And now, to recover and move on!

I am so thankful this weekend was half gloomy and grey – it made curling up in our big chair easier. Surgery on Friday went really well. I arrived very early, at 6am, and was greeted by Jill, my nurse. We took before pictures and then walked back to wait for Dr. Gervais. Dr. Gervais and I talked a little while he examined under my arms, reviewing what he’ll need to do. He then drew incision lines and showed me.

I’m learning surgery isn’t like we’d think it is. It isn’t like cutting fabric & sewing it together because the skin pulls in different directions, reacts differently and heals differently. The skin under my left arm wasn’t as bad as under my right arm. After drawing, they started the I.V. and I kissed Carlos goodbye.

I walked into the O.R. and stood on a large blue disposable towel while Jill wiped iodine all over my body. Iodine is an antiseptic wash used right before surgery. I laid down and before I knew it, I was out.

Before surgery:

After surgery:

Hopefully those pictures aren’t too bad for you – they aren’t as graphic as from previous surgeries. I’m done posting gross surgery photos. Mostly because I have no intention of having any more surgeries

I finished my 2nd book in a month, read 5 magazines, addressed all the wedding invitations and caught up on a lot of recorded t.v. Iggy has been very cuddly, insisting on laying right on my lap. He does that sometimes, but not all the time like this weekend. I think dogs are very intuitive.

I’ve been very good with my water the past six months and especially good this weekend. There isn’t much else to do while sitting still except drink water πŸ™‚ My eating has been pretty good too. I didn’t gain any weight during this surgery and am looking forward to getting back into my weight-loss mode in the next couple weeks.

I can’t believe it’s been over six weeks since I worked out, since I went in for my 2nd surgery. I don’t miss working out but I miss running. I miss the air in my hair, the wind hitting my face. I miss running with friends and catching up on life. I’m thinking of doing another large calendar for the summer, to keep me on track and focused. I also am going to restart New Rules of Lifting for Women to get my upper body ready for my wedding dress. Anyone want to start that with me? I was thinking maybe the beginning of June.

I have Monday off from work but do have a Blogging for Beginners class Monday evening. Back to work on Tuesday which should be fine. I’m trying to alternate the Vicodin with Tylenol so I think by Tuesday, I should be off the Vicodin. Other than that, I feel like I’m out of the loop on the healthiness community.What am I missing? Fill me in!!


  1. Congrats on the surgery going well girl! Yay! Back to real life again πŸ™‚

  2. I’m so excited for you…to get all the surgeries behind you:) you are going to be such a beautiful bride! Good luck with the rest of planning…can’t wait to see pictures and up dates!

  3. Yay so glad to hear that the surgery went well and hopefully will be the last! I actually just got NRLFW on Friday and did the first workout today. I am pretty sore already so I’m not looking forward to waking up tomorrow! I miss you, have been thinking about you lots.

  4. Good to see that everything went well – I wish you a speedy recovery and will be right there when you start New Rules. I need some motivation to start and you just gave me the push I need – I am ready when you are!

  5. I am Happy to hear you are not in alot of pain. Congrats on your surgery.. Was thinking about you over the weekend and wondering how you were doing. Thabnks for the update. Glad to hear that everything went well for you..
    Take Care

  6. Glad the surgery went well. I love the “New Rules of Lifting” – it’s one of those books I’m always sharing. I need to drag my copy back out too….

  7. Glad to see everything went well! I wish you a speedy recovery πŸ™‚

  8. So glad surgery went well and is behind you. The New Rules of Lifting is so interesting to me. I would love to join you!

  9. Yes this is for Jen I am having surgery for this skin hangover. I know you can’t give my advise but what did you pay for your procedure? I was disappointed after breast lift that this skin was there. If they would of told me i would have this skin hanging over I wouldn’t of got breastlift. When I took my bandages off of me there it was.

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