This is it? A final countdown?

How in the world am I suppose to plan a wedding when I have work to do? Oh Lordy, insane! Work has gone crazy this week with interviews, training, employee relations conversations and just about everything else that can get sqeezed into the week before I get married. And then cake bakers, caterers, and other wedding vendors call to check in on things, ask a last minute question or verify plans. Holy headspin!

Carlos’ family starts arriving on Monday so he and I are going to spend this weekend doing a loooooonnnngggg list of things for around the house.

My 1st trial spray tan went well. I feel like it’s more of a I had another doctor appointment for my stomach and they said there was about a tablespoon of fluid, at most. I opted not get stuck with another needle again, because I hate needles and because my stomach is starting to bruise where the needles go in. I guess I’m getting sensitive in my old age? Leaving a little of the fluid isn’t a dangerous choice – most times, the fluid goes away on it’s own. I can’t tell it’s there, my stomach isn’t hard like it was when I first went in but….


The nurse told me I should take a few days off from working out. Eck. Let’s be honest, I want to work out every day between now and the wedding but I don’t need any more reason than someone telling me I shouldn’t, to not. The nurse said taking a few days off from working out will allow the pocket of fluid in my stomach to firm back up. She mentioned just like when I had my first surgery, movement takes away from the healing because every time I move, I pull and tug. My appointment was on Tuesday so I figure I’ll get back into the gym on Friday. (I didn’t work out Monday as well, so that would be Monday-Thursday which I think is good enough for a “few days.”)

I stopped Wednesday night at my sister, Heidi’s – she is helping me MAKE MY VEIL! I found one I absolutely loved while dress shopping but it was $200. No way was I going to spend that much on something I would only wear for a few hours, on my head. A few days later, I happened to be a Joann Fabrics and walked past the bridal fabrics and there was the exact same fabric w/ designs from the veil earlier!

I had a coupon on me for 40% off a yard of fabric, so I bought a yard of it and it was only $12.99. Heidi helped me hem the bottom of it and cinch the top part together. Tonight, I’ll hand sew it to a jeweled hair comb and voilΓ ! I might go into a veil making business after this, it is so easy and much less expensive!

The only things I have left are:

  • Final dress fitting (Friday)
  • Print dinner seating cards (waiting until last minute because of last minute changes)
  • Finish wedding favors (food related, waiting until last minute)
  • Song sequence for ceremony (songs picked, just need to get them into a play list & queued up)
  • Meet with photographer one last time (Saturday)
  • Print directions from house to hotel, house to wedding, hotel to wedding

I think that’s it — anything else last minute I might forget?

Mentally, I’ve calmed down a lot. Much more calm compared to the end of July – oh man, I was just a mess!

After the wedding is done, Carlos really wants to get both he and I back into the gym into personal training. As much as I am looking forward to the wedding, saying I DO, and having so much family time the week of the wedding, I also look forward to settling into our new life together. This is goign to be the best forever after EVER!


  1. LOVE! And of you during this magical time.

  2. Jennierose says:

    The spray tan looks lovely πŸ™‚

  3. How exciting! Great find on the veil!!

  4. A week? Dammit, I haven’t even started writing your vows yet. What rhymes with “Carlos”?

  5. YAYYYYYYYY! So excited for you Jen – I can’t stand it. You are going to make the most beautiful bride. Congrats!

  6. Oh – and one thing we found really helpful at a friends wedding – have a bag (the personal attendant kept tabs on the bag) with Static Guard, bobby pins, tape, scissors, chap-stick, band-aids. All those little things that no one thinks of but you might need! Don’t forget to have fun – it’s your big day!!

  7. i’m so excited for you!!! much agreed about the veil! i found some beautiful ones all $100+, really?!, for a piece of TULLE?! needless to say i am NOT a seamstress, so i found one on Etsy for $29. SOLD! my goal is to get as much done as i can by the end of august so i can just follow up with vendors, and focus on working out in the month of september. (my big I DO day is 10/5)

  8. Such exciting times! And stressful and busy, I know but don’t wish them away! Try to relax and enjoy all of it. This was the advice my friend gave to me a few weeks before my wedding, and I think she is on to something! Anyway, best wishes Jen & Carlos!

  9. I know you have alot to do and everything will get done and fall into place. Glad you have calmed down. This is going to be the best time for you and Carlos so cherish it and make a memory!! The best to both of you.
    You look so nice and tan I love that pic of you..
    Take Care

  10. Glad you’re feeling calmer and you sound *very* organized, Jen. How awesome that you and your sister are handy enough to make your veil! I am one of the morons who *did* pay $180 for two layers of tulle attached to comb with three satin rosettes glued to it…and a month later I went to a friend’s wedding and she was wearing an identical veil, made by her and her sister, with supplies from Michael’s Arts & Crafts; total cost $15. πŸ™‚

  11. I love all of this!!!! You are so mentally and physically prepared for your big day… you will look BEAUTIFUL and everything will be PERFECT even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned~ that’s part of the beauty! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to be there and witness your special day! Love you!

  12. catherine says:

    Don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful time! Other than that, it seems like you have everything covered! Even if something ends up not being exactly like you originally planned when all is said and done you will still be MARRIED at the end of your day…. Congratulations to you and Carolos!!

  13. I agree with Catherine, it goes by SOOO fast! Everyone told me that before my wedding almost 2 years ago and I didn’t believe them but man, in a blink of an eye it was over.
    Savor it all!

    p.s. your tan looks fab!!!

  14. Sounds like you are on top of everything!!! I’m a year away from my wedding and getting excited reading your posts so close to the date!

  15. I’m Sooooo excited for you!! I agree with the other posters…remember to stop and enjoy every single second of these next 10 or so days. I know you’re going to love each and every moment with your friends and family but most of all, I know you’re going to love sharing all of it with Carlos.

    Oh, and you’re spray tan looks great!!

  16. I hope you have a wonderful day and I’m glad you found a way to make the veil affordable. I didn’t have a veil, I wore white and yellow roses in my hair to match my bouquet. Made by my friend who used to be a florist — I paid for the flowers but she did the work as her wedding present to me. And my uncle drives wedding cars for a living so that was free too! It’s who you know.

  17. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! I just got married at the end of April- and I only have one bit of advice- I had my “freakout” Friday on my way to the rehearsal… worried about everything coming together- I was a MESS, but Saturday I kept telling myself- its all going to be great and everythings going to work out and be wonderful- and I enjoyed every minute of the day- after all I planned!! I would recommend that- you dont have to freak out the day before- BUT if you think you might freak out- thats the day to do it- enjoy your wedding day!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Wow! It’s already almost here! So excited for you and Carlos and looking forward to seeing some pics of your big day! All the best πŸ™‚

  19. Girl, I am seriously SOOO excited for you!!! I just know that it’s going to be beautiful and awesome and perfect! Even if there is a mishap or two (totally normal), it will still be perfect…as long as you keep your sense of humor, these will only add to the warm, fuzzy memories and fun STORIES! πŸ™‚ Just try to relax, enjoy & take it all in. Wishing you & Carlos all the BEST!!!

    • Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

      thank you thank you! I’m preparing for things to go wrong and just go with it — I plan on just smiling and letting everyone else take care of things which I think sounds horrible… but, well. I just want to get married & say I DO.

  20. That does not sound horrible AT ALL! This is one time in which you absolutely SHOULD let others take care of you (as hard as that may be to do…I can relate). πŸ™‚

    Sending lots of love and prayers…it’s going to be WONDERFUL!!!

  21. Trust me it’s worth the stress. It’s one of the best experiences of your life.

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