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Analysis Paralysis

I will admit that I over-analyze most everything in my life. (I’ve seen it referred to as analysis paralysis which is not only accurate, but much more fun to say.) If I have to make a decision, I think and think and think about each one until my brain is so cloudy that I can’t make a choice. For example, lots of options on a restaurant menu may be awesome for you, but I hate menus with lots of choices. Not because I don’t want to or can’t make a decision, but because I turn over each choice in my mind which makes a decision all that harder to make. (Does that even make sense? Ha!) 

You may remember this post, where I talked about changing my plan and not doing the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in May. How I couldn’t commit to the training schedule because of Ripped in 30, yoga, family time, etc. How I wanted to focus on weight loss instead of half marathon training and how I was afraid of injury. I was convinced that I shouldn’t do the half and ‘step down’ to the 10k. But when registration opened, I didn’t jump to sign up for the 10k.

I started turning this over in my mind again over the past few days and kept going back and forth again and again. Half or 10k? Half or 10k? I thought about crossing the finish line with my sister at the Wineglass Half  last September and how incredibly awesome the entire race was and how much closer it brought us. I thought about how great I felt after conquering a new distance during training each week. I admit that I also thought about how much easier it would be to train for a 10k with my ‘long run’ maxing out at six miles. 😉 But mostly, I thought about how much it would suck to not run the half with my sister. Running the 10k would be much simpler training-wise, but I couldn’t get to 100% certainty that I should just forget the half.

So, I do what most social media users do in uncertain situations: I took my problem to Twitter. (That is not fact, that is a guess that social media users use social media to help them make decisions. No? Just me?) The responses I got (in addition to the texts from my sister) made me feel so much better about what I was about to do. Thank you, Twitter friends. You are amazing.


I would like to add that Liz’s suggestion of a coin toss was awesome and I actually asked a co-worker to flip a coin for me. When it came up Tails (which was for the 10k) and I wasn’t at all happy with that result, I took it as another indication that I needed to just sign up for the half marathon already. So thank you, Liz! 🙂 Also, thanks to my friend Coy for suggesting “String up a little ribbon in your living room & then quickly dash through it. YOU WIN!” I may have to try that.

Warning: overuse of exclamation points ahead...

I’m happy to report that analysis paralysis is over! You don’t have to listen to me whine (about this) anymore! It’s official! Half marathon number two will be the Marine Corps Historic Half on May 19th! I’ll work on a training plan this weekend because training needs to start soon. I haven’t run since the 10k in October and am determined to build up a really good base this time. And I can’t wait!



Weigh In Week 55

I was on point this week.  I still felt like I had good food.  I ate enough but I stayed within my points too.  I worked out a few times, not as often as I’d like but it is a start.  I ended the week with 1 weekly point left and not using any of my activity points.  Most importantly my head was in the game.  I like the reframing that comes from thinking of myself in the next level of weight loss – advanced weight loss if you will.  After seeing good lab results last Friday I wasn’t too worried about the number I’d see on the scale this week.  It is an important number but not the only way of gauging success.  Still, I have to smile after seeing the results of this week’s weigh in:

-10.4 Pounds

81.4 lbs Lost to Date

I am back in the game, am close to my lowest weight I have been on the journey.  Just a few pounds more and I will break that barrier and keep on going.  Most importantly I feel like I can do it again.  It isn’t easy but I think I’m over my latest “It’s not fair, I just want to eat” temper tantrum.  It is a good feeling.

Work continues to be crazy.  We are dog sitting Jen’s Iggy (much to Little Goat’s delight), and there is a Super Bowl party to navigate this week but I think I can do it.  I believe that I am strong enough to get the work of weight loss done.  Because it is work, but worthwhile work!  I am worth the work.

Healthy hotel living?

Today starts a 5-day vacation for me.

Five days of airport traveling, hotel living. Iggy’s headed to Liz, another priorfatgirl’s house, to hang out – her son calls Iggy “his dog.”

{On a side note, is it weird I have friend stay at our house while we are gone because I hate the idea of an empty house?}

Healthy eating while traveling. I’m bound and determined to make it work. To find balance. To enjoy myself while traveling but not let myself go. Vacation is a time to get away but not a time to let eating get away from itself.

I packed snacks and am ready to go!


It’s been years since I’ve been to Las Vegas and never for a wedding. I cannot believe my baby sister, Alicia, is getting married! Her and her hubby-to-be have been together for 10 years and both very much deserve a lifetime of happiness together.

Carlos and I get in a day before everyone else so we’ll have some time to venture out by ourselves. There is a pedicure appt on Friday for my sisters and I, the wedding & dinner after but other than that, the whole group of us will just play it by ear.

I had my first Portuguese class last night and have some serious practicing to do. Almost everyone else in my class knows 3+ other languages, I’m not kidding. And a lot of them are somewhat comfortable with spanish so they have a really good start. The instructor knows 7 languages! I brought my book with so I’ll study that and plan on doing a lot if casual reading as well.

Alright friends, I’ll check in later from Vegas but for now, I gotta get on my flight!


What are YOU reading?

Last week, I received an email from a reader who asked me if I would ask you what you’re reading. Not books, blogs.

Community makes the blogging world go ’round – some people read a blog but most people read a lot of blogs! And sure, we can all stumble on new blogs, but it’s so much easier if we share what we are reading with others!

So get to sharing – in the comments, now! What healthiness blogs are you reading?

Note: only include 2 web addresses per comment or your comment will get stuck in spam. I’m not the best at reading through the 200-300 spam comments a day to pull out true reader comments.