Future PriorFatGirl/Guy: Vote!

Ah yes — I’m pretty sure you are going to have a hard time deciding who to vote for to be the next Future PriorFatGirl/Guy.

I encourage you to review each of the entries and then scroll down to vote.

# 1 – Allison
#2 – Andreana

#3 – Ann
#4 – Liz
#5 – James
#6 –Megan
#7 – Sara
#8 – Nic
#9 – Lindsey

Voting has been disabled.

Note: I have corrected the links to the entries above. A few have mentioned difficulties with voting – this seems to be an issue with a few limited IP addresses only. Because there are a large number of votes already recorded and the voting issue does not seem to be widespread, we will leave voting as is. Voting left via comment or sent through email will not be recorded.

I officially come back tomorrow and am sad. What an amazing, unforgettable trip.


  1. Eek! Jen You got a bit of bad code in there from nomination 2 down all links to nomination 9. 🙂 Hope your travels back are/were safe. Time to review the blogs and really think about who to vote for… What time does the poll close?

  2. Cathy – your vote should work ok…it’s just when you click on the links to review the nominations that 2-9 all link to nomination 9.

    Jen – safe travels!

    – CJ

  3. Perhaps shoot Jen an Email and let her know who you intended to vote for and who the vote went to. Got to love when a simple error makes things go all wack!

  4. Voted! I can’t wait to see who is chosen, everyone was so inspiring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I cannot seem to get my vote to register either.

  6. so hard to choose! I’m off to vote…

  7. eek… I voted, but I wanted to vote for a few people! I hope when the winner is announced we’ll get blog addresses for everyone, I would love to be able to read about everyone’s progress and offer support.

  8. The voting doesn’t seem to be working either; I know at least 3 people voted for one of the contestants who was only showing 2 votes after I voted…sending an email just in case.

  9. Hey jen,

    The voting box is not showing up for many of my friends. One friend showed me on her screen. Your blog appears but the countdown to the next event and the voting box are missing.

  10. The vote worked just fine for me but but the links didn’t, #2-#9 were all one link.

    Good luck to all!

  11. Any chance of having two winners? I would love to see a priorfatguy AND a priorfatgirl added to your priorfatfamily!

  12. What a tought decision!

  13. I voted for Number 10!

    I put in a couple of votes. Very nice to see how many people wanted this.

  14. I can’t see where to vote?! My vote goes to James, but I can’t figure out how to do it! Am I missing something?

  15. Im excited!! I wish there could be 2…but if not than i hope as well as others that you can post the address blog of the runner up..

  16. I cant vote either!! 🙁

  17. It’s not registering my vote when I click on it.

  18. I cannot see how to vote either.

  19. Just wondering how long we will be voting for? The gap is closing quickly. 🙂

  20. Welcome back oh wise one. Grab some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s I can’t imagine how the jet lag is gonna hit as you get back to work. Good luck.

  21. Why do we only have to have 1 winner? Oh Jen, can we pretty please have the top two or three? This is so tough.

  22. Seems to me both James and Lindsey can drive the traffic here with their stories. I’d say both should be the winners.

  23. I hate to be a bum, but why is the BOY winning in the race to be the next Prior Fat GIRL? Sorry, your story is nice and I am sure your friends and family are enjoying your lead since they are putting in the votes but this is more geared towards women. I will be much less interest in a man’s blog, on this particular site, than a woman’s…only because this is more of a women’s place. In fact, I probably won’t read it if you win. Sorry 🙁

    Vote for a woman!! I say #9 ALL THE WAY!

    • Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

      Oh dear, I hope I have not created a blog where only women feel comfortable. {Although from the number of male readers, I do not think this is the case.}

      I don’t think we should judge people based on their gender – we could learn a lot if we allow ourselves to learn from others, no matter their race, gender or any other diversity factors. I can learn just as much from James and his journey as I can from Lindsey and her story.

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put anyone down!! I just felt it was a place for women to hear from women on the struggles and successes of losing weight. I am sure there are men readers and they enjoy it very much, just seemed like a girl choice would be a better option for a site very geared toasted women 🙂 Forgive me for the mistake!

  24. The great part about being part of the weight loss community is that no matter where you are in your journey there are people there to support you. Jen is one of these people. I asked and was pleased, proud, privliaged, and beyond excited to get a chance to enter a post. Making it this far was a win in my book. Being viewed by this many people freaked me out a bit, but was flattered at the result. I’ve learned not to judege myself against anybody else in the weight loss game, and can say I’ve developed a friendly raport with many of the girls who made it this far. That includes Lindsey. All we want is somebody to hear our story and give us some positive feedback. Most of us can go a week with out comments on a post at our home sites. So Mal I’m sorry you feel that way, and if I did win I would certainly hope for a change of mind. You might learn something about yourself, or somebody close to you.

    It’s not about girls. Its about sharing. It’s about inspiring. Its about learning what makes us who we as we make the choices to live a healthier life.

    Thanks Jen. I can tell you that I never felt excluded as a Prior Fat Girl reader or now contributor. Guessing Ryan, Vinny, Tony and the others don’t either.

    • That was so well put, James! I just have to say, I’m usually a lurker on this site but I had to come out and publicly show my support for you after this. I am a woman who is struggling to lose weight, and I found that I identified with you more than all of the other women! I don’t know if its because of your sense of humor, or writing style, or your story, but I just wanted to say that the fact that you are a guy never entered into my mind as a negative thing or as a “separator”. Good luck on this contest! I see that its neck and neck between you and Lindsey. She’s great too. I hope that even if you don’t win, maybe Jen can allow you to make some PriorFatGuy guest posts every once in a while?

  25. Mal-

    I’m not going to beat a dead horse… I truly don’t believe you were being malicious, and of course I appreciate any support in my direction. That being said, the rest of my message is really directed at anyone who may be reading these messages/posts and mulling them over.

    James is right. He and I have indeed become friends. I am fiercely proud of his story and his success, and I believe he deserves to be heard. He is a talented writer, and he has made himself as vulnerable as I have on this Web site. In fact, so have the other seven nominees. We’ve revealed a severely uncomfortable amount of information to you and opened ourselves up to speculation.

    Believe me, it wasn’t an easy thing to do, especially knowing the risk. You could be the loser… and not the BIGGEST kind. The real kind. The kind that puts his/her story out there and doesn’t get voted in. The kind that has to walk into work with her head held high, knowing that everyone she sees is thinking about her un-fancy panties. Ouch.

    Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is that it is IMPERATIVE that we step back and realize that Jen has done a wonderful thing by offering her own platform to another individual. I would love to win, but I will honored to lose to any of my fellow competitors. We all gots the chubs. And we’re all in it together.

    • How did i miss this friend train. I want on..not going to lie I was kind of scared to death to read the comments on this post. Being one of the people npt pulling in many votes I was worried about either this happening right here with the whole manbash (not that I don’t see what you’re saying Mal I just know that THIS is really hard for the nine of us up there) but also with the thought that maybe this was going to get so intense soeone would say something like “Andreana blows! Everyone vote -insert name here-” and the thought of that even being possible made me cringe a little… so I waited until today to check these out and I’m glad most of the comments are pretty positive for sure. Lol

  26. Also, Mallory. If you’re the Mallory I think you are… you were my motivational partner! Weren’t you? It’s Dre aka thedeadlyleaf on twitter… we e-mailed for a while if I remember correctly.. unless you’re a totally different person in which case… oops ignore me lol

  27. So hard to choose just one, I pick you all if I can =)


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