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PriorFatGirl Forum [CLOSED]

Update: February 2012

After careful consideration, the PriorFatGirl Forum has been closed.
While the initial excitement and engagement with the forum was great,
it slowly died down to a point when the resources needed to
maintain the forum did not offset the engagement.

I appreciate everyone who participated in the forum
while it was up and running and look forward to other ways the
PriorFatGirl community can connect with each other.


Jen, a priorfatgirl

_________________________Original Post Below____________________

I’ve had an idea floating in my head for the better part of this last year.

An idea that seemed so huge, it was almost unthinkable.

An idea that I knew would be helpful for so many yet I had no idea how to pull it off.

Until recently…


I took a leap of faith and as a result, I’m proud to share with you my idea…

The PriorFatGirl Community!

This is YOUR place.  Your place to connect with others. To learn from others. To support and be supported. This is YOUR community.

Ready to jump in? Create a username and join the conversation!

{Scared to be the first? Hint: typically the first threads in category get a lot of attention!}

{Read between the lines on what is appropriate & not for posting. I will be much more of a moderator on the community vs. what is here. You can disagree or give constructive feedback but watch your language and tone or risk being moderated/removed from the community!}

Excitement x2

Well let’s just start with a picture I missed uploading yesterday…

Starting Weight: 159.8
Last weeks weight: 157.8
Current Weight: 157.6
Total Gain/Loss: -2.2lbs

Yes folks, a .2lb loss — 2 ounces lost. I have to be honest and tell you I’m not counting this as a victory because the realness of it is that I could probably swallow my own spit and lose .2lbs.  It is a good sign that I didn’t gain weight, yes — I recognize that. Eh – I’m cranky so how about I just skip the rest of this section? {I should point out I have been extra crankified lately. I am trying very hard not to let it come out but telemarketers watch it, I’m not a happy camper.}

Running lesson:

Yesterday after, I learned the importance of running before work. I knew if I went home, I’d probably get lost and distracted again so decided to change into my running gear at work. I was kind of hesitant because the running capris I had brought with me were really really tight. And by really really tight I mean painted on.

I am not really embarressed about me being healthy but was slightly unsure of being seeing outside of work appropriate attire. I managed to get out of the building with no one seeing me so I was safe. I did NOT realize how hard it is to run in heat… not only humidity but heat. It was 91 degrees and whoa baby, I struggled! I made it about 3 miles and ended up taking frequent walking breaks. 40 minutes later I was drenched and beyond exhausted.

After my  run, I had a few errands and didn’t get home to eat dinner until 8:30. I devoured dinner and then, Iggy and I decided to lounge around in the online world for a bit, getting some work done.

Iggy loves to burrow himself behind pillows when I’m laying on them — does anyone’s doggy doe this? It is so cute, I love when he does this! By about 10:30, I started to get a really bad headache so I figured it was time to hit the sack!  Today includes some serious HR work and then, a serious sweat workout 🙂

Excitement x2

I have two things to share with you. Some fun things that have been in the works and I know how excited ya’ll will be. First, I am excited to let you know that I accepted an opportunity to a contributor with the Minneapolis Star Tribune! {click HERE for my official bio!}

This came up because about three weeks ago, I noticed the Minneapolis Star Tribune has a wellness section online but most of the content is related to general topics – nothing is really dedicated specifically to how to be healthy in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I tweeted @startribune telling them I had an idea and a partnership was born! How fun, right? I’ll start posting in the next week or so and let you know when things go up so you can follow me there if you are interested.

The second exciting thing I have to share with you is something HUGE. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for close to a year and am only now ready to dive in. But it isn’t just for me, this is really something for YOU.

Come back tomorrow for the big reveal!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

“You’ve got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and you’re not smiling on a regular basis, try another choice.” ~ Steven D. Woodhull

Hey there! Posting a day late because, well, excuses aside – I work late on Tuesday nights and I just wasn’t feelin’ it when I got home from work to type up a blog to post on Wednesday. Hence, a Thursday post vs a Wednesday post.  And look at that… life went on as normal.  😉

Lately, I have been starving. Ok, I obviously know that is an exaggeration, because really, if I were literally starving, I probably wouldn’t have a weight loss blog. But that’s beside the point.

The point is, I’ve been huuuungry lately! I haven’t been working out more than normal, so I was boggled as to why my tum tum was in a constant state of grumble.

TOM. Yeah, it comes every month and every month I sit there and wrack my brain as to why I could possibly be so darn hungry! You’d think I’d learn, right?

Anyways, I’ve been attempting to keep my cravings at bay. Because they’re really not so good. I’m talking chocolate… cliche, but true. I want boatloads and boatloads of chocolate! And I’ve got the good stuff in the house too… so it’s been pretty difficult!

Luckily, I keep the Seroogy’s in a cabinet high above the stove so it’s not just sitting out, taunting me ALL.THE.TIME. It taunts me enough from inside the cabinet!


In other news, I met my mom at the gym last night. We’ve kind of gotten out of our normal 5x a week routine. We’re not horrible, but we really are working on it to get us back to 5x a week, consistently. I’m not sure what happened… just summer, I think. A lot of weekends get eaten up by summer plans and then we inevitably end up skipping the gym. But we’re both cracking down and working on getting back to our normal routine.

Well anyways, while we were at the gym last night, my attire was shorts and a tank. It’s disgustingly humid again here in Minneapolis… so the less amount of fabric, the better.   ……..or so I thought.

I had what we’ll just call a “wardrobe malfunction” at the gym last night. Now, no worries, we’re not talking about a full on nip slip ala Janet Jackson or anything of that sort (thank God). But let me just describe the situation.

There I was on the treadmill, minding my own business when I decided it was time to stop walking and start running jogging. So I’m truckin’ along for about a quarter of a mile when I glance down and amidst my BLACK tank top, see a sea of WHITE. My bra was like, hanging out!  I quickly slowed my pace and assessed the situation.

My tank top, which I love, is kind of like a slinky material. I don’t know how to describe it. It IS a workout tank, but it’s not plain cotton. It’s kind of… slide-y. (Haha, technical terms, right?)

Well, apparently my slide-y tank top does not mix well with my slide-y-ish sports bra. They both slide around and I end up exposing the goods to anyone at the gym who happens to glance my way!

Ok, I may be slightly over exaggerating, but when you realize your bra is hanging out when you’re getting all sweaty in a gym with a bunch of randos… it’s not a pleasant experience.

Not to mention, all the while I had chub-rub going on between my volumptious (read: fat) thighs.

All in all, let’s just say it was not a good night at the gym, wardrobe-wise.

I long for the day I can wear cute work out clothes, chub-rub and ride-up/slide-down free.

Tell me,

Have you ever experienced a wardrobe mailfunction while at the gym?
What about outside the gym, just in general??

Oohhh! I cannot WAIT to read your comments! I hope you have a happy Thursday!

You wish…

I here so many of you tell me you wish you had a support system around you.

I hear so many of you tell me you wish you knew how to get started with fitness.

I hear so many of you tell me you wish you had some tips on how to feed your family more healthy foods.


Invest in yourself.
Invest in your life.
Invest in your journey.
Invest in your future.
Invest in yourself.

Click here to invest in yourself.