What goes up, must come down.

Well here’s a new place for me to find myself.

Over the past month, the scale has crept up about. I haven’t been too concerned because my pants still feel the same and because I’m now on my third week of doing weights after a 4-6 month break from weights. That said, I want to make sure it isn’t my eating that has caused the scale to increase vs. other factors.

So I’m breaking out a useful tool:

A blast from the past...

My favorite calorie journal of all time is the DietMinder Personal Journal available via Amazon for $10. Super cheap tool but so helpful!

I love the categories & subtotal sections.

I love the activity area, the water boxes and the daily totals section.

In all fairness, I actually started tracking again last week with the accountability to my friends Alexa & Cindy. I downloaded an app on my phone and tried using it for a day or two but I found it cumbersome to search for foods, enter in and wait for my phone to respond & save the data. I ended up ordering a new food journal because I’ve had success keeping an actual journal.

My calories for last week were so-so. I stayed between 1800-2200 – and that is while recording. Who knows what it was without recording. I understand now why my weight has been creeping up…because my calories have been as well. Part of maintenance is life long monitoring of reality. For ever, my weight can go up and down. Those times when it goes up, I need to step up and take control – which is now.

My maintenance weight loss is 90lbs – I’m 4lbs above that.

I’d like to get rid of the 4lbs and an extra 2-3lbs to give myself a little buffer. I don’t have an intense plan to lose weight because that’s not what this is about. I’m not in a weight loss mode anymore, this is maintenance. This is about re-centering, refocusing and confirming healthy habits. It isn’t like I lost my healthy eating habits. I haven’t been hitting up the fast food restaurants and junk food isles. What I have been doing though is “treating” myself more often. I dislike the concept of “treating” myself with food and so my goal is to record my intake and concentrate on removing the “reward” or “treat” concept.


Iggy on Duty

Last night was another Iggy and Me night. Carlos was at his pool league so I decided breakfast for dinner was appropriate. I scrambled up some eggs w/ veggies and made an English muffin for a yum dinner!

Eggs w/ ham & lots broccoli, green peppers and red peppers with a little cheese + english muffin w/ strawberry jelly.

Iggy wanted to supervise my dinner.

Trying to keep an eye on the food.

Watching over...

Ah there, he thinks he runs the show!

And with that, I gotta jet because I hear Carlos waking up – I’m off to make us some breakfast smoothies!


  1. “Part of maintenance is life long monitoring of reality.”–Love that!! I need to get back into recording my food intake & monitoring my “treats”. I’ve been lax way too long!!

  2. I totally agree about how maintenance is a lifelong thing. I didn’t realize how much weight you had lost. You look great & that is quite an accomplishment that you should be very proud of!

  3. YAY! I’m so glad for this post. It’s great when really influential voices confirm this is a life long journey. It goes up and down and there is no SHAME in that because you’re on top of it. I love that you’re not in weight-loss mode just because you want to lose a little weight. You’re right. There is a HUGE difference.

    Ahhh I love you.

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Where did you order your food journal?

  5. Great post, Jen. Thanks for the reminder that even when I’m at my goal, if I EVER get there, life will still be about maintaining. There’ll be no going back to Ben and Jerry’s pints for dinner “just because”. not without consequence, anyway.


  6. Ugh, I feel you on the whole “treating” yourself business. I’ve been “treating” myself my entire pregnancy, and I am going to pay for it after Charlotte comes! I am definitely going to have to get back to finding other ways of rewarding myself besides food.

    I’ve always been a SparkPeople girl, but the idea of an actual food journal kind of appeals to me. I may have to consider that.

    You are doing great, Jen!

  7. I love the last picture of Iggy watchigng you over your shoulder. So cute!!

  8. Way to take back the reins woman! I love breakfast for dinner. Nom, Nom, Nom!

    I have a windows phone and am less than thrilled with the food journal apps available. I love My Fitness Pal though.

  9. I always find that journalling has a way of keeping me accountable like nothing else! I love the pics of the pup supervising your dinner!

  10. I love your philosophy on journaling – just a tool to use when you need it. And those few pounds? Easy, breezy!!! You can totally get back into your “comfortable” zone!!

  11. I am also changing my thinking on this – food is not a treat or reward, it is part of life and sometimes I indulge. A treat for me is a pedicure or something non food related. It’s a hard thing to change and I still find myself doing it sometimes……..

  12. I’m trying to figure out what the right thing for me is with tracking my food. I recently signed up for weight watchers, but haven’t kept up with logging my food on the website. I pulled out my journal (the same one as you) today, so I’ll see how that goes. I just need to find what works for me.

  13. I think it’s vital to have an actual *number* where you stop and lose whatever has been gained. A lot of us just sort of let the scale meander upwards thinking we will do something about it ‘tomorrow.’

  14. Off-topic, but glasses are actually very becoming on you. Are you liking them? Some people just have a “glasses face” I guess!

  15. I love how your puppy is posing in all of your photos with you. I really like that journal it is really cute!! I may need to think about doing a real journal since I have been trying to do completely online and it is really not happening that well. Thanks for the great suggestion

  16. Great post- the realities of life, ya know? We all need to “check in” with where we are at- for me, it’s usually about exercising but it can also be about screen time, private time with hubby, spiritual time, eating too many sweets/processed foods/etc… Anyway, thanks for the reminder!

  17. Way to stay in control and on top of the situation!!! GREAT JOB!

  18. My mom (who lost a bunch of weight and has been maintaining for years weighs herself everyday. She says that it helps her to be honest with what she is doing. It is a hard truth that she can look at. If she sees that she is going up and had not realised that she was over-eating, then she starts journaling her food again. She ends up journaling her food for about 5 days every 2 or 3 months.

    Sounds like you are on the right track – I am working on following in your footsteps.

  19. I think our dogs have the potential to be best friends. Yours looks just like mine when she’s shaved. What kind of puppy is it?

    • Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

      are you local (Minneapolis?) Iggy loves new friends! He is a havenese-poo (mix between a havanese & a poodle). Love him to pieces!

  20. I hear you Jen! Maintenance is about centering, and I am so glad I read your post sometimes I get really bumbed because I ate over my calories, but it wasn’t bad calories it wasn’t old habits!

    I log my food at Livestrong.com/Daily Plate been doing that since 01/09.

  21. Wow!! What you have done is awesome!! I just started my journey on Feb. 1st!! I have at least 100 lbs to lose 🙁 I also started a blog about my journey so hopefully this will help keep me motivated and accountable!! I look forward to reading more of your posts!!

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