Wanted: a future priorfatgirl

I blog because it is therapy for myself — it truly helps me to work through some of the emotional stuff that goes along with being healthy. That said, I’m so grateful to hear feedback that, by me sharing my journey, others are inspired and motivated on their own journey. One of my goals with this blog, {besides my own personal goal of continued therapy}, is to let ya’ll know I am not special. I did not do anything you cannot do. I love giving other people the spotlight and want to help others succeed in their journey. So…

…the time has come to once again expand the priorfatgirl family! This time, the process will be a little different — as in, self-nominations are now being accepted! Here’s how it’ll go:

  • Self-Nomination Deadline: Submit your self-nomination prior to THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21st, 2010 at 8pm CT. {see how to self-nominate & rules of self-nomination below)
  • Self-Nomination Review: Jen, a priorfatgirl will select the top choices based multiple criteria – those selected will move onto the 2nd round. {see nomination review criteria below.}
  • PriorFatGirl Reader Voting: During the week of November 1st, Jen, a priorfatgirl will post the top choices and will allow for priorfatgirl readers to vote on who the next priorfatgirl will be.

How to Self-Nominate!:

Send an email to jen@priorfatgirl.comΒ  a 700-1,000 words describing why you want to join the PriorFatGirl family. Also include a link to your blog. Feel free to expand on any combination of the below suggestions:

– your physical & mental healthiness goals.
– what healthiness means to you.
– how you plan to change your life, not just your diet.
– what you’ve learned from blogging & other healthiness bloggers.
– anything else about your journey you feel relevant.
Do not go over 1,000 words — Jen, a priorfatgirl has a short attention span! You are welcome to include a .jpg picture.

Rules of Self Nomination:

These are rules, not guidelines. Blogging guidelines (as in, suggestions) will be provided to the selected priorfatgirl. As a priorfatgirl, you will be asked to follow the rules below.

You must have an active blog: Don’t roll your eyes – blogging is tough. Fighting through your healthiness life is tougher. Doing them together, at the same time is redonkulously hard.Β  There is no definition of “active blog” but you must update on a somewhat regular basis… regular meaning multiple times per month. Your blog does not have to be health focused – it is more so to show you know what you are getting yourself into.

You must not rely on quick fix diets, pills or any other fad idea: You know the drill. Being healthy is forever. Eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch is not. Nor is some crazy infomercial idea. To nominate yourself, you agree to fight through not only the physical barriers of being healthy, but the mental without the help of a quick fix. You also agree that you will fight to figure out what healthy means to you. If something doesn’t work, try try again.

You are willing to fight…publicly: This means you are in it for the long haul and are willing to share your experience with anyone who finds your journey. Your personal life will still be your personal life – you can set your own boundaries on what you share. However, your healthiness journey can still be shared as it relates to how things effect your journey.

Additional terms: Priorfatgirl does not edit or scrutinize posts. A blog is personal journal for individual use. That said, the PriorFatGirl brand and what it stands for should be held in high regard. Additional guidelines will be provided during each additional stage of the process.

Self-Nomination Review:

During this process, Jen, a priorfatgirl will review applications and select which applications move onto the 2nd round. Applications will be reviewed on multiple criteria which includes but is not limited to:

Trueness to yourself: I’m looking for someone who can be honest with themselves. Someone who can look herself in the mirror and acknowledge they are the only one who can do this…and then go do it. It is easy to talk the talk but a priorfatgirl is someone who can walk the walk.

Writing/Communication Style: While each priorfatgirl should have their own individual writing style, it is important that they can genuinely articulate their experience. Grammar and spelling does not have to be perfect but it should be fluid and interesting to the reader. This means being able to convey humor, sadness, frustration, excitement and anything else that helps the general flow of story.

Appreciate where you’ve been, where you are and where you are going: Everyone starts somewhere. This is not about finding someone who has the most weight to lose — this is so much more than that. This is about someone who can truly appreciate their own healthiness journey for what it truly is – a learning process. This is about someone who can truly appreciate each step of the learning process and can embrace life lessons.

Anything else I feel appropriate: There is no “mold” a priorfatgirl will fit. Because this is such an individual journey, applications will be selected on a variety of other selection criteria including their previous blogging journey and fight among others.

PriorFatGirl Reader Voting:

The week of November 1st, the selected self-nominations will be shared — it will be up to the PriorFatGirl readers to select who will become the next PriorFatGirl! Additional voting instructions will be announced at that time. This is not a popularity contest — this is life. Begging for votes is not encouraged.

So, what are you waiting for? This is open to anyone, in any country. Let the self-nominations begin!


  1. ok so now I wanna nominate me as something.
    a bound for the old folks home prior fat woman?

    a PFG-mentor?

    a something somethin

    • MizFit – You cracked me up and I just had to comment to let you know. LOL Was thinking along the same lines, but if I’m correct you’re in your 30’s like me? Old folks home… prior fat woman. LOL’ing some more. πŸ™‚

      Jen – Looking forward to this. πŸ™‚

    • I think you should nominate yourself as the official priorfatgirl mentor & role model. In all seriousness. God knows I’ve called on you enough, you deserve and already own that title!

  2. Julie Mae Reck says:

    Well, I guess I can’t nominate myself because I don’t currently have a blog, although I’ve been playing around with the idea for quite some time. I’ve always been a good writer and I think it would be good for me as a release as well as accountability tool. Anyway, I’ve already started my journey. I’m 5’2″ and I started out at 215 pounds and I’m now at 193.8 pounds. I go to a women’s fitness boot camp several times a week and I like to do Zumba, Yoga, and other stuff at the gym. I also just did the PCRM 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, although I actually did it for the whole month of September rather than just the 3 weeks. And since October started, I pretty much stuck to the vegan diet with a few vegetarian exceptions because I’ve had a bad cold and didn’t want to be so strict about not having dairy. Considering I wasn’t even vegetarian before September, I think I’ve done exceptionally well. Any advice on a good source of information and tips for starting a blog?

  3. Bummer! I thought I’d be a good fit for this, but unfortunately I don’t have an active blog, but have always wanted to start one. I wanted to help others, but its hard to do and to put lots of effort in to when you’re not sure even anyone reads it.

    But I look forward to meeting the new PFG.

  4. Well this is creepy I just updated my blog for the first time in months today and came over to read and am intrigued to the maximus lol. I’m kind of nervous about nominating myself, feels like I’m applying for a job a little bit… but the best job ever sort of. πŸ˜€

  5. Well, if I manage to keep my blog on track for the next two weeks… I just might give it a shot! You’re right, blogging is hard work!

  6. Just reading the description of how this person must “behave” to be a priorfatgirl is enough to motivate me on doing the right things to be healthy and fit. Wish I were a blogger. I will just have to be a voter at this time for the new priorfatgirl family member nominee! Have fun!

  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some freshness up in here! good luck to all entrants!

  8. Can we expand to a future PriorFatGuy? As I write this I see the same questions being posed on Twitter.

  9. Jen–

    I have just begun my journey and my blog. I know yesterday that I would begin all of this today. I know there should never me a must date but today, my journey begins. I have been following this blog for a long time and I always cry when you post something encouraging. It makes me feel like I can do it.

    So since I started officially today…..do I count?

  10. Jennifer Abney says:

    Jen, Do we have to have a blog already or do we start blogging once we become a PriorFatGirl?

  11. Jen, this is so awesome! Such a great opportunity for someone! You are such an inspiration to so many people, you are truly paying it forward here!
    I’d enter, but I’m already a “priorfatgirl!”
    Thanks in part to you!!!

  12. I nominate Jen E. from MN

  13. Does the blog have to be solely weightloss centered? I’ve had a LiveJournal blog since 2004 but it’s a personal one with weight stuff thrown in…

  14. I for a split second considered gaining all my weight back…is this wrong, against the rules ;-). I’m kidding of course!
    Great idea Jen, whom ever you chose will only benefit and knowledge!
    Good luck to all participants!

  15. Long-time lurker who got up the chutzpah to send in a submission for consideration… although I think my poor, neglected blog is currently not up to snuff. It was a long time ago, but I had literally no readers and just decided to delete the whole thing. BIG mistake; I miss it! Anyway, I look forward to seeing the chosen few. Great idea, Jen!

  16. Awesome. I can’t wait to vote on all of them! I definitely will NOT be nominating myself. But good look to all those who do!

  17. Oooooo very very intriguing. I’m in!

  18. I think it’s great that you are expanding the family. I just may have to apply for this! Will send in my application this week for consideration.

  19. What about a priorfatcouple? A Husband and Wife, celebrating two years of marriage, about to turn 25 and wanting to start a family?

    I’ll email you πŸ™‚

  20. I don’t want to nominate myself (my posts are small at this point and I have a minimal amount of followers) but I was wondering if we can nominate someone else.

    Her name is Sandy & her blog is http://gettingfitandlovingit.blogspot.com/

  21. I just came across your blog while searching for reviews of Good Girls Don’t Get Fat. I’ve lost 75 pounds in the last year, but I don’t know that I fit into your paradigm so well, as I’m committed to firmly committed size acceptance and the Health at Every Size concept. Would it be possible for us to correspond a bit via email? Thanks.


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