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Sometimes it is not about calories or weight watcher points eaten.

Sometimes it is not about miles run.

Sometimes it is not about pounds lost.

Sometimes it is about changing plans.

Sometimes it is about hugging your son.

Sometimes it is holding him down for a shot of medicine.

Sometimes it is watching another round of breathing treatments

Sometimes it is about sleeping on a too small sofa in a hospital room.

Sometimes it is about being where you need to be.

Sometimes it is about breathing deeply, for you and for him.

Sometimes it is about playing trains on the floor of the hospital.

Sometimes it is about watching your dozenth episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Sometimes it is more than you planned, most of the time really.

Sometimes it is just necessary to breathe.

Little goat had an asthma episode Wednesday night, the type that earned us 2 days in the hospital.  We are home now and he is doing well.  Honestly it wasn’t that bad and sort of par for the course when you have an asthmatic child.  Nevertheless, the reality of weight loss, motherhood, and life in general is that you will be thrown curve balls.  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  Thank you to all the well wishes for little goat on twitter and all your support for me too.

Week 34: The Week of the Peppermint Pattie

Sooo, no  big surprise (especially based on the title)…I had a gain this week. Should I be upset? Should I be mad? Should I be embarrassed? I don’t know if I should be, but I’m not. I mean, I’m not delighted that I gained, but the longer this process goes on, I realize that I’ll never be truly finished. Yes, I will reach a goal weight (you bet your sweet hiney I will!), but this is a lifelong commitment.  I’m kind of sick of beating myself up when I have an unexpectedly busy week or a bad week or I’m bloated like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man…so this is my pledge: I will be accountable, but I will no longer be mean to myself. And if I need reminded of that, please feel free to point it out!

Starting Weight: 251
Week 32Weight: 221.8
Week 34 Gain: +1.4
Current Weight: 223.2
Total: 27.4

I’ve had some little victories over the past two weeks which is why the scale just isn’t going to bring me down. And in case you’re wondering…I do know why I gained: too many mini peppermint patties, too little (or no) exercise, no tracking, and  too much takeout while my husband was working a different schedule at work. My work schedule has also been crazy lately (what do you mean  a promotion means more work?!), but is finally calming down now that I have a better grasp on things. Yes, I could have woken up at 4am to workout, or stayed up afer my bedtime to get in some miles, but honestly? I’m okay with a week off from exercise when I just can’t temporarily fit it in my schedule. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

Wedding Photos – a sneak peek

I’ve heard it before but now I know from first-hand experience. Wedding day’s go by SO FAST! As I was walking down the isle, I remember just staring at Carlos. I wanted to run to him, to collapse into his arms and hear him tell me everything he was thinking. But I just kept walking. Slowly. Like I was suppose to. I wish I’d had an out-of-body exprience because for the life of me, I wished I was not only walking toward the love of my life, but also sitting down, watching it all happen.

Pictures capture the moments our memory have a hard time remembering.

Our wedding photographer, Stuart Herrick, is beyond amazing. He has a level of creativity I specifically sought out. I wanted grungy photos. I wanted photos that made me smile. Nothing traditional. I wanted to roll around in the street, in my wedding dress.

Stuart took over 3,000 photos – I can only imagine how long it takes to go through all of them! He advised about 2-3 weeks. But in the mean time, he did send me some sneak peeks. Here they are!

Throughout the entire day, I knew I wanted to make sure I had my mom close to me but didn’t want anything obviously dramatic like an empty chair or a candle burning.  I picked very simple flowers and then, asked my aunt, who helped make the flowers, to add my mom’s fingerprint (necklace info toward end of linked post) tucked into one of the flowers. It was perfect – as I walked down the isle, my mom’s finger print led the way. She was there in all of my pictures and was with me throughout the entire evening.

We did have a 10pm oreo & milk break as well, in honor of mom 🙂

I can’t wait to share more photos as they are ready – I won’t post pictures again until they are all ready so if you haven’t yet already, so if you are craving more photos, you are welcome to stalk friend me on Facebook (Jen Monteiro) as well as SM Herrick Photography because we’ll both be tagging photos here and there.

Weigh In Week 34

This would be a “facing the music” post.  When I go off plan, I REALLY go off plan.  It gets ugly very quickly, despite the fact that I still am eating lots of “good” foods, I just eat way too much.  And then I pay the price.  This is the price:

+9.4 Pounds

-61 lbs Lost to Date

It is bad.  I know it is bad and I have to really work on not just getting back on track but getting back to a point of consistency.  The summer was so up and down that my routine is all out of whack.  The reality is that I have given into a sense of “deserving” to indulge, and combined with the stress and random scheduling that comes with summer it isn’t good.

I’ve gone over my plan to get back on track yesterday, and of course I promptly got off track again thanks to an awful headache that drove me to food, to skip the gym and to go to bed at 7:30 at night.  The headache is still here today and at this point I wonder if it is a sinus infection or just the food leeching toxins back into my system.

Either way, I am not giving up.  I know I can’t, so I’m going forward with the plan and will get myself there even if it takes a while.  I am oddly excited to be at this low though.  I purchased the new Weight Watcher’s Active Link today and it will help me better track my activity.  I’m planning to switch things up to what was working last spring: diligent tracking, less eating out, smaller portions.  In a way I am feeling like I am starting over today and I’d rather start over with a 10 pound gain than a 30 pound gain.  I also think I’m going to be posting pictures of my food here more often.  It is time to stop being embarrassed about eating and really make eating be about fueling my body.

But I wish it didn’t take a gain to remind me that.  And I wish this blasted headache would go away.