Weigh In Week 45, Thanksgiving, and 10Ks….

Sorry for the week of no posting.  I did weigh in last week but most of my week was spent frantically trying to get stuff done, and then spending time enjoying my family and relaxing.  But first thing is first.  Last week’s weigh in.

+3.6 Pounds

-80.0 lbs Lost to Date

It isn’t want I wanted to see going into Thanksgiving but it was expected.  I just got off last week as I worried about Mr. Goat’s foot (did I tell you guys he has some OCD lesion on his ankle bone and is in a boot and can’t drive?  Anyway, he is and I’ve been doing double duty errand work), and I was worried about hosting my first ever Thanksgiving.  But I did find time to go weigh in the day before Thanksgiving and even stayed for the meeting.  It was really good to be there and to slow down for even that half hour.

Like I said, I hosted my first ever Thanksgiving on Thursday and it went well!  The house was mostly clean, the food was good, and Mr. Goat took care of the turkey (grilled and smoked – yum!).  Mostly it was so nice to host both our parents and some other family.  It made me feel like a competent adult, just like being able to lose weight does as well. 

I do wish I had spent more effort choosing lower point sides as it is not so much the Thanksgiving meal itself but the leftovers that I am struggling with this week.  But despite still having issues with food I am thankful.  I am thankful for how far I’ve come.  I am thankful to have the support of a wonderful husband, family and weight loss community.  I am thankful that I keep fighting even when I slip up.  I am thankful.

Still by Friday I was ready for a serious workout.  I spent Thursday cooking and celebrating with family and I had some carbs to work off.  So after the family left Friday I headed to a bit of Black Friday shopping and an extended trip to the gym.  Once I got there I decided that I really ought to do my week 4 Couch to 5k workout, but beyond that I wanted to push myself.  So I kept going when the plan ended, running a minute or two at a time, walking plenty, and I wrapped up a 10k before it was all said and done. It was hard but it felt good to get back to it.

I find holidays tend to throw me off.  The actual day is hard to commit to a “reduced” menu.  On Thanksgiving I ended up eating too much, but I enjoyed it and the company.  I also probably made better choices that I might have in years past, but I still need to work on not feeling deprived just because I don’t fall headfirst into a pecan pie (which my dad makes from scratch, so GOOD!).

That balance is hard, but I’m working on it, and working on removing the guilt of bad days and grouchiness of good days.  It has been hard for the rest of the weekend as I try to reduce the carbs, balance leftovers and points, and get back on track.  But I still moving forward.  That is what I am committed to doing!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for your continued support.

(P.S.  I am also thankful for finding real boots that fit.  Yay Non-Scale Victories!)


  1. Congrats on holding your first Thanksgiving! I know when I first did mine (my in-laws don’t really do Thanksgiving) I was all paranoid and panicky. The better sides come in time + practice! The pictures look like fun and you had a good time!

  2. -80 lbs is so phenomenal! Congratulations on that and all of your other victories this week– especially the boots! (Those are always a struggle for me!)

  3. YAY for the boots!! I find during the holidays you really do have to sit back and look at how far you’ve come and know that once the hustle & bustle is over you’ll get back to it hard core. Meaning you can lose during holidays, but don’t kill yourself if you maintain…that’s better than your past, right? I know it is for me. 🙂

  4. Love the boots and LOVE the napkins!

  5. Those boots are cute! I’m suuuper nervous for my weigh in tomorrow! I love that you’re so honest with your journey. It reminds me that even though I have setbacks (like this week) I can still get to my goal.

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