Weigh In Week 60

It is clear that while I had a big gain last week that my body doesn’t really like it.  I did drop quite a bit of weight this week despite a few not-so-great moments.  Still I stuck with it, and I am sure an increased water intake helped flush some of the salt and bloat that I had last week.

-9.8 Pounds

78.4 lbs Lost to Date

I love seeing that decrease however I am hesitant to toot my own horn too much.  Firstly, because I know that I had moments this week that could have deteriorated to a giant eating-fest rather quickly.  On the one hand, they didn’t, or they were limited, but on the other there were several moments of feeling less than stable with my eating.  Secondly, I did not succeed in tracking everything.  I missed two days entirely – one planned (Little Goat’s party day) and one unplanned (yesterday) but I also gave up tracking on Monday after things started going array.

Monday I found out that I might need eye surgery to correct my near constant double vision (caused by strabismus for those in the know).  While I am hopeful that I can get my eyes fixed so my brain doesn’t constantly have to try to compensate, it is a little scary too.  And I am afraid I ate my anxiety.

But I also don’t want to diminish the fact that I didn’t let myself go crazy and that even on the days I didn’t track I made “better” choices.  Maybe not great choices, but better.

I am learning as I go along on this.  I am grateful for the dietbet right now, since it is even more motivation to keep on track.  I really want to get back to 80lbs and then to start to see some new numbers on the scale.  I also really want it to be spring so I can run outside again.

That’s all I’ve got today.  Just keep swimming and all that jazz!


  1. I tend to stop writing down points when I veer off track too, it’s a dangerous habit because those are the times I really need to track to know what I’m doing and why. Congrats on the loss!

  2. Stay strong, keep the faith (in yourself) and take each day as it comes. I’m sure there are many people in your life that will (or already are) support you through this! Best wishes x

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