I don’t need a ride; I can run!

Tuesday morning, I had a training appointment at 6am. I arrived at about 5:15am to get some cardio in before my training session. At about 6:15am, in the middle of my training session, I noticed a fellow gym member walk into the gym. I heard him say something out loud but wasn’t really paying attention…until the man walked over to me and my trainer.

Fellow Gym Member: Uh, do any of you own a black Ford Edge?
Me: Yes, I do.
Fellow Gym Member: The police are here outside. My car and your car was broken into.
Me: ……………um. wow. uh. okay, thanks.

I grabbed my sweater and walked out to a mess.

BOO! The police officer gave me my report number and left me to my broken window. I didn’t have anything valuable in my car and nothing was missing. I cleaned up the seat enough to make it home – bbbrrrr! Carlos followed me to Bon Auto Body in Richfield, where we’ve had our car repairs done before and then, drove me to work. The auto shop was able to get a new window ordered and thankfully, it was fixed by noon on Wednesday.

Carlos had a crazy day with his work schedule so I pondered my options. The auto-shop somewhat close to office so I considered asking my co-worker for a ride. And then, it dawned on me. I had wanted to get a run in over lunch, so why not just run there?

I don’t need a ride…

I can run!


I mapped out a route – if I were to go east, straight, it would be about 4ish miles however there would be about 1.5 of the miles running on the street without a sidewalk — that gave me anxiety.

I considered my options and knew if I ran north about a mile, I could cross over and connect with a major road with sidewalks but it would add a few miles to my overall run. I contemplated my two options and then decided to just go for the 6 miles!

It felt so amazing! The weather was partly cloudy and about 50 degrees. I took multiple walking breaks, especially at busy intersections because I have a fear of running through the intersections {I walk through them.} I love the feeling of accomplishing a run and looking at how far I can go. And, knowing I can run for transportation. Seriously. My own legs are my transportation – such a simple solution.

I got back to the office and needed to clean up – I still had a few hours of work left. It wasn’t horribly hot out so I wasn’t too sweaty but still, I needed to do something. Normally, clean up in the bathroom with a wash cloth last week,  I got some samples sent to me for a product called ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes. ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes are a shower alternative.

The ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipe was thicker, not flimsy like a baby wipe – I liked the thickness of it.  I anticipated an alcohol or soapy scent but it wasn’t – it was much more lighter than that. I felt much more clean than I did with just a wash cloth. It did leave a little bit of an extra squeaky clean feeling but it went away quickly. I touched up my make-up and was ready to get back to work in no time!

There is a Black Friday special on ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipe on Amazon if you want to try them, or if you want to order them for someone you know who may appreciate them.  Buy two (2) and get one (1) FREE. Use the code SPFRIDAY to receive the 3rd box free.  The offer is valid 11/23-11/25.

So now I’ve got my car back, a 6 mile run in and I’m ready to enjoy the next 5 days off. I plan on hitting the gym Thursday, Friday and Saturday and am actually excited to park my car in the parking lot just to show that bozo who broke into my car they can’t stop me!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Note: I received product at no cost however was not paid for this post; opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Wow, you couldn’t make this up! I give you credit, I know for sure I wouldn’t have been able to turn this situation into a positive if it was me! Good for you!

  2. Great job!! Do you use an app for running? Do you have one you would recommend? Again, great job!

  3. Recently my husband needed our car on the day I needed to shop for a birthday party and houseguests. The shops are about 1km away. I took a backpack and two shopping bags and walked there and back. Four times! It took a long time, and one load was a bit heavy, but I felt really productive. I like exercise that isn’t just for the sake of exercise.

  4. I love those wipes! I don’t love what happened to your car. 🙁

  5. You go, girl!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. You look amazing Jen!! And way to go on that run…wish I had the discipline to be able to run/walk that far.

  7. I am so sorry about your car..great job on the run!

  8. Hi Jen,
    Sorry to hear about ur car. Glad that you are running to work. I am going to start today I havent ran in about 2 years.. Any words of wisdom? I know dont try and run a mile at first right? You look fab. and i just love your hair..
    Take Care

  9. I am very sorry about your car. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving day!

  10. spinmethin says:

    That is an awesome story (except the car break-in)… the idea of just being like “Welp, guess I’ll just run the 6 miles to my car” is so freaking badass.

  11. I got linked back here from your latest post. What a crappy day (in both cases) that you turned into major positives. Go you! Kicking butt 🙂


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