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The Truth on Truvia

Check out THIS article my friend, Cassie, wrote about the Truth on Truvia. Here are a few excerpts:

“Thanks to a false-advertising job well-done, many health conscious consumers have been tricked into believing that Truvia is the same thing as Stevia.”

“Everyone wants a “quick fix,” so, naturally (pun intended,) these products will look, sound (and maybe even taste) promising. Don’t be fooled.”

Cassie has no idea I’m sharing this with you so know that I’m not getting anything out of this post – I’m just sharing something I’ve found useful! She does local classes and I’ve gone to a few of them – if you are local and want to go to one of her classes, let me know which one you are planning on going to and I’ll check my schedule.  (I pay my own way – my opinion is not effected by anything Cassie gives me for free.)


And Now Back to My Regular Weigh-ins

It’s been a while since I’ve weighed in regularly and I’m excited to get back to the routine. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice not to worry about the scale during the month of Whole30, but I’m hoping that weekly weigh-ins will help my accountability now that I’m finished with the first round of Whole30.

I fully expected to stay the same or gain a pound or two after four days of some indulgent, amazing non-Whole30 foods. I also expected the green smoothie detox to help clear out a little of the bloat, but I’m still pleasantly surprised by this week’s weigh-in.

Starting Weight: 251
Previous Weight: 211.4
Loss: -1.6
Current Weight: 209.8
Total Lost: 41.2

I am over the moon exicted to have lost over 40 pounds, be out of the 210s, and be on my way to the 100s! I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I’ve weighed under 200 pounds and having it so close makes me want it that much more.

The green smoothie detox went pretty well except for a run-in with a few bites of meatloaf on Tuesday night. (It was worth it.) I did not follow the ‘plan’ to the letter because the lunch shake gave me horrible stomach pain on the first day. After that, I just threw together combinations of baby spinach, green apple, banana, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, and mango, plus some fat in the form of half of an avocado or coconut oil. I actually really liked every combination and it was kind of nice to not worry about what to have for meals for a couple of days. While I don’t see another green smoothie detox in my immediate future, I am not cutting them out of my life completely. (For those who asked, I was originally going  by the Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Cleanse, but like I said, didn’t really follow it after the first day. My grocery store didn’t have kale when I shopped, so I just used baby spinach for all of the drinks.)

It’s been tough to get back into a regular workout schedule since being sick, but I’m trying to ease back into it this week. I went to hot yoga on Tuesday evening and it felt awesome. I couldn’t breathe as deeply without having a major coughing fit, so I just breathed as well as I could through the movements. I signed up for more hot yoga tomorrow and Saturday and hope to finally finish the 30 Day Shred by Sunday (I’m kind of sick of it to be honest with you but I’m going to finish it!).

And finally, something I’m so excited about that some of you will totally get and some of you will never understand: I can finally see my collarbone without having to stretch out my neck! I think the combination of 30 Day Shred, yoga, and Whole30 really helped kick up the definition and I’m excited to see even more improvements.

On a different note: is there anything that I’m not talking about that you guys are interested in? Is there anything about me you want to know, whether it’s weekly workouts or food prep or anything else? I’m open to ideas and suggestions! Happy almost-TGIF! :)

Holiday Gift Guide 2012

I don’t know about you guys, but I love looking at holiday gift guides. While I gaze in wonderment at the Neiman Marcus Holiday Book every year, 80% of the items on that list are far-fetched and out of reach (unless I win tonight’s PowerBall – then I’m totally getting the $100,000 henhouse) – so I appreciate and love real-life gift guides for things I’ll actually use. I threw together my own little guide, based on things I either currently use and love or have on my own holiday wish list.

1. iPod Shuffle – $49
I have an old version of the shuffle and alternate between that and my old Nano (the older version that has a clip) for my workouts. The Shuffle is tiny, light, easily clips onto my shirt, and the click navigation for songs and volume is awesome. I haven’t been a big fan of the Nano for working out, mostly because it’s a pain to go to the next song with a touch screen and then clip it back on with sweaty hands. Though my old Shuffle still works, this is still on my wish list…now I just have to decide on a color.

2. Old Navy Active Bubble Tank – $14.00
I can’t say enough good things about these tank tops. I think I own four or five because I stocked up when they were on sale (ps – Old Navy has 30%/20% off going on right now!). The tie at the side keeps the tank in place – even when doing sun salutations or walking planks ordered by Jillian Michaels. The fabric is great for hot yoga (or any workout really) and the price is outstanding. I wash them on the gentle cycle and hang to dry and they still look like new. I love the split back because it gives it a little extra oomph and style.

3. Sweaty Bands – $15-18
I received a free SweatyBand at FitBloggin’ for ‘auditioning’ for Team Refuel. I didn’t make the team (or even try to…my video was horrible and I refused to let anyone see it) but I still have my sweet sweet SweatyBand! I also bought one from my local yoga studio and neither one has ever slipped off of my extremely sweaty head.

4. Yoga Towel – $19.98
I had no idea that I needed a yoga towel for hot yoga but thanks to my more experienced yoga friends on Twitter, I didn’t go to class unprepared. The towel prevents me from slipping and sliding all over my mat and let me tell you – that’s no easy feat (feet? haha). I sweat more than the average person (especially my feet and hands) so this is a must-must-must have for me!

5. NutriBullet – $99.99
I had this on my wishlist for Christmas, but ended up buying one for myself because of the green smoothie detox. I love this little powerhouse! It pulverizes spinach and frozen fruit and clean up is simple. I sold off my Vitamix last year and this is a great replacement for smoothies. (You can use a Bed Bath and Beyond 20% coupon to get it for even less.)

6. Old Navy Compression Jacket – $34.94
I first fell in love with this jacket at Fitbloggin’, when my friend Tasha let me try hers on. I wear it to yoga and to the gym and don’t feel gross putting it on while still mildly to extremely sweaty.

7. Chanel Glossimer – $29.50
You may be thinking something along the lines of “What?! $30 for a lipgloss?! Are you out of your mind?!” Consider this an extravagance. Chanel is a luxury brand and while I covet their sunglasses and bags (ohhhh Jumbo caviar flap, I adore you), there’s no way I can afford to shell out that kind of money (well, unless I win the PowerBall)…so this is my little piece of Chanel that I can afford. I have a lipgloss addiction and no joke, these Chanel glosses are at the top of my list. There is no scent or taste (deal breakers for me), they’re super glossy, and well…they’re Chanel.

8. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette – $50
I have the original Naked palette and think I’d like Naked 2 even more. I checked them out at Ulta last weekend and had to resist buying one! I love the sleek packaging, the mini gloss that comes with it, and that you get a ton of eyeshadow colors for $50. This is definitely on my wish list!

9. Pomaireware Clay Small Pig Sauce Dish – $21.00
I bought my parents the Pomaireware Clay Fish baking dish a few years ago and my mom still raves about it. There are all kinds of fun items from little pig salt and pepper shakers to a pig salsa dish, but I love this particular pig sauce dish so much. Isn’t it cute?

Just so you know: No company asked me to review or promote their products. I received no compensation or free anything for this post.

What’s on your holiday wish list? If you put together your own gift guide, please link me in the comments so I can check it out!

Weigh In Week 46

Hello friends.  I hope you aren’t getting sick of my weekly weigh ins.  I find it hard sometimes to write them because while a weekly weigh in still shows progress, I am more finding that I need to look at a month or more to see an overall trend.  Maybe that is because I’ve lost the *easy* weight so far (a relative term to be sure), and now I have to fight harder for each pound.  It may be that I am not quite as focused and more lax than I was at the beginning.  Or both or neither.  However it happens I hope you guys don’t mind hearing my thoughts here each week about a number on the scale.

That disclaimer being said, I did have a good week.  It is odd because I certainly indulged over Thanksgiving but I also worked out, at more “real” foods as opposed to processed and lots of veggies too.  So it balanced out in the end I think.

-3.4 Pounds

83.4 lbs Lost to Date

It feels good to lose during a holiday week and actually it feels good to be working out and pushing myself again.  The week before Thanksgiving was rather stressful for me and last week was positively relaxing.  Somehow I even managed to get all my Christmas shopping done (except for stockings).  Sure there is lots to do for Christmas but I feel good about it right now.  Ultimately I am in control of this, and if I am out of control it is because I have chosen to be.  Ultimately I am responsible for the food I eat and the exercise I do.

We were talking about the upcoming Holiday season at the Weight Watchers meeting today.  As we were saying our biggest challenges about the holidays I realized that the biggest challenge for me is not so much the Christmas Cookies, the social gatherings, the alcohol or any of that.  For me the biggest challenge is the loss of routine.  There is so much *extra* during the next month that it is easy to deviate from the norm, and once I have one excuse not to workout, or to catch a meal on the run, then it is that much easier to have another excuse and another.

My leader confirmed that this is a real challenge but shared this important info with me.  My leader has an autistic son and when they need to change a bad habit of his they go out of town.  Often it is the very fact that the routine is already changed that allows them to make another change.  So I am contemplating going into this season – what do I want to change and can I use the fact that the holidays are irregular to break myself of a bad habit.  Can I do that?  Can I use the change in routines to affect change rather than cause a backslide on the scale?

It’s a thought.

So as I contemplate what I am going to add, alter or fix during this holiday season, I ask you the same question:

How can you use the holidays to your advantage on your health goals?

If you come up with something please share it in the comments with me.  I want to hear all about it!

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