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A Polar HRM Giveaway!

The next 18 days, I am really going to step it up a notch. I have 18 days until my surgery, 18 days to make sure I’m in the best condition I can be in because I know my body will bounce back better if I really take care of it.

So in honor of ME working out, YOU could win a brand new PriorFatGirl Pink Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor! {description of “PriorFatGirl Pink is totally made up but very appropriate, don’t you think?}

Why the FT4 Polar HRM? Well, this is the basic HRM so it does just what you need it to do without too many confusing buttons. From the Polar website:

For those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple.

  • Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate
  • Displays calories burned
  • Comes with comfortable fabric transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk

Still not sure you need a HRM? Consider it like a coach on your wrist.  It isn’t just for athletes, it is for everyone! Watch this video to find out why:

{Even if you already have a HRM, watch the video – it is short and SO helpful!}

Enter to win:

So ready to enter to win? This is easy, I promise. Leave a comment telling me your holiday goal!

Fine print: One entry per person – entries must be received by Friday, November 4th at 5pm. Winner will be notified by Monday, November 7th via email. US and Canada residents only.

Pictures from the road




I am writing to you from the road. A whirlwind of weekends this was, as they all seem to be. I flew into Washington DC on Friday and had the most amazing dinner with Alexa and Beth. There were plenty of pictures but I’m blogging from my phone… and, maybe the pictures are just proof I drank too much so you don’t really want to see those anyway, do you? 🙂

About 18 hours after I landed, Alexa dropped me off at the airport for my flight to Boston. Carlos had drove to New Bedford, MA early last week with his friend, Chris so they picked me up. We stopped to see Carlos’s brother, Manny, in Providence and then made our way to New Bedford which is about an hour south of Boston & about 45 minutes from Providence.

We stopped at the hospital in New Bedford because Carlos’s mom had surgery last week to have a non-cancerous tumor removed. She is doing well and hopefully will get out next week.

We spent most of our Saturday evening with Carlos’s family laughing and telling stories. A lot of the stories were in Creole – I wish I could learn to speak or understand. Carlos is fluent so I ask him often to teach me. I only know “chumket” which is probably not the correct spelling – it means “leave me alone.” I learned it last year when we were in Italy from Carlos’s sister, Rita. The only reason why I remember it is because it sounds like “kitkat” and I sure do like me a kitkat!

12 hours after I arrived in Boston, Carlos, Chris and I piled up in the car and began our 18 hour drive to Milwaukee to drop Chris off and then our 5 hour drive home to Minneapolis (23 hours total.)

I can’t figure out how to move photos so here below are a few photos from my trip:

– Chris & me from the road
– Road trip snack, coffee & pastels
– my fav Cape Verdean dish, cachupa

We get back to Minneapolis just in time for me to throw a load of laundry in and write up my class presentation for my final class of Blogging for Beginners Monday at 6:30.

I realized one thing this weekend: I am so in love with Carlos and wish everyone a life surrounded by friends, family & love like this. Despite all the craziness in the past few years, I truly am blessed.

A weekend away.

My new boss started this week and she is exactly what we need. I’ve been doing my normal job PLUS the HR Manager job since August. The past few months have been pretty insane and so now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I still have to help her get up to speed on everything and pass back all the projects I took over on but it is worth it – she is amazing.

Now that I feel a little relief at work, guess what the first thing I did for myself was?

I planned a weekend away for myself. I took Friday and Monday off from work and I’m getting away! I’m flying out today — my first stop? Washington DC to visit my very good friends Alexa and Beth. We are going out for dinner tonight and I plan on catching up on as much as we can. I’ll spend the evening at Alexa’s because I want some cuddle time with her pup, Cooper and then plan on waking up bright and early with Alexa to hit the gym.

We gotta get our workout in early on Saturday because I have to be at the airport at 8:00am to fly up to Boston! Ah yes, Boston. I love love love Boston. It was Carlos’ dad’s 80th birthday this week and since I love his family, why not go visit them?! Not actually Boston but New Bedford, which is about an hour south of Boston. I spend Saturday and Sunday morning in New Bedford and then?

I’m hitching a ride home from someone – a road trip. A road trip from Massachusetts to Minneapolis. And I’m bringing something with me:

Okay – Iggy is not going with on my weekend away but I’m bringing the book 🙂 I’m bringing The End of Overeating with me.

I binged on Thursday night. I let my emotions get to me and despite my best intent on preventing a binge while Carlos was gone, I just didn’t stop myself. So my only two goals this weekend are to RELAX {which, why do I always do this – when I plan to “relax,” I jam pack my weekends full!} and to read The End of Overeating. I started this book awhile ago and never got through it. A road trip is just what I need to make it through the book. Hours and hours of dedicated time to just read. Iggy is going to stay with my cousin, Kirstin and her kids.

That’s my weekend, hthose are my goals – what is your weekend, what is your goals?

I Cannot Be With You Tonight

Dear Readers,

While I would normally be penning a post for you, I’m afraid I can’t do it tonight (for publishing Friday morning).

The Rangers and Cardinals are playing game six tonight in the World Series, and all my emotions will be tied up in cheering for Dallas to bring home the big win.

May you all be tied to your televisions and radios, and have much to discuss at the water tower Friday. I wish you all a happy weekend.


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