PriorFatGirl Forum [CLOSED]

Update: February 2012

After careful consideration, the PriorFatGirl Forum has been closed.
While the initial excitement and engagement with the forum was great,
it slowly died down to a point when the resources needed to
maintain the forum did not offset the engagement.

I appreciate everyone who participated in the forum
while it was up and running and look forward to other ways the
PriorFatGirl community can connect with each other.


Jen, a priorfatgirl

_________________________Original Post Below____________________

I’ve had an idea floating in my head for the better part of this last year.

An idea that seemed so huge, it was almost unthinkable.

An idea that I knew would be helpful for so many yet I had no idea how to pull it off.

Until recently…


I took a leap of faith and as a result, I’m proud to share with you my idea…

The PriorFatGirl Community!

This is YOUR place.  Your place to connect with others. To learn from others. To support and be supported. This is YOUR community.

Ready to jump in? Create a username and join the conversation!

{Scared to be the first? Hint: typically the first threads in category get a lot of attention!}

{Read between the lines on what is appropriate & not for posting. I will be much more of a moderator on the community vs. what is here. You can disagree or give constructive feedback but watch your language and tone or risk being moderated/removed from the community!}


  1. Exciting times :)

  2. Alisa c utler says:

    YOU are going to be a household name! Your amazing. I am in awe of your energy, and smart sensibility!

  3. You are awesome great idea… You are always thinking arent you?? Cant wait to sign up to share my yummy recipes…

  4. Monique says:

    Oh. My. GOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! AND: I SOOOO needed this right now. Jen….you are SO my hero. Thank you so much for always thinking of us. It’s simply amazing. I wish I could hug you right now!

  5. Love this. So excited!!!!

  6. Eeeek! What a great way to start my day. :)

  7. This was a GREAT idea!!!! Yay!

  8. Oh great, another thing to distract me during the day. LOL

    WAHOO!!!!!!! You’re awesome Jen! I look forward to participating. Creating my username now, and then advertising it all over my facebook.

  9. Super excited can’t wait to meet some new friends.

  10. Great idea! This is going to be awesome for so many people!

  11. I probably won’t join only because I never stick with forums and forget to post, but I’m so proud of you for offering another venue for people to get support and love and help on this journey! You are awesome!

  12. Awesome! Just joined! :)

  13. Christina says:

    Love it and signed up and posted!

  14. Exciting!!! BUT….is it ok to join if we’re a Future PriorFatGirl

  15. As I emailed Jen, I stumbled on her blog at 3:45 AM a couple of nights ago. What a God-send! Yes, I too am a Future PriorFatGirl! Welcome aboard Dyanna.

  16. Thank you! Great Forum! Love it and Love your topics! Will continue to use this blog as a great support system for me!

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  32. So inspiring, thank you!

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