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Work went into overdrive yesterday — meeting attendees arrived and we kicked the meeting yesterday afternoon. Last night, the group went on a boat cruise. Nice but work related — and, to be honest, I’d much rather be at home w/ Iggy and Carlos. That said, we had a good time.

I didn’t get home until late and started this morning at 7am. A quick update on a few random things…


Weird…the past couple of weeks I’ve started to get heartburn. I used to get it a lot when I was overweight but when I lost weight, the heartburn seemed to go away. The past year, I’ve noticed I get heartburn when I drink too much soda (like a can 2 days in a row) so I limit my soda. This past week, I haven’t had soda or anything else carbonated but am still getting heartburn. (maybe like 4 times in the past week which is more than in the past 4 months.)

I haven’t taken anything for it because it goes away after about 45 minutes but the frequency bothers me — I think I’m going to be a little more attentive with it for the next couple of days to see if anything else could be triggering it. (I know it isn’t coffee, spicy food or carbonated beverages because I don’t have a lot of those.)

New Shoes

I’ve mentioned a few times recently, that after running, my ankle bothered me. I finally ended up going out to get new shoes.

Happy feet.

I’ve run twice in them and so far so good — maybe all I needed was new shoes? Apparently, it is very important to buy new shoes often if you are a runner because running wears down on the support a shoe gives. I’m the worst at buying new shoes often so I guess it was about time I got some new ones.


A couple of people have asked if my weight has changed from my running schedule — it has not. In fact, my weight has been pretty stable the past three months. I’ve been pretty good about eating enough to support my running (meaning eating enough calories to make sure I can run!) and to be honest, I really have no desire to lose another 20lbs. Yes, I have vanity pounds but I have no desire to be any smaller of a size than I am now (how about THAT for some mental progress?!!)

I am running for me, not to lose weight. I really could care less about the fact that running has not meant losing weight. I am so proud of the fact that I can run like I have and that I have pushed myself beyond what I ever thought possible!

Iggy’s Sleepover

Since this week is so crazy with work, my cuz Kirstin is taking Iggy for a couple of days. Kirstin has two adorable children who adore Iggy and I know will play with Iggy until he is exhausted. I’m sad though…two full days without Iggy.ย  I gave him extra hugs this morning as I was packing his overnight bag. {ha, yes…I am that kinda doggy mom who treats him like my child because he is MY child…a furry child.}

Alright kids, I gotta jet — talk to you tomorrow


  1. “to be honest, I really have no desire to lose another 20lbs” — what if I gave up focusing on the last 30lbs and just ran/exercise/ate because I loved where I was?

    you struk something in me

  2. When I first started really getting into running I didn’t know I needed to replace my shoes until I started to get pain in my right foot. I replaced the shoes and it is all better. Now I keep track of how many miles I run in my running shoes and only reserve them for running. I have other shoes for the gym. You should replace your shoes anywhere from 250-500 miles.

  3. Replacing my running shoes every 3-4 months or every 300 or so miles makes my feet happy as well as my knees and hips! Yay for your new kicks! Happy running, Jen! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I get heartburn now from grapes and chocolate! I never did before, oh and also spaghetti sauce and other tomato products even cherry tomatoes.

  5. My Chihuahua has an over night bag too ๐Ÿ™‚
    On another note…just wanted to thank you for your blog. You are an inspiration!

  6. Isn’t unexplained heartburn one symptom of pregnancy? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I am struck by the idea of finally being done with wanting to lose weight and doing runs because it feels good. I have no idea what that feels like, but it’s an interesting perspective that it’s something else to look forward to and prepare for along this journey.

  8. Lately, I’ve been coming to the same realization. I’m OK with my size now. I’ve lost 30-40 from my heaviest weight and have pretty much been stuck at 150 give or take for years. I can’t get any lower and when I do it’s SO hard to maintain, whereas I can sit at 150 with little to no effort. I guess acceptance comes with age and experience!

    As for the running, I’ve had a heavy running schedule for the past few months as well with absolutely NO WEIGHT LOSS. In fact, running so much makes me so much hungrier in general, and I need the calories to get a good run in. It’s not worth it to eat less and have a crappy run.

    I’m so glad you wrote this post because it really helps to know that it’s ok to be “done” losing weight.

  9. I seem to get heartburn and an acid stomach when I’m really stressed out more than from certain foods. Maybe that’s the case with you? Hope you figure it out.

  10. We are so excited to get Iggy!! Yeah..the kids don’t know yet so SHHH it’s a secret! love you, we’ll take real good care of him..good trial as well!

  11. New shoes … great idea! I replace mine about every 5-6 months. Would love to do it more often, but my finances dictate that I need to stretch it out as long as possible. I ONLY wear mine for running too, to save them.

  12. I’m in pharmacy school and did a project about heartburn, and really random things can actually exacerbate it (did you know mashed potatoes are the worst?!). Soft things can actually be really bad because the lower esophageal sphincter doesn’t close right all the time when we eat soft foods, which allows acid to come up. My advice would be to watch you’re diet and see if you can find those foods that cause it. Just remember, it might not be the “normal” ones you’d think of!

    Oh and you are inspiring. I’ve bee thinking alot about how I don’t actually medically need to lose those last 20 pounds, but I just want to. I’d so love to be where you are mentally! Good job! thanks for the encouragement!

  13. I love your attitude about running and how you are doing it to make you happy not just to lose weight. If you view it as something that you get pleasure from you are sure to stick with in for the long term and it isn’t seen as a chore, which is always a plus!

    You definitely should trade in your shoes often, especially if you will be running.Good shoes = less injuries.

  14. Great blog – congratulations on your journey! Keep inspiring us! Sorry to hear of your mom’s passing – I understand sudden loss as this happened to my dad when he was 54. (((( hugs ))))

  15. “Yes, I have vanity pounds but I have no desire to be any smaller of a size than I am now (how about THAT for some mental progress?!!)” Um, this is AWESOME, Jen!!

    And I love Asics; they are my favorite brand of running shoes. And I also lost very little weight when I was running regularly, but I sure did feel good about myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Oh dear. Heartburn doesn’t sound fun.

    Yay new shoes!

    And yaaaay for you and being comfortable where you are.

  17. I get heartburn when I run…I eat a few tums before and its good for the rest of the day

  18. Plain ole’ celery is awesome for dealing with heartburn. I weened myself off Pepsid A.C. and every now and then I still get it if I drink coffee or too much salt. I usually feel relief within minutes of eating a piece or two.

  19. Congratulations for finding your joy in running and realizing you don’t want to lose more weight! I felt myself take a big sigh of relief with your statement. There is something so powerful and freeing in realizing that there is so much more to our beautiful lives than the size of our bodies.


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