The Power of 100

No way would I ever be able to drop and do 100 push-ups.

No way would I ever be able to do 100 dumbbell overhead presses.

No way would I ever be able to do 100 tricep overhead extensions.


“Now way” became “TODAY”! And that calls for a ridiculous amount of exclamation points!!!

I had a session with my personal trainer this morning – when my alarm went off today, I was already awake. I think was was in some sick sort of way, excited. I got to the gym 15 minutes early to warm up. When Katie arrived, we went to the gym’s 2nd floor and she laid down a mat. She mentioned the session would be somewhat repetitive but she wanted to go through some things I could do on my own, should I want to.

She instructed me to do ONE push-up.
She instructed me to do ONE dumbbell overhead press.
She instructed me to do ONE tricep overhead extension.

And then, she told me to do TWO push-ups. And TWO dumbbell overhead presses. And TWO tricep overhead extensions.

When I finished, I did the set again, doing THREE each.  Then four, then five, six, seven, eight, nine, and finally, 10 of each. After doing the full set, I took a 3 minute break. My muscles were throbbing. After the break, Katie told me we have to go back down.

I started with NINE push-ups, NINE dumbbell overhead presses and NINE tricep overhead extensions. I worked my way back down, doing 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally one of each.

It took me a little over 20 minutes and my heart rate was pumpin’!

As I took a short break, Katie looked at me and said…

“Do you know you just did 100 PUSH-UPS?!”

I was shocked! I didn’t feel like I did 100 push-ups. I mean, *yes* my arm muscles were jello but 100 push-ups?

The power of 100? Amazing. We did a little bit of core and then, I did a 10 minute quick cardio on the elliptical. Finally, I made my way home to share my exciting morning accomplishment with Carlos.

And all day today? I’ve walked around with my chest puffed out just slightly because this morning, I did 100 push-ups.

Clarification: the first 20 push-ups were on my toes, the remaining were on my knees.


  1. Jennierose says:

    You’re awesome.

    I’m also going to recommend that you ice your arms/chest later.

    Just a tip from swine who’s done the same workout and was shocked at the fact that 36 hours later he could hardly move her arms/chest.

  2. That’s such an accomplishment!
    I wish I could do 20 push ups on my toes.

  3. That’s awesome!! Goid job 🙂

  4. Yessssss! Amazing progress, isn’t it so exciting?? I remember the 1st time with my trainer, I fell on my face trying to do a push-up, now I bust them out 🙂

  5. Way to go! It feels so good to do something like that doesnt it? You’re a rockstar!

  6. That’s fantastic 🙂

  7. That is awesome, congratulations! I am so trying this tonight!

  8. Woop woop! That’s awesome! #rockstarstatus

    Also that was a smart trainer to not tell you what you were getting into a head of time! That would have freaked me out if I got told I had to do 100 push ups right off the bat!

  9. Whoa, that is awesome! Congratulations!

  10. Amazing what we can do when we don’t know we are doing it. And when a large task is broken down into small pieces. Lots of lessons in that workout!! Thanks for sharing. A must for me to do this weekend.

  11. I love it! What a great routine. Cheers to your 100!

  12. You are so amazing!!!
    I have been working with a trainer now for 5 weeks and have been amazed at the things I can now do, like a side plank. Push ups. etc.
    100. WOW! That is so awesome!!!
    I hope one day I am there.
    Great job!!

  13. How’s that upper body feeling today, Jen? 😉 Little sore? Sounds like my kind of a good time…go get’em!

  14. That’s amazing! Congrats on your well deserved achievement! I kinda wanna try this routine. Pretty smart.

  15. Holy wow that sounds intense. Good job! I look forward to hearing more about this experience!

  16. wow, awesome! congratulations! in a kickboxing class we do something similar, but squats. the instructor calls ’em squat pyramid’s. we’ll do a squat pyramid of 20…1 squat, 2 squats, 3..and so on.


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