hi :)

still alive and kicking, friends 🙂

to tell you the truth, i’ve had a few posts in my head in the past month, but then time got away from me and i never wrote them. oops.

i’ve also been searching for my camera’s memory card adapter for a couple of weeks now. today i decided to face the music and deem it gone forever. basically, the superyummy pictures i took of the most delicious and quick homemade salsa ever are stuck on the card until my new adapter comes in the mail. (found one on ebay for less than $2 and they’ll get it to me within a few days. heck yes!)

so i guess that’s part of why i haven’t posted.

and because i’ve been feeling boring for the past month.

what can i say? still kickboxing. still trying to eat well a lot of the time. still trying to shed those extra few summer pounds. same old amanda!

actually, i did throw in a morning run last week and it rocked. i had been setting my alarm for earlier than usual the past couple of weeks, yet i just wasn’t making it out of bed for exercise funtimes. but the other day i was like, “dang it, amanda! you complain that you’ve gained a little, but you’re not really doing much about it. GET OUT OF BED, FOOL!!!!”

and i did.

and i ran and ran and ran.

and i loved it.

i had a fab day after that, and i felt really great about myself. the only negative is that it was on the treadmill rather than outside. i find the treadmill boring and, honestly, too easy. i increase the incline and speed, yet i still don’t get nearly as tired as during my outdoor runs.

for instance, when i run outside, i kinda wanna start walking after 1 or 1.5 miles. i don’t NEED to by any means, but my brain (and sometimes lungs) try to hold me back. i can run a 5K on the treadmill and only have a couple thoughts of walking. i increase the incline and speed, so what am i missing?? i prob just don’t push myself enough.

umm ok i guess that’s all for today. wish i had more. will share some colorful salsa and amanda pics once my adapter arrives. love!


  1. Welcome Back Amanda!

    Hope your new card thingie comes fast…i recently entered the world of a digital camera that actually takes a memory card (old one was awesome but only took 20 pics at a time, so i never used it) and ithink i have officially driven everyone i know crazy on anything we have gone to done whatever lol ..what i’ve only taken just over 1000 pictures since July haha

    also I dont know what it is about doing it on a machine …I can do a 5k on one but off im still working up to be anywhere near the same time
    Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

  2. Isn’t the treadmill thing a result of it being a self-propelled machine? The ground doesn’t move underneath you, but the treadmill does, so I think running action on a treadmill is more moving your body up and down rather than propelling yourself forward. Or… something? Ha ha.

  3. Hey,

    way to go on getting that run in! I just thought I’d share this since I just learned not to long ago. The biggest difference between running on the treadmill and outside is the muscles you’re working. Running outside, you utilize all of your leg muscles, but when running on the treadmill, your hamstrings don’t do any work. This is because the “road comes to you” on the treadmill. You don’t really have to propel yourself forward. But when running outside you do. Does that make sense? I hope so!

  4. Hey! Me again…sorry, I forgot to post a link with the info about treadmill running vs. outdoor running!


  5. Hello! I always try to alternate, because it’s true, running outside and inside works different muscles, but you can get a great workout on a tready. Try doing intervals. Every 1/4 mile, alternate between what’s an easy run for you (for me, 11-12 min miles) and something that’s about an 85-90% effort (for me – something between 7:30-8 min miles). My hamstrings usually ache after a run, but after that, my quads are definitely joining in the pain party too.

    As for mornings, I’ve been having the same trouble. It’s been BEAUTIFUL but I haven’t gotten my butt outta bed and been doing the treadmill after work thing. Gonna try to break that this week.

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