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I have a confession, I love the IDEA of personal trainers, but I find it difficult in practice.  First you have to find one that is a good fit for you, if you have the money at all.  And it always seems that it is money on top of the gym membership that you already have.  Secondly you have to have the time in the first place.  I don’t know about you but finding a regular time weekly is a real challenge.  My days are all a bit different and dependent on the family schedule.

On the other hand, whenever I workout at home or at the gym I do find myself wishing for guidance about what the heck I should be doing.  I can copy moves alright, but a trainer can tell you how much, how long and correct your form along the way.  These are all good things and they help prevent injuries and make the most of your workouts.

It is a dilemma.

So when Aaron over at Get Started contacted me about trying out a Video Chat Personal Training session I knew that I had to try it.  I am never going to turn down a chance to workout with a trainer, particularly from the comfort of my basement where no one can actually see me!  That is exactly what Get Started does, they hook you up with a trainer remotely to give you workouts and prepare you for success, all you need is a computer, a webcam.  After an initial consultation with Aaron the owner I was matched with Farrah, a fellow mom and trainer out in California.  I had to do some paperwork due to my high blood pressure for liability sake, but once that was taken care of we were good to go!

So last Friday I sat down at my computer, opened Skpe and had a session with a personal trainer right here in my basement.  After some small talk, she had me do squats in front of the camera to get a sense of my form.  I was amazed at how much she could tell from the web cam.  After evaluating where I was at, we launched into a series of circuit training exercises.  For the most part it was just like being with a trainer at the gym.  I  had to adjust the camera once or twice, but Farrah could tell when I needed to alter my form.  She could tell when I wasn’t giving it my all or getting tired.  All in all it was a good workout.  Best of all I felt like I got the push and instruction that having a trainer provides, and I didn’t even have to leave the house.

I can’t say yet if I’d sign up for more.  It was great, but money is a perpetual issue around here and I just have to watch my exercise budget carefully.  However I absolutely recommend Video Chat Personal Training from Get Started, especially if you have to choose between going to a gym or getting a trainer.  It was nice to get a workout at home where I felt like I’d been in a class pushing myself.

LeVar Burton would say, “But  you don’t have to take my word for it…”  (Sorry, Reading Rainbow for those of you younger or less geeky than me)

Get Started is giving away a two session training package to on lucky person simply for commenting on this blog.  That is two opportunities to workout with a licensed trainer in your home for FREE.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post about one area of working out or your body that you think a personal trainer may be able to help you with!

And even if you don’t win the giveaway, Get Started is giving free consultations and $10 off of two sessions for anyone who mentions this blog!  So if you don’t win the giveaway you can still check out Get Started.

* The Get Started Giveaway is open until Friday June 22 at 9pm CST.  All opinions are my own and not those of Jen, the other priorfatgirls, or anyone else.   I received a free consultation and training session to review for this giveaway.


  1. Now this is a cool giveaway!

    I could use a personal trainer to help me with training plans and incorporating strength training into a running routine. Also, I am sure they would have a tip or two about nutrition to fuel my body for running.

  2. That sounds perfect….training at home with a personal trainer via webcam. I need help all over but definitely with core strength.

  3. I am always perplexed about how heavy a weight to use for different exercises, especially when I am at home. A personal trainer would be a great help!

  4. I’d love to work with a trainer to help me get started on an exercise program after being very sedentary for the past 6 years. I had a chronic illness which resulted in a kidney transplant, a few complications after and now I’m cleared to begin an exercise regime but I don’t really know where to start. The help of a trainer would be incredible!

  5. This certainly a great idea! I just bought a groupon sort of deal for a month of training with a trainer who doesn’t work at my gym. But, I would love this!

  6. I struggle a lot with weights. I’m never sure what to do/how much to lift/how many reps to see results.

    I also could just use some general all-around motivation. Working out is not my favorite thing to do.

  7. Having a personal trainer actually scares me a bit, but I find the at home concept intriguing too! I’ve been a non-exerciser for sooo long I am afraid of what they might do to me. 🙂

  8. I’ve never heard of this before. I’m excited to go and check them out. I think that’s a great way to meet with a trainer even if you don’t have a gym or access to a facility and can’t afford to have one come to your house!

  9. My arms (specifically my tris) need help

  10. I would love to be able to work with a trainer. I’m always clueless as to what kind of workouts to incorporate. I have all types of equipment, videos, and books but I just don’t know how to make sure i’m doing the right things. I especially need help with my core and arms.

  11. Mariana says:

    I’d love this! How convenient.
    I need some exercises to help me get rid if my muffin top.

  12. I need help with my core. I’m such a weak runner and I know that core strength would be very helpful! 🙂

  13. Finances are always the issue here too with kids. I used to bling to a gym. But food for my family took that budget. I find that free exercise has helped lol but at least I can
    This would be awesome

  14. This is an amazing opportunity, I was just speaking with a friend today about needing a personal trainer. I need to lose 200 pounds and a trainer would help me tremendously. I need help with motivation and simple, effective exercises that I can stick with.

  15. I need help with weights. I’m a cardio queen and have no idea what to do in the weight room!

  16. I would love for a trainer to help me lose some weight in my legs and tone them up a bit.

  17. This is a brilliant idea – I work in the in-store digital signage business, and we’re exploring ways to have virtual sales associates in the aisles via webcam… never occured to me to do it for working out! Love it!

    I desperately need to get back in the weight loss / exercise cycle — I lost 72 lbs, and have gained most of it back. Boo. I think a trainer would really help me, but I dropped my gym membership in favor of buying a treadmill to have at home… I use it regularly, but could use some help with the non-cardio parts of my workout.

  18. I need help with my core. I know the stuff to do, but I have trouble keeping proper form without a watchful eye!

  19. This is genius! I would love some tips on form – I’ve just started adding weights and some body weight exercises and I have no idea if I am doing them right or enough.

  20. Diane Wang says:

    I would love a trainer to help me with everything! My arms, core, legs. I want to start running, so anything that would help me run better would be so helpful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Linda B says:

    Where I live, there are very few personal trainers. This sounds like the perfect way to train at home!

  22. Brooke Castaneda says:

    I just came across your blog tonight, and wow i am so inspired. I would love to win this as I am on the final frontier….I am 37 and have stuggled with my weight since I was in about 2nd grade. So…it is way over time to get this weight off. I have been doing for the last week, I weigh in on Monday. So, we will see…Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for your website!!

  23. This is really pretty great! Really helpful to those who are need of virtual personal trainer. Really helpful!


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