Today is a day where any words I have don’t fit.

The innocent who lost their lives on Friday morning have gone to heaven and the families they left are now trying to figure out how to live without their loved ones.

I spent a lot of time this weekend with Carlos, just appreciating his presence. I spent time this weekend with my sisters, trying to memorize their voices. And I hugged my nieces and nephews harder while I told them I loved them.

Friday’s tragedy brought back a lot of memories of the day my mom died. The unexpected call; the driving frantically while trying to stay calm; the moment I heard the words that she died.

And that said, I cannot compare my experience to the ones of those effected by Friday’s senseless shooting.

So today, I will not share the petty events of my life. I will reflect on how thankful I am for what I have, who I have, and pray for those who are heartbroken this week before Christmas.

Just reflect, and pray.


  1. Agreed – it’s so tragic. I’m glad you enjoyed the presence of your loved ones this weekend.

    Please know I’m joining you in reflection and prayer for the families who lost their little angels, the families of the teachers, and those who survived.

    Be well,

  2. Perfectly said. Thank you.

  3. I grew up in Newtown, CT, and still live in the surrounding area. My heart is broken over recent events. Thank you for your post.

  4. And the families will probably never know why.

  5. This is a lovely post. Very sorry to read about your mother.

  6. I I feel the same way and it also took me back to the phone call I received about my mother. This tragedy is just multiplied exponentially but its horror. Losing someone so unexpectedly just is surreal. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. We had a “family event” yesterday that was in no way comparable to the shooting, but it was a reminder to treasure every moment. Will be taking the time to enjoy the little things about family time spent together. When you live with the constant knowledge a disease can take a loved one at any moment, you never take anything for granted and live with no regrets.

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