New Rules of Lifting for Women – Kickoff!

To quote the New Rules of Lifting for Women:

Whether you’re a fitness buff, a semi-regular exerciser or an absolute beginner, the choices you make now will define the opportunities that come up later. Nobody can choose to be perfect, but all of us can choose to be better.

So what’s your choice?

My choice is to be better — so I’m jumping in and starting the New Rules of Lifting for Women. Many of you said you wanted to do it with me. Did you buy the book? Have you read the beginning section?

As a heads up, I am not following the eating portion of the book, only the lifting section. There are a lot of really good points the authors make in the eating plan however I am a firm believer eating cannot be one-size-fits all. Because of that, I encourage you each to find an eating plan that works for you – if that means starting with the outline that is in the book, go for it and work to make it your own. If you incorporate something else, great!

Schedules & Logs

The one struggle I had with reading the New Rules for Lifting book was that I got extremely confused with how the author described the workouts. Between workouts, stages, 1’s and 2’s, and A’s and B’s, I went around and around. It took me a long time to work through figuring things out and when I finally did, the logs in the book did not seem to match what made sense of the entire workout.

Because of that, I ended putting together my own schedule and log. I suggest using the book first, if it makes sense to you, because the author is the expert. That said, you are more than welcome to take a peak at the schedule & log I used. The schedule and logs should be used only in combination with the book therefore I’ve password protected the documents. To view/download the documents, click the below link:


Download the schedule and/or log here.

NOTE: the schedule & logs originally shared have been removed due to a misunderstanding in the way the program works. Click HERE for more information.

Extra support

I initially thought I would have everyone collaborate in a shared document but decided to just let everyone keep track of their own journey. Let me be candid, I don’t have time to be your drill sargent. I cannot follow-up with everyone to make sure you are doing your workouts. This is about you being accountable to yourself. That said, I do think it will be very important for us to keep in touch with each other because a lot of the exercises may be tricky to understand, we may have questions or need advice on alternatives/variations to the exercises. Here are the two ways we can help each other

PriorFatGirl Forum:
I’ve added a category in the PriorFatGirl Forum for us to bounce ideas off each other. Also, it will be good to share tricks and things we’ve found helpful as well as to discuss some of the rules in the beginning of the book.

For those on Twitter, use hashtag #NROLFW. We can use it to quickly record we’ve completed a workout.

Following Ann’s Progress

You hear my story all the time so I figured why not have someone else share their experience with the program? Ann from Twelve in Twelve has agreed to guest post with us weekly and share her thoughts, experiences, frustrations and successes with the program.

Ann is in the middle of her journey – she has lost about 50lbs already but still has a ways to go on her journey. Ann started her journey by teaching herself to run and while running is still a major part of her journey, she has been on a self-proclaimed plateau for months.

Doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women is Ann‘s way of fighting back, her way of trying to fight through the plateau. I am excited for Ann to share her journey because to be honest, I think she is a lot like many of you in that she has never ventured to the weights section of the gym.

Ann will be sharing a little introduction to herself in the next few days and then will weekly share her thoughts on the New Rules of Lifting for Women. To read about her journey, hover over “Popular Subjects” on the menu and select “New Rules of Lifting for Women.”

Let’s go!

Ready? Let’s go, let’s do this, let’s make some muscle! I’m going to take my measurements tomorrow so at the end of the ten weeks, I can see my progress outside of the scale.

Any questions? Am I missing anything? Forget to address something? Check out the forum first and see if your answer is over there!


  1. Solanum03 says:


    I tried typing this password 12 times and it isn’t letting me download anything. πŸ™ Could you help me out?

    Thanks in advane. Also, if Carlos wants me to start painting on Friday I can do it.

    • Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

      I think we figure this out via twitter but in case anyone is reading, the password is exactly how it is written in the book including capital letters,spaces and periods.

  2. I just finished going through the book. Very good stuff! Not sure how much I am going to be able to do since I have to start training for a Duathlon and I am not sure how that much cardio work will mesh with it, but I have been wanting to add strength training, so here goes!

    • Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

      The workout schedule has 3 days of weight lifting and two days during the week specifically for cross training. If you need more cardio than the two days (which I do), you can just add an extra cardio day or two onto the lifting days. It just means those days you’ll have a bit longer of a workout doing weights and cardio which isn’t bad at all. If that isn’t an option, you can cut down one of the weight days and just do 1 of A and 1 of B – it means you might have slower progress but I think we should all customize programs to be the best for what we need. good luck with the Duathlon!

  3. Thanks Jen! I’ve had the book for months but was confused and intimidated. This is really helping.

  4. Whoop! Excited to get started πŸ™‚

  5. HELP! I am reading the book on an ereader (Kindle app on ipad). Doesn’t have real pages numbers. Can someone tell me the chapter and paragraph?

  6. My weight lifting buddy and I started last week because it was more convenient. I’m already seeing some changes, and so far the workouts have been challenging, but in a good way!

  7. Mommahunt says:

    Super excited to get started…those a,b workout one things were hard to that I had to read that section three times before I got it. Hoping this helps me get over this standstill I have been at for most of the summer.

  8. Thank you so much for the workout log! For the life of me I could not figure out exactly what to do in this program!

  9. The book does a VERY POOR job of explaining the workouts, even the author admits it in the JPFitness forums. But this might help you out:

    Does this make sense:

    Stage 1

    Week 1
    Workout A – 2 sets of each exercise – 15 reps (Workout A #1)
    Workout B – 2 sets of each exercise – 15 reps (Workout B #1)
    Workout A – 2 sets of each exercise – 15 reps (Workout A #2)

    Week 2
    Workout B – 2 sets of each exercise – 15 reps (Workout B #2)
    Workout A – 2 sets of each exercise – 12 reps (Workout A #3)
    Workout B – 2 sets of each exercise – 12 reps (Workout B #3)

    Week 3
    Workout A – 2 sets of each exercise – 12 reps (Workout A #4)
    Workout B – 2 sets of each exercise – 12 reps (Workout B #4)
    Workout A – 3 sets of each exercise – 10 reps (Workout A #5)

    Week 4
    Workout B – 3 sets of each exercise – 10 reps (Workout B #5)
    Workout A – 3 sets of each exercise – 10 reps (Workout A #6)
    Workout B – 3 sets of each exercise – 10 reps (Workout B #6)

    Week 5
    Workout A – 3 sets of each exercise – 8 reps (Workout A #7)
    Workout B – 3 sets of each exercise – 8 reps (Workout B #7)
    Workout A – 3 sets of each exercise – 8 reps (Workout A #8)

    Week 6
    Workout B – 3 sets of each exercise – 8 reps (Workout B #8)

    Hope that helps!!

  10. p.s. sorry if that’s exactly what you linked to/explained in your link, I’m just at work and don’t have the book with me to unlock the file & make sure πŸ˜‰ Good luck ladies!

  11. I’m currently in stage 3 & I LOVE IT! I’m not really doing the diet, but I’ve seen some changes in my body. Even my husband comments on my firmer & rounder rear & my toned arms πŸ™‚


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