help energize my tired pregnant legs and (more importantly for me), the compression also helps reduce swelling. I wore them all day for a work event and while I did feel some relief when I took them off that evening, I never felt restricted or uncomfortable while they were on.

The company also sent me plus-size knee high stockings that also have light compression. I tried them on and they were comfortable and I plan to really put them to the test when I am on a 8+ hour flight next week. I’m hoping the compression will really help my legs on the flight and I won’t walk off of the plane with sausage toes!

I wouldn’t be caught dead in leggings pre-pregnancy so I didn’t want to subject myself (or others) to me in maternity leggings – but if you’re a leggings/tights woman, then check out their line of maternity leggings and tights (and more!)  too!

Now for the fun stuff!

Preggers by Therafirm is offering a $50 gift certificate to and to win, all you have to do is leave a comment!

Fine Print: Products reviewed were sent to me compliments of Preggers by Therafirm. One comment per person – duplicate comments will be deleted. One winner will be randomly selected. Open to the US and Canada only please. Contest ends Wednesday, May 22nd at 3pm EST. Winner will be notified via email within three business days. The gift certificate will be sent directly to the winner from the company representative.



  1. Usually comment #1 doesn’t win, but I’ll take a shot. I find myself wearing more dresses during pregnancy than when I’m not too! Leggings are my BFF right now when I can be casual; so comfy!

  2. This is great. Thanks for the chance!

  3. I’m not pregnant and so do not wish to enter this giveaway, but I must say I could never take seriously anything called a product called Preggers. How do companies come up with such ridiculous names?

    I’m glad you like the hose! I wear hose to work every day, and if you ever have the desire to wear hose after you have the baby, you must check out Target’s hose. I won’t wear any other brand!

  4. Wine-induced typo- I could never take seriously a produst called Preggers.

    Don’t drink and comment.

  5. Thanks for the review and giveaway opportunity!

  6. I would love to win! I am due in August and I have been looking for something comfortable to wear under my summer dresses.

  7. Kristen says:

    This would be awesome. I start a new job in July, due in August. I am trying to wear dresses so I don’t sweat and scare people, but the cursed “chub rub” can get pretty painful!

  8. I’ve worn skirts every day this week. Most of my pants don’t really fit already!

  9. Tannis W says:

    I’d love a chance to try some Preggers products!

  10. Love to win!

  11. very nice post

  12. Keep it up.nice post

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