November Runnin’

The weather here in Minneapolis has been unusually warm which makes for a sad looking Thanksgiving (where’s the snow!)

But on the good side, it means a longer running season!

I got up on Saturday and did a bit of cleaning, finished the laundry and took Iggy for a walk. I also met my baby sister, Alicia for a short time and then, I found a park close to downtown Minneapolis, re-tightened my shoe laces and put my ear phones in.

It was so beautiful and peaceful! There were so many people running outside, it was great. The path I was on isn’t something I normally run; in fact, I’m not sure I would do it by myself because even though it is RIGHT through Minneapolis, it is somewhat sheltered and I am a big scaredy cat.  My HRM got lost in some woods and claims I did 11 miles in 1 hour 6 minutes, I estimate it was more like 6 miles 🙂

After I showered, I went over to my sister, Heidi’s house for some quality time. Seriously… who can resist a Saturday night with these faces?

We made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner and Heidi made chocolate chip cookies. These girls are my best friends – I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Sunday, Carlos and I had brunch, then went grocery shopping. I played around in the kitchen Sunday afternoon, inspired by an article I found for 34 simple 2-ingredients recipes. I made two of them:

Palmiers: the first batch burned – I had to do the 2nd batch by baking them for 7 minutes, then flipping to the other side for another 7 minutes, baking for 14 minutes instead of the 20-23 minutes.

Banana Flax Seed Crackers: These were so easy! The recipe says crackers but mine were a little too soft for crackers. I was too scared to cook them any longer because they looked like they were burning. I used ground flax seed instead of whole, so they didn’t look as pretty as the picture on the recipe. I ate the whole batch – they were good!

I started putting the Christmas decorations up but got stuck with the Christmas tree. We have a pre-lit one and I can’t figure out all the plug-ins. Carlos is going to have to help me figure it all out!

And, Thanksgiving is only a few days away. You want to know my favorite part of this week? I’m actually looking forward to seeing family MORE than I’m looking forward to eating all the food on Thanksgiving. I think this is the first year I can ever remember when food isn’t the 1st thing on my mind all week. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to eat and I’m thinking about it a lot (disordered much?!) but, I’m not looking forward to eating more than I am seeing my family.

Oh Thanksgiving… how thankful I am for so many things!


  1. You can’t put up Christmas tree or decorations before 1 December! Don’t be sucked in by Christmas marketing that starts around August – it ain’t Christmas yet.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Glad to see you really happy, Your nieces and nephews are just so cute.. If I dont talk to you Have a Happy Thankgiving Carlos and yourself and your family. There is nothing as important as family.. To early for decos though
    Take Care Hugs

  3. I’m going to check out those recipes. I’m intrigued! 😉 I’m excited about running outside this late in the year, too. Just having started running this year, I can hardly believe I’m saying that!

  4. Way to go Jen, Xmas Decs? They go up around December 15 in our house, always late lol. Great pics & great Blog Name. You look great in the pic left!

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