Whole30 Results & Pictures

Here we are, the day before Thanksgiving – and instead of planning out every calorie or point or how fat I feel or what pants to wear tomorrow, all I can think about is how excited I am that I’ve successfully completed my first Whole30. And seriously…is it just me or does it seem like Halloween was just yesterday and November is speeding by like a freight train?!

Without further delay, here is my weigh-in result!

Weight Before Whole30:

Weight After Whole30:

Starting Weight: 251
Previous Weight: 224
Current Weight: 211.4
Whole30 Loss: -12.6
Total Lost:  39.6

I’m so happy with my results – not just the weight loss (though that’s freaking awesome!) but my energy levels, how my clothes fit, and most importantly, how I feel like I have regained control over what I eat and why. Not to mention this is the lowest weight that I can remember for at least 10 years…and I’m less than 12 pounds away from being under 200 lbs! WHAT!

Despite all the awesome things about Whole30, I won’t lie and say it was easy all of the time. There were plenty of times when I cursed the salad in front of me and just wanted an ooey gooey melty hot piece of pizza. I went up against a co-worker’s homemade carrot cake, Halloween candy, the candy bowls at work, and lots of other treats that I normally would have just eaten without much thought – but I stayed strong. I can’t even explain how great that feels!

I still haven’t finished the 30 Day Shred due to being sick for over a week now, but I promise I will finish it! I finally got antibiotics last night and could tell a huge difference in how I felt this morning…thank you Zpack! 🙂

Here are some before/after Whole30 pics:

What you can’t really tell in the picture is that the tank top has more room in the upper stomach and bust  area and that my shoulders are starting to shape and tone. I still have to take my measurements (I didn’t have time this morning) and will post those results early next week.

So…what’s next? Honestly, I’m not planning on changing much now other than adding in some limited dairy. I really enjoy good cheese so I’ll add a little to my salads or lettuce wraps, will use organic half and half in my coffee (though not as much as before), and that’s about it. I don’t plan on adding back sugar, grains, or legumes because I honestly didn’t miss any of them very much.  Don’t get me wrong – I will happily enjoy some Thanksgiving treats tomorrow – but I will only eat what I absolutely love and keep portions very small. I don’t want to undo the work I’ve just done, I don’t want to lose control because of a holiday, and I definitely do not want to have to deal with the carb flu again!

I also had to get a new ID card today at work and had to resist hugging the lady when she told me that I needed to have a new picture taken! (Edited to add: the first photo was taken in December 2011, the second today.)

And just because I’m in the picture-sharing mood and because I love this sweater from Old Navy:

On a different note: I’m ready for the long weekend and I’m so excited to spend time with my family, watch my daughter play with her cousins, shop and talk and laugh with my sister and sister-in-law, and just hang out with everyone. I love the holiday season and have more thanks in my heart than I can ever remember so I think this Thanksgiving will be the best yet. I’m disappointed that I can’t run the 4.5 mile turkey trot (my lungs are still full of goo) but plan to take lots of walks with the kids and the dogs! 🙂

For my American friends – how are you celebrating Thanksgiving? I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


  1. You look fantastic! What great results. You should be very proud of yourself for sticking through it, it’s not easy!

    This is something I may have to do in the new year. I like that fact that you didn’t weight yourself until the 30th day as well. Great job!

  2. Awesome results! Congratulations. I have to say the before and after pictures look like more than 12lbs. You look great! Your measurements will be interesting. I did the a Whole30 a couple months ago and have kept off the weight. It is truely an amazing and life changing experience.

  3. Wow you look awesome!!! Great job!! Wish I had the willpower to do something like that for 30 days. Is there some website or something for it? Just curious.

    I so love that sweater and was hoping that I can find it at Old Navy online (which is one of my favorite stores) and its no longer available. BUMMER!! lol

  4. Congrats! What wonderful results:-)

  5. Congratulations!! You did so awesome! and you look great! 12lbs is a huge loss in 30 days! I don’t really miss pasta/bread at all – I still eat it every once in awhile but typically avoid it. Finding balance is what really helped me. Great job!!

  6. you can totally see in your shoulders and hips the fantastic results of your whole 30. You look great!

  7. Awesome pics, you can really see the difference, Hope you have a nice long weekend 🙂

  8. Wow! What a difference! You look great!!! Keep up the fantastic work. Oh, and good luck in getting over that cold.

  9. You look wonderful– such an inspiration for clean eating!

  10. You look great!!! 🙂 There’s a huge difference 🙂

  11. Wow you can totally see a diffence after 30 days!!! Good for you for sticking to it… You look great 🙂

  12. Dawn, you look amazing. You can see a REMARKABLE difference!! But I think the thing that shines through in this post the most is how happy you are. Your confidence and knowledge that “you’ve got this” are just shining through, and you can tell that you’re just ready to live and love life!! (not that you weren’t before!) Congrats and rock on!!

  13. Congrats on you Whole30 and your great results.!! I just finish day 21 of Whole30 and hope I get similar results. Your story inspires me to keep on. I have really made great strides in taming the sugar monster and it has not been as hard as I feared it might be. Thanks for your update.

  14. You look great, Dawn!

  15. You rock! Congratulations on completing Whole30! Those are some awesome results. 🙂

  16. awesome job, you look amazing!

  17. WOW!!!! amazing Dawn! so proud of you! I’m pretty curious about Whole30 though I think it has similar “rules” as the paleo diet, no? I know when I first cut out all grains and diary I lost weight after a 2+ year plateau. real food makes a real difference. Now you understand why I prefer gluten-free stuff 😉 (though this is not the preferred method in paleo, the idea is to avoid, but I think everyone has to find their own balance).

    Well done honey and I really hope you are totally on the mend now. Sucks to be sick.

  18. Amazing! You look great – congratulations! Keep up the good work and while adding new foods might be an adjustment, I’m sure you’ll do great.

  19. Awesome progress!! Whole30 is HARD but amazing that you stuck with it.. you look great, Dawn!

  20. Amazing transformation! Always respected people who start thinking about their figure and change it for the better. I prefer simple formula: healthy food+ workout! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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