A never before break from blogging.

Blogging has become a big part of my life. A very large demand.

I started this blog for me. A place to document my journey and my healthiness fight. And somewhere along the lines, it turned into a brand. A family. A community. Maintaining this community demands a lot of attention I never realized I’d have to commit.

I want to live life. I want to have balance.

I’ve been working with my therapist on the struggles I have and a lot of it comes from anxiety, the expectation I perceive others have of me and a certain level of perfectionism I think I have to maintain for others to see {just the perfect balance of struggles with healthiness.}

My therapist asked me when the last time I skipped a day of blogging, the last day I just woke up and decided I didn’t want to blog.Β  I couldn’t remember. Even on days when I said I was still taking a day off, I still wrote something. For years, I have maintained a 5 day a week schedule, never letting PriorFatGirl go without a weekday update.

Working a full time job plus running a blogging community is demanding. I’m need to figure out what balance is and who I am outside of Jen, a priorfatgirl.

I’ll be back next Monday, March 19th. During that time, I won’t be responding to emails or even reading them. I won’t be reading comments or anyone blogs. {um… I will be tweeting because that isn’t really demanding.} I will not be a blogger during that time. I will be a fiance. I will be a sister and a friend. I will be Jennifer. I will be an HR Generalist. I will be a fruit, vegetable & dessert eating running weight lifter.

I’m taking a never before break from blogging.


  1. Well, if you’re not gonna read comments, then I’m not gonna waste my time by leaving one. Wait…

  2. Enjoy your break! You deserve it. πŸ™‚

  3. Andreana says:

    Good for you! Enjoy your time off.. and I hope you have tons of fun.

  4. Good for you! Take time to learn who you are, time to just be you! Growth give us the opportunity to see more, learn more and be more when we’re ready to receive it. Enjoy life!

  5. Enjoy your Spring Break!

  6. Good for you! Enjoy your break… make sure it has some quality “me” time, too!

  7. GOOD FOR YOU! I hope you enjoy your week of YOU!

  8. Enjoy your break Jen you deserve it!

  9. Enjoy your break. We started 2 weeklong vacations from our blog last year. We love it and it is reenergizing:-)

  10. I am glad to see you taking a break for you! <3 hope you find that the pressure isn't truly there. We adore what you share but never want you to feel obligated to do so.

  11. Have a great va-cay! I’ll use the time to catch up because I missed about a year (sorry).

  12. I highly encourage blog vacations. I’ve taken them myself and they helped focus me to return on my terms, not the expectations of others. No matter what you decide after yours, it will be for the best. See you soon.

  13. Enjoy!

  14. Good for you girl! Enjoy your break! We will all be waiting for you when you return. πŸ™‚

  15. Good for you! And we’ll be here when you get back!

  16. LOVE this. So happy for you. Can’t wait to see you this week!! πŸ™‚

  17. Enjoy every minute of it Jen ! πŸ™‚

  18. Awesome! Might help you start relating to yourself as you are now, instead of how you used to be – a “healthyweightliftingdessertlovingirl” as opposed to a “priorfatgirl” πŸ™‚

  19. I think this is a great idea! Your blog should be your outlet, not something you keep for others. Enjoy your break!

  20. good for you!! I think sometimes us blog readers forget that the people behind the blogs are real people with real lives, jobs, friends, family and responsibilities!! I just want to say I appreciate the time and effort you put into this blog, you really are a major source of motivation for me (and I’m sure others). I hope you enjoy your sabbatical, but I’m selfish, I also hope after the (I’m sure much needed) break, you decide to come back!!!

  21. Since you aren’t reading comments till you come back-WELCOME BACK You were missed!

  22. Enjoy your break!

  23. Good for you. πŸ™‚


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