Weigh In Week 56

Hello people.  Another Wednesday, another weigh in.  I knew it wouldn’t be good.  I had a strong start to the week but a cold, a weekend full of eating out and a sick kid finally did me in.  Oh, and did I mention the super bowl party?  Yeah.  So the damage was done.

+ 4.8 Pounds

76.4 lbs Lost to Date

So here is the thing.  I am disappointed yes, but I am not defeated by this.  It does happen that I slip up from time to time, and it is one of the things I am beginning to work on in therapy.  One of the things we talked about on Monday is how to get right back on track after having a splurge.  For example, Mr. Goat and I had a date night on Saturday night.  And I do not regret any of the fabulous tapas dishes that we shared, dessert included.  However, for me, the combo of that and the Super Bowl Party the next day made it harder for me to get back on track.  I can and should allow myself meals that are beyond what I normally “should” have, but I need to learn to to get back to it right away when I do.

One of the other things that I am working on is eating snacks.  I realize that this might be odd for some people.  I have a real habit of eating lightly and only at meals so that I hoard my points for dinner.  As I’ve been learning about things I realize that I am not doing myself any favors this way.  I need to start to regulate my system and eat more often so that I can eat smaller amounts.  So I am working on eating every 3-4 hrs to me.  I won’t lie, it is hard.  It is hard to let myself stop and take time to have a snack.  It is hard to stop at just a smallish snack.

I hope my cold will go away and I can get back to the gym soon.  I also hope that little goat gets better too and heads back to preschool/daycare.  But regardless I know I can tighten up what I am doing and eating and lose this weight….again….sigh.  But I will.


  1. Onward! Steer clear of those trigger foods. Very important- IMO.

    • Sorry to butt in – Karen, I need to remember this too. I don’t know why I thought I’d be safe from certain things and brought them into my house. Tsk tsk on me!

  2. I wish I could NOT snack. When I was losing all my weight I didn’t snack for several months…and I slowly got back into the habit. A few almonds here and there..a sugar free pudding cup. Not horrible snacks….but I don’t need them. I guess my problem Is exactly the opposite. I don’t eat huge amounts..I snack TOO often.

  3. Snacking can be tricky. I don’t snack that often, but if I do I’ll make sure that my snack includes fruits or veggies and some kind of protein. I like apples with peanut butter or a stick of string cheese. Bell peppers or carrots with some kind of dip (I really like plain greek yogurt mixed with either taco seasoning or ranch dip seasoning). The protein is important as it’s what will keep you feeling full.

    I also like to have a fairly big breakfast, it seems to help curb being hungry as the day goes on.

  4. I am in the same boat. Hugs!

  5. I totally agree that you should have snacks! I am required to snack now since I’m on the gestational diabetes diet but it helps to have little things spread out throughout the day to keep my blood sugar stable. I also tend to have smaller meals since I have to monitor my portion sizes (esp. carbs) I second the comment about including protein with the snack as well. Try it and see if it helps!

  6. I eat the same way–a small meal every three hours or so. I have the same tendencies..to want to keep eating. I find the best way to keep my meals in my target range is to make sure I am well hydrated and to include vegetables and a protein with my snack. If I want to keep eating, I usually chug some water…that usually works for me.

  7. Like many other people, snacks are my downfall. If I cut out snacking altogether, I would maintain or lose without any other changes.

    But I am one of those people who “fears” hunger. If I have 6-7 errands to run and will be out and about for several hours, I worry I will get hungry. Here I live in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, have NEVER had to miss a meal due to scarcity of food or money, and yet I act as if 5 hours without food will kill me. It’s something I have never understood about myself.


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