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I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I was a lazy bum when I was pregnant with Sydney. I had a prenatal yoga dvd that never saw the  light of day and walking to my car in the parking garage at work was more exhausting than running a half marathon (seriously). I know it was partially due to how tired most women get in the first trimester, not to mention how bad my morning sickness was every day. But the problem was that the laziness continued even after I got the second trimester energy back and the morning sickness went away. I still didn’t break out the yoga dvd (although I thought about it on ocassion) and I only went to the gym once to swim.

While this pregnancy has been a bit of a repeat of the first trimester, I’m determined to stop the vicious cycle. I’m still exhausted by 7:30 every night and go to bed immediately after I put Sydney in her crib. The upside is that the morning sickness is much less severe than the first time so I’m using that to my advantage. I’ve read that exericise can help with morning sickness, so I just signed up for four yoga classes in the next two weeks: two regular 101 classes and two prenatal classes. It’s been over two months since I’ve gone to yoga so I feel a bit like a newbie again but I’m depending on muscle memory to get me through some of the poses. 🙂

My favorite hot yoga teacher said to check with my doctor because some will okay hot yoga after the first trimester. I want to be safe, so I’d only do the hot yoga 101 classes since they aren’t as intense or as hot as the 90 minute Vinyasa Flow classes. My next regular appointment is at the beginning of May so the timing will be great to ask the OB. Of course I’d practice with modifications and follow my body’s cues (rest when needed, don’t push as I would pre-pregnancy, etc) but we’ll see what the doctor says.

In the meantime, I’m excited to get back to non-hot yoga and just start moving my body again! Hopefully this will be the jumpstart I need to get my yoga mojo back!



  1. You can do it! I’m 29 weeks & exercising everyday! The first trimester was more rough for me this time around (more morning sickness than my last pregnancy) and chasing a toddler around left no me time to rest as I’m sure you’re feeling. Once my energy came back though I pushed myself to run at least once a week and started using our recumbent bike a lot more lately. I made an April challenge for myself to do some sort of exercise everyday (doesn’t matter what type or how long) and track my eating (not dieting, but it helps me to pick healthier snacks). Good luck:-)

  2. I love seeing pregnant gals exercise. I was HEAVY every time I was pregnant. One of my Body Pump trainers is 7 or 8 months and we joke that her baby is going to come out with little barbells in his hands.Congrats and good luck with your pregnancy exercise routine!


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