Skin Removal Surgery – 5 month update & another surgery

It is now just over five months from my initial weight loss skin removal surgery in November yet here I am going back for another surgery. I never anticipated I’d have any other surgeries after the first.

The first surgery removed excess skin from my stomach & annoying under arm skin. The second was to remove the painful skin that folded over my bra, which I, nor my surgeon, anticipated becoming as big of a physical pain as it did. That 2nd surgery turned out not to fix the entire painful problem so my 3rd surgery is to remove the rest of the skin from surgery #2.

It is not my intention to go back for additional surgeries, at least and especially any time soon. I am very happy with my progress this far and very happy with my decisions to gave the surgeries. I’ll share arm photos after this next round of surgery but am excited to share updated photos of my stomach.



I came home from work tonight, mentally ready for tomorrows surgery. I don’t feel very nervous, maybe because the idea of surgery, even for the 3rd time, still seems so surreal. Last night, I cleaned a couple bathrooms and made a couple dinners for next week (chicken pot pie & ham/veggie pasta dish.) I also made a ham we can pick at throughout the weekend. On top of the lasagna I froze last week, we are set for the next week!

I’ve been saving my recorded shows for this weekend and also plan on addresses our wedding invitations. I have a book I want to finish reading and plan on taking a lot of naps.

I have to arrive by 6am for prep, surgery starts at 7am. It is expected to be a 2 hour surgery so I should be done and recovering by 9:30am.

So ready? Here I go!




  1. That’s amazing! You look awesome!
    Blue is a beautiful color for you. I hope the pain goes for good soon.

  2. Holy spitballs, you look great!! I didn’t realize they make the incision so low, that’s awesome.
    Wishing you well in your surgery and a very personal question- are you having to pay for these two follow up surgeries? That would suck.

  3. Wow Jen-Awesome!! Good luck today, and thanks for the progress updates.

  4. Your tummy looks fabulous. I’m seriously contemplating having a tuck myself! Good luck today..hoping you finally get the results you so desire..and deserve!

  5. You look great! Hope everything with this surgery goes great!

  6. You look so great Jen! Thinking of you today! <3

  7. Looks great Jen. Hope today goes well!

  8. Hi Jen! Good luck on your surgery tomorrow. I have a kind of personal question that I’m not sure if you have answered before…(or even if it has been asked). Since for the tummy skin removal, they basically stretch your upper tummy skin down to meet the lower skin, did that change the way your breasts look at all? I’m just thinking about how breasts are “attached” to that portion of abdomen, and curious if it changed their appearance at all. (Not looking for graphic details or anything, just a yes or no would suffice. lol)

    Thanks for being so open and honest about your surgeries and sharing your experience!

  9. You look great and good luck for a quick recovery!

  10. Thanks for your pics after surgery! It really helped me to decide to have the surgery..You look great!! Congrats! You Go Girl!!

  11. Hi, i know you probably won’t be able to e-mail me back being a stranger and all, but I just have a quick question. This summer, I lost around 30 lbs going from 160 lbs to 123 lbs in two months. However, i have really lose skin on my stomach that just won’t seem to go away. The most frustrating part is when i do sit ups I can feel a six pack forming under the loose skin, and I have been working out for the last four months as well as eating an extremely lean diet with no improvements on the skin. I see muscle results in my arms, yet there is an abundance of hanging skin under them. No matter what I do I feel as though I can never get rid of this problem. Everyone says that when you are young the skin on your body is more elastic, but I am seventeen and I have yet to see it bounce back. Do you think that my body will require surgery to get rid of the excess skin?
    Thanks alot,

  12. I know someone who is looking for more info on this one.. Hope you are fine..
    sharing this with her 🙂

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