Weigh In Week 42

Well it can be done.  You can lose weight while sick and with virtually no exercise for the week.  (I did run a 5k but that was it).  With all of those things being true I had a nice loss this week.

-1.2 Pounds

79.0 Pounds lost to date

I had been hoping for more with as diligent I was about my food this week but some things can’t quite be controlled.  And at the Doctor on Monday their scale showed me down another 1.5 pounds.  Different scale so it doesn’t make it official but I do know that I am moving in the right direction.

I can’t say enough about finding the situations that you CAN control however.  I couldn’t really control my illness or my inability to workout this week, but I could control my food.  I was able to have a few nice meals out with friends/family but I made good choices.  I tracked everything.  I didn’t have Halloween candy in the house.  When I went to Target to get prescriptions I did not let myself get “pity” treats.  Ok, well I did get some baked chips, but I tracked them and didn’t go over for points.  And really, baked chips are such a comparatively lame “I’m sick” treat.  I avoided the ice cream, ruffles, candy and other things that I craved.

So I can’t complain about this week.  I did the work and I got a good result.  Imagine that, working for it means you lose weight.  Why is something so obvious so hard to remember sometimes?


  1. You’re just around the corner from 80!! How exciting:-) I’m sure the dr. was excited for your progress too. You did great on your race WITH all of the obstacles…good job getting out there. Keep pushing foward:-)

  2. Congratulations on your loss!

  3. Liz –

    You are AMAZING. I don’t know you but have been following your story since you joined PFG.

    Seriously Liz – did you EVER think that you would write the sentence in your post above: “…(I did run a 5k but that was it)”?

    Look at those words again – “I did run a 5k but that was it”.

    Holy Crap Liz – you’ve gotten to the point where a 5K is a NOTHING.

    As someone who also has a lot of weight to lost and has started and stopped many different times in my life, you are my hero.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

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