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Week 25 Results

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you did pretty well most of the time? You ate mostly healthy foods and watched portions, but also happily indulged in some of your favorite foods (pizza, ice cream) here and there? And while the gym wasn’t your bff during the week, you still put aside some time for a couple of awesome sweaty workouts? That’s kind of how my week went so I wasn’t sure what the scale would tell me last night. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t gain, but was fully prepared to lose a pound or less and I was okay with that. Can you say “Surprise?!”

Starting Weight: 251
Week 24 Weight: 230.8
Week 25 Loss: 3.0
Current Weight: 227.8

I asked the WW receptionist if I heard her correctly because I wasn’t expecting another big loss so soon. I also tested out both scales at the meeting to see if they weighed me in at the same weight (they did!) – now I won’t have to wait at one particular scale each week. 😉 I know I won’t get such big numbers each week but I have to admit that it’s nice to see the scale move into the 220s! (This is the lowest weight I’ve been since probably early 2010 – I got down to about 218 (using NutriSystem) but of course gained it all back as soon as I started eating real food.) I am so happy that I decided to join WW meetings; I find them inspiring, uplifting, and so much fun!

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned it before, but tomorrow, I’m meeting up with one of my best Twitter buds for the first time and we’re running an 8k together! I’m so excited to meet her, run my longest distance yet, and enjoy all of the food and post-race celebrations. I’m not looking forward to possibly running in the humidity that just rolled in, but hopefully it be a little less swamp-like tomorrow.

Have you ever met up with any weight loss friends that you met through blogging or Twitter? What did you do? How did it go?

Tiptoeing drama-rama

I’ve tiptoeing around a sensitive subject for the past couple years – the relationship I have with my dad. It’s been a trying relationship, to say the least. You’d be surprised what losing someone like mom can do to existing relationships in a family.

I’ve refrained from discussing our conflicts because it isn’t fair to my dad. It isn’t fair that I share my side of the situation when he isn’t here to share his side and defend himself. This post isn’t about me sharing my side because that still wouldn’t be right but I can’t avoid talking about the inevitable and the effects it has on me. It’s 2:00am and I woke up with thoughts racing. I can’t go back to sleep and need to write it out.

This Friday, my dad is getting married. I cannot avoid talk about it any more because, well… it’s going to happen. I find myself twisted in an emotional pretzel, my feelings leaving me frustrated and overwhelmed. As a daughter and his child, I want to scream and yell. I want to stomp my feet and cry. She isn’t right for you! repeats over and over in my head.

Anyone would be a fool not to love my dad. He’s the most stubborn source of kindness you’ve met. He will go out of his way to help someone and then, just when you get comfortable with help, he’ll push you out of the nest forcing you to fly like he knows you can. He is at heart, a sensitive man with a tough shell of opinions and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. He is confident, sometimes to a fault. He is not perfect but holds his head high. He is a balance of the strong support system a lot of women want in a relationship. He was perfect for my mom.

Of course his soon-to-be wife would love him. Who wouldn’t. He provides safety.

As a daughter and his child, I want to scream and yell.

But who am I to judge. Who am I to judge their relationship, their love? Where did I get this entitlement to project my judgments onto someone else’s relationship?

As an adult, I get it. I understand that my dad had to figure out how to pick up and move forward, had to and has to continue to figure out how to fill the crater of a hole my mom left in his life. My dad’s decision to remarry is his own. I can either choose to love him or turn my back. I don’t have to agree with it, but it’s not my choice. My dad is an adult. He may have changed in the past couple years but after losing someone so tragically, most of us would. I cannot even begin to think of what would happen to me if I lost Carlos even now let alone in 25 years. Loving my dad is not forcing my decisions on him, it’s loving him for him for who he is, decisions and all.

My dad reads my blog which makes this post even more difficult to write. It’s 2:15 am, two days before he is to say the big “I-DO” and our relationship is in a sensitive place. My mind goes through conversations in the past three years over and over again. One wrong move and emotions can flare, conflict can increase and words that can’t be taken back can be said.

My intention is to be at his wedding, as hard as it is for me. I will attend in my support of him making his choice to love who he wants and to marry who he wants. If he thinks this is the right thing to do, then I have to trust that he is making the best choice for him, right now. I love him and it isn’t my place to tell him what he should or shouldn’t do. He knows where I stand, we’ve talked about my feelings about everything but in the end, this is his decision.

As the time creeps closer to 2:30am, I wonder… what is the definition of a daughters love? It’s something since mom died that I’ve tried to determine. I’ve kept certain struggles off the blog because I’ve struggled enough with my own judgement and opinions and felt it wasn’t right to share with you, those who really don’t know the whole situation and don’t know my dad. There’s a lot about his decision to marry his soon-to-be wife I’m not saying because this isn’t the place. But I have made every attempt to share how struggles in personal conflict situations effect my healthiness and emotional journey.

So my dad is getting married. I bought them Tupperware – I’m not sure if that’s an appropriate gift or not but it was the safest thing on the list.

What is the definition of a daughters love?

A daughters love is unconditional and ever-lasting.

I love you dad.

And now, it’s coming up on 2:45am and I need to try to go back to sleep.

Happy end of week, friends.

PriorFatGirl Close-out Sale

I don’t know if I’ve been clear in the past couple posts but this blog is going through a bit of a transition for me. It began to take up a lot of my time with all the extra stuff going on outside of just posting. Now, I’m working to find balance. Balance so that I can be at peace with my body, and learn to listen. I want to de-clutter my life and try to move toward a more simple life free of excess items on my to-do list.

I still like posting but have decided it’s time to clean out the PriorFatGirl Store once and for all!

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Think of gifts for your friends and others who are on this healthiness journey! Buy now and use for a holiday or birthday gift in the coming months! Don’t forget your babysitter, Save me from having to do another infomercial-like post again!

Items left over at the end of July will be donated to a local charity… or something. I dunno yet. All I know is this is it – your last chance to purchase! Supplies are limited, sizes are running low. Order now before it’s too late!

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Weigh In week 25

Well I am blogging from my phone on the road. We are off on this wedding vacation, but I made sure to swing by Weight Watchers this morning for my official weigh in. And the results were good, I lost what I gained last week and even made up a little bit ground.

Here are this week’ results:

-4.6 Pounds
-59.4 lbs Lost to Date

Obviously this is a huge victory for me I’m very glad to have lost what I gained but also to start the week strong as I know I’m to be out of town. It gives me the confidence to stick with my plan.

I’ll be around on twitter this week if you need to check in with me and I hope to come in next week showing a 60 pound loss. Either way I’ll be sure to have cute pictures!