Rebelling doesn’t work.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been rebelling. Like a little child.

I got my eating prescription at the beginning of December. I mentioned last week, I was struggling with it. This weekend was no exception.

This morning, I pulled into the parking lot and noticed I was the only one at the gym. The only one at the gym. I go to Snap Fitness, a gym where they don’t have staff all the time. Members can come & go anytime with an access key that opens the door. I was the only one at the gym at 5:45am. I thought I would be scared but it was actually very nice. I didn’t put my headphones in, I just let the music blast. And for some reason, instead of putting on my normal mellow Alicia Keys Pandora radio station, I put on the Pandora Hip Hop Workout station.

Something was different this morning, compared to the last three weeks. My attitude was different. I ran a mile and then, decided to do some weights. As I was sweating along this morning, I thought about my eating this past month, and how difficult I was making this whole prescriptive eating. I was up and down, eating and restricting. I was not thinking about food but taking advantage of it in a way that wasn’t healthy. And it got me  no where.

I was rebelling against my eating plan and all I got was three weeks acting like a spoiled brat.

After I showered & got dressed this morning, I packed food for the day. Something I haven’t done in 3 weeks.

hard boiled eggs, a huge apple, and cheddar cheese.



Morning snack:
Veggies & full fat ranch, almonds


Spaghetti w/ whole wheat pasta

Afternoon snack:
Ham slices & cheddar cheese

2nd snack

According to my prescribed eating plan, the above doesn’t meat my goals for grains, fruits or veggies so I’ll fill in the gaps as much as possible for dinner. We are going to a friends house tonight to celebrate the new year and they normally have a lot of really good, fresh snacks. I already know, it’ll be an amazing night.

Okay – so it’s time for me to stop being a baby, stop rebelling and change my attitude.

Rebelling doesn’t get me anywhere. 

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  1. Love it!!!!

  2. Your post just reminded me that I need to get my food pack for tomorrow. It will make going back to work so much easier.

  3. Wow cool! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I’ll tell my mom about it too..

  4. I don’t know much about prescriptive eating—sounds rough.

    I do know I’m fat though. I like the example you set/are setting. I plan to follow it.

  5. Just Do It! Like Nike! lol. Really though. It’s the EGO that’s rebelling. Just continue what you’re doing and you’ll be fine.

  6. I owe you an apology…I haven’t read your blog in EONS…until recently! so glad I found you again…

    You’re right, rebelling isn’t working for me!! I too have been a child in the way of eating and exercising. Time to take the kid glove off and put the big girl undies on (sorry..tmi I’m sure!).

    what is this prescriptive eating you are talking about?

  7. Hi Jen, I was wondering if you have tried shakeology and if you have, would you recommend it?

  8. Update?

    I hope I’m not late to the party…

  9. You really showed personal growth through reflection, great job! It is okay to question things that seem out of the norm. In my opinion, it is very healthy to question and reflect on whether something is right for us. I wish I had done this when I was obese but at 280 pounds I was desperate to try anything! It is interesting to know the term exists “prescriptive eating”, I coach my clients on eating episodes which sounds like the same concept. Happy New Year! I look forward to your future posts.

  10. Hi Jen,
    I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading along…but haven’t been “brave” enough to leave you a note until now. I’m working with a dietician for the first time, after about 15 years of struggling with an eating disorder. So I’m currently trying to follow a “prescriptive eating” plan as well, in an effort to learn how to eat again and fix my damaged metabolism. I felt like reading your post was like seeing my own thoughts on a page. Thanks so much for sharing! Wishing you all the best in your journey.

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