Keeping a break a break.

Sunday = workout (weights + light cardio)
Monday = workout (10k)
Tuesday = break
Wednesday = break
Thursday = break

I’ve found myself frustrated Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday because I just didn’t want to work out. I wanted a break. I wanted to just be for a moment. I wanted an extra hour of sleep. I wanted to come home and not have to go right to the gym. I kicked, fought and screamed with myself.

I yelled at myself and got mad. I used “you better do it or else” language. I even went so far as to take it to twitter last night, knowing I would get “shape up or else” kind of tough love, and I did. But as I was driving home last night whining in my head about how I didn’t want to work out, I realized something. I’m okay having 3 days off in a row – I can take a break. I have been working very consistently for the past three months on working out and have hit 4-5 times a week 99% of the time. {Previous weeks when I’ve had 3 days off, they weren’t in a row which is why I’m struggling with this week specifically is because 3 days off in a row feels like a lifetime.}

So I did not work out yesterday. I slept in and went to work. Then I got home and Carlos and I spent our evening running errands, getting home at 9:30pm. It was nice not to have to force a workout in there too. I decided I would LET myself have a few days off because it is okay. Three days off in a row is NOT a life time – it is three days. I can have a break if that’s what I need. The next month, training will have to ramp up because I have the Twin Cities 10 mile the first weekend of October.

Keeping a break a break

Three days off in a row is fine – it is OKAY. And now today? I woke up excited to pack a gym bag, excited to get some workout in. I’m excited to spend some me time sweating it out and continuing to listen to my body.

I’m off this weekend to speak at the MN Bloggers Conference and am so excited! I’ll be back Monday with lotsa pictures!


  1. Jen, I am a long time reader of all of the PFG blogs. I read your blog daily so how did I miss that you are doing the Twin Cities 10 mile? I am too! If I happen to see you (in the midst of tens of thousands of people) I am definitely going to say hi. Good luck with training! I am just came back from a particularly painful– but particularly rewarding– 6 mile run. 🙂

  2. You read New Rules for Lifting for Women, right? They talk about taking a full week off every so often about how it’s good for your muscles. I feel the same way you do, but I also tell myself that if I’m really, really not wanting to work out, that’s not like me so I need to honor it for a day or two and get back on the horse soon (that’s the hard part!)

    • Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

      you know, I read that but didn’t really think about it or even remember I read that until you pointed it out. Thanks for the reminder – it makes me feel better about my light workout week!

  3. Totally understand. I was incredibly after a workout on Wednesday and took Thursday off. I attempted to workout today, bc I did not want to take another rest day. I should have. My workout was pointless, bc I was so tired and sore!

  4. It is oftentimes so difficult to know when to push yourself through “I don’t wanna” and when to give yourself the time off you need – good job listening to your instincts, and even more so for not feeling guilty about it!

  5. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    Thanks for your question! I leave Amanda’s posts up because some people go back and read from the beginning and still find inspiration and enjoyment from reading her posts. When Amanda began to slow down with posting, her and I had some really great conversations and it is actually how JP & Elle came in — to fill in on posting as Amanda transitioned into life outside of blogging. Ali joined the family a few months ago and so depending on how things go in the next couple months, I may be adding to the family but not sure when or what that looks like.

  6. Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

    Thanks for the comment – We’ve left Amanda’s posts up because some people still may find inspiration from reading her journey but, as her last posts mentions, she has gone back into the “real world” which is awesome! Around the time Amanda began to slow down on her postings, we announced JP & Ali who now post with us so check them out. The PriorFatGirl/Guy family may expand in the future so stay tuned!


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