Eating with Carlos? Finally.

If you have an iPhone or an Android, I demand you download this app right now:

Nike Training

My sister, Heidi, has mentioned it a couple times in the past couple months but I never really asked about it until this weekend. Finally deciding to download it, I realized I’ve been missing out. If you like to hate Jillian’s 30 day Shred, than you’ll love to hate this app. I spend a lot of money for 2 times a week with a personal trainer but this app? It’s just as good as a personal trainer without the cost.

When you open the app, you pick if you want to get lean, toned, strong or focused. Within each category, you pick if you want to do a beginner, intermediate or advanced workout. Then, up pops a list of over 15 workouts for you to choose from. When you start a workout, it leads you minute by minute through the workout, talking to you the entire time like a trainer would. The voice will say:

  • Keep going, you are half way through!
  • Keep your knees slightly bent & back straight.
  • Don’t give up now, give it a final push!
  • 10 seconds left, keep going!

If there is an exercise you don’t know, you just hit the play button and a video pops up and shows you the move. Some workouts you’ll need to have a set of dumbbells.  It really is like multiple versions of 30 day shred all wrapped up into one app. You’ll love it and IT’S FREE!

I did a workout this morning and it was nice because i could just do it from home.  The one I did today used dumbbells and a medicine ball. I don’t have a medicine ball so I just used one of the dumbbells. Iggy loved being up with me but thought I was pretty crazy.

iggy wondering

He watched for the first 15 minutes and then thought it was play time and tried to catch  my feet.

This past weekend, Carlos and I decided to go to TWO movies. We have a VIP account with a theater close by to us – it was free to sign up and every week, they send us emails for movies that are $6 for VIP members. This week was “This is 40” and “Django Unchained.” Since we have been talking about both the movies, we decided why not?! We saw “This is 40” on Saturday and “Django Unchained” on Sunday. Both are totally worth seeing, absolutely. “This is 40” is more light-hearted but “Django Unchained” had me both laughing and crying.

I also have been saving a little every paycheck to buy a few new tops. Saturday, I went to The Buckle and got 3 new tank tops and 3 new jackets/tops. I like The Buckle because I can find fun clothes that are still work appropriate. And, I can mix & match everything up.

new outfits


While we watched the Golden Globes last night, we played a game of Yahtzee. yahtzee


Carlos won, barely. He normally wins the games we play – he thinks so strategically and I play to play 🙂 {He’s the person who will play monopoly for 5 hours, I play for 20 minutes and then say “ok, should we stop now?}

One of the things I’ve been trying to do is cook for the both of us. I probably didn’t mention it here, probably because I didn’t want to explain the twisted reason behind it, but I got into the habit of cooking meals for him, and then not eating it myself. I’d make meatloaf & mashed potatoes for him, then make eggs & toast for myself. Spaghetti for him, eggs & toast for myself. I actually got pretty good at making two meals at once. That was pretty much all of 2012. Carlos mentioned multiple times that he wanted us to to eat together but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat what he was eating. There’s more to it than I can elaborate here but it was something I struggled with and often talked with my therapist about. I didn’t realize how disconnected it was making us.

Until recently. The past couple weeks, I’ve been really focusing on making dinners for the both of us and now I’m realizing how much more connected he feels to me when we literally share a meal, not just the table. And in return, I feel more connected to him.  December was a very difficult month for us (ah, the life of a married couple) and while we made it through stronger, I’m realizing how much the little things can make big differences in a relationship.

Oh blah blah 🙂 I normally don’t talk about our struggles here because it isn’t the place and, it wouldn’t be fair to either of us to air our dirty laundry in public. What matters is, I have no doubt this is forever. We’ve been married for only 5 months, but have spent the last 5 years learning so much about each other. It took me longer than I’d have liked to find Carlos but now, I realize he is so worth it! {end of mushy-ness}

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. To be fair, if you really are motivated then you don’t actually need a personal trainer…a great app like this can do the job!

    And this is coming from a personal trainer! Most of my clients just need that extra push, otherwise they’d never get things done. If you can motivate yourself then there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there to help anyone in their quest for health and fitness!

    • Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

      Sorry if I was confusing; that’s actually the point I was making was that this app was just as good as my personal training appointments.

  2. I love to hate Jillian 🙂 I think I prefer her dvd’s to this app but i’m sure it would be useful on days when I’m away from home..

  3. Ive been married 10 years now – that first year was tough. Everyone said it would but we didnt believe them. The important thing is to remember you are getting through those times together. Granted first year of baby #1 was WAY tougher 🙂

  4. I am SO glad that you like the Nike Training App. I LOVE that you can put your own playlist to it and you can do the same workout over and over or switch it up!

    Marriage isn’t meant to be “easy” it is work but So worth it! This will not be the last rough patch either but you will learn and grow together.

    Love you!

  5. Wow, I love this post.
    My dude and I haven’t shared a meal in years… I made him an elaborate hot meal, and then I have a juice, or something else similar. I never felt as though it was disconnecting us, but the way you put it just makes sense. It might be something I need to reevaluate, for sure.

  6. I can’t wait to try out this app! I started half-marathon training today (Earth Day race in St. Cloud in April!!) and I’m planning on using classes at my gym for ST days. But this would be GREAT on the days when I don’t want to drive to the gym!

    It’s so hard to navigate meals in a marriage when one person is working toward health and the other is keeping a more “normal” diet. I struggle with this all the time, although I’ve never made two dinners–much too lazy! Just this weekend I had to talk to my husband about not bringing tempting things into the house (please hide it at least!), and I thought of the post you wrote about how Carlos supports you. I loved that post and it really helped me sort through my own feelings on the subject!

  7. Jen, my anniversary is in two weeks, it will be our 28th. And the first year, despite dating 3 years and living together 3 years, had some bumps. Of course there have been bumps at other times as well, but I was surprised the first year. I think I assumed our years together meant we wouldn’t have the transition issues but that turned out to be incorrect. All of a sudden after we were married I realized the stakes were so much higher – it was my MARRIAGE, I just couldn’t screw it up! You will be fine, I know you love each other and you are committed to your marriage. Keep your sense of humor, it helps. And eating together helps as well. Maybe you can find common ground in your meals? Meatloaf, potatoes, salad for example. And you could eat a small serving of potatoes and more salad, Carlos a small serving of salad and more potatoes. My husband and I eat the same dinner, but serving sizes and proportions of foods may differ.

  8. GIRL. I was thinking about this SAME thing today! I was meal planning for the week, and I realized how much I enjoy planning one meal for our whole family- something I never do when not pregnant. I never even realized it, but I would make these awesome, delicious meals for my family and for whatever reason I’d never eat them and eat something “safe”. So disordered.

    Once this baby pops out I definitely want to keep this going, but like someone mentioned above just adding in more salad and veggies and things for my portion, which I think is a great compromise.

    Ray and I always call those little patches of roughness “seasons”. We look at what happened/what’s going on in our lives that made things so crazy- busier than normal schedule, something emotional, etc. Sometimes it really is just a season (busy time at work) and it’s not a fundamental thing that needs to change. Recognizing it a a short season helps us to see that it won’t be that way forever, and things we can do to make life better during those stressful times. Other times we see that there IS something larger that was going on, and talk about what we can do to change that too. Marriage is never easy, but there are times when it’s much more fun and enjoyable than others- ebbs and flows of life 🙂

    Good stuff today Jen!

  9. Happy for you. It seems you are finding a balance in life. I bet you cook good eggs though! Enjoy and Laugh and Love <3

  10. Its nice to know youre ‘human’. Sometimes when we dont see others struggles, we think they are perfect. So thanks for sharing!!
    Ive been married 22 years and my husband tells me the same thing!! Im an EGG eater too!! Almost every night for supper! I finally gave in, and now realize its portion control. If he has a burger, I can eat half of one, without the bun, and smaller potatoe. and then a bigger salad.

  11. Hi Jen, this is my first visit to your site. Very nice job. I love the app you suggested. I used to train with a trainer but it does get so expensive after a while and you develop a dependency as well. As one of your followers suggested, if you are motivated, you can get it done. I will definitely check out this app, thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  12. How could I not have known about this app?? It looks awesome! I’ve downloaded it onto my i-phone and am trying to persuade the Hubster to put it onto his i-pod touch so that I can borrow it for a workout (the touch is lighter than the phone) 🙂

    Thanks Jen!

  13. Jen,
    I struggle with this too… it’s so hard. I try to move my points arround all day so i have enough so i can eat with the BF. But thats jsut a few days a week. it makes me stressed jsut thinking about doing it 7 days a week… just try your best. thats what is important

  14. Jen,

    I’m a long time reader, but this is my first comment ever. I had to comment on this post.. Literally just this morning a friend and I were messaging on facebook. We were talking about our work out habits (for me.. lack thereof) and she was telling me about how she does the Nike Training app.. The selling point was that she does it while simultaneously watching the Bachelor. 😉 I feel like hearing about this 2 times in 1 day is just the push I need to get it going. Thanks for your REAL posts.

  15. Hi!
    My husband and I love movies, too.
    Where do you go for the VIP club?

  16. Downloaded the app to my iPhone yesterday and LOVE it! I teach group fitness so I used one of the workouts as a template for my class last night.

  17. Thanks for the great app suggestion! I just downloaded it and it seems really cool. Can’t wait to try it out.

  18. That training app sounds awesome! With two boys to take care of it’s hard to make it in to the gym like I should. Thanks for the recommendation.

    And I know what you mean about “sharing” a meal together. We’ve gone through that as well – and it’s so true. There IS something different about eating the same thing. There is a connection there that you just don’t get otherwise. One thing I realized recently is that I often leave my family out of my “health journey”. I care about their health, too – so why don’t I include them? Thanks for the reminder that I’m on the right track with that.


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