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Oreos cured a migrane!

ugh – life happened yesterday and caused for a very stressful afternoon and evening. One of them days when I’d rather just skip over all the drama and talk about how it effected me.

First things first, I did not get a workout in. And I’m actually pretty frustrated about it. I got called home about lunchtime, and 3 minutes before I had planned on going to my work gym to change & go running. At home, I took care of what I needed to but didn’t get back to work until 3pm which left only 2 hours to get 17 hours worth of work done {yes, I’m over-exaggerating in my work.} Within an hour of being back at work, my head began to pound {right behind my eyes} and shortly thereafter, the headache turned into one of them can’ kind of pain.

I left at 5pm and swung by a store to get some Excedrin. When I got home, I took care of some more stress causing crap. And then, I remembered something in the cupboard… something I’ve had for about 12.5 MONTHS.

"Open Only in Case of Emergency"

Oh yes. Please understand, this surely was an emergency. If your new to my blog, my mom looovved her some oreos. She would eat them in bed. She would hide them from my dad, not because she didn’t think he needed them but because she wanted them alllll to herself.  READ THIS STORY ABOUT MY MOM & HER OREOS – HILARIOUS! HA, I laugh when I think about her and her oreos – God only knows how much I truly miss her. Anyway, shortly after my mom passed away, I got a care package in the mail from a friend with the oreos enclosed. I vowed to only eat the oreos in case of true emergency — there have been about 3 times since then when I’ve pulled the oreos out and pondered whether or not I was experiencing an emergency. Each time, I convinced myself it was not an emergency and did not open the oreos.

I officially made it 12.5 months without needing them. After all the crap-ola happening over the past 12.5 months, yesterday was enough — I opened the oreos. And guess what?


{uh, well…it could have been the Excedrin but I like the oreo idea much better!}

I didn’t eat them all, no worries. I ate about 4 and then put them away. After dinner {see below}, I ate about 3 more so yeah yeah, 7 oreos – whatev. Hellish day = it was an emergency.

The good news is that I didn’t inhale ALL the oreos. And, it wasn’t a fight with myself to not eat them all. It just felt normal to eat a couple (or 7) and then put the rest away. BWL (before weight loss), I would have either eaten them all right away or probably had an internal fight with myself not to. I’m proud of myself, that I didn’t feel the need to eat all the oreos.

P.S. Oreos taste just as wonderfully delish 12.5 months later as they do when first purchased.

Amazing Dinner

After my headache went away, I made dinner. When I first met Carlos, I was very conservative in the kitchen. As in, scared to make anything that didn’t come with instructions that said “Cook in microwave for 2-16 minutes, let cool and enjoy!” Over the past two years, and after many of encouraging conversations from Carlos, I’ve grown in my cooking skills. {Although don’t be too impressed, I still have a way to go.} Last night, I started with some sausage I bought from Trader Joe’s on Sunday.

Trader Joe's Spinach, Fontina & Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage = Yummy in my Tummy.

In a pan, I drizzeled some EVOO and added some diced red onion. After about 3-4 minutes, I added some sausage and about a 1/2 cup water.

Almost to their full potential!

I cooked it until the water evaporated and then added another 1.5 cups of water. I added a small can of mushrooms and a can of cream of mushroom soup. I added about 10 cherry tomatoes from our garden (which can easily be omitted if you have none.) I cooked on medium for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Are you drooling?

After about 20 minutes, I increased the heat slightly to bring to a low boil…just enough to let some of the excess liquid burn off and so the sauce could thicken up a little. I served over noodles. {This was almost like a chicken sausage version of beef stroganoff.}

Wait for it...

As an after thought, I realized I wished it had a little more kick to it so I pulled out, what else, some Franks Hot Sauce.

A couple splashes of Franks Hot Sauce and sprinkles of feta cheese.

So good, it deserves me posting the picture twice!

My verdict: Wow…did I make this? This is yum!
Carlos Verdict:
This is outstanding, Jennifer. You will definitely need to add this into a regular rotation! …. I’m really impressed, Jennifer. This is really good!

It may not be the loowessstt calorie option but it isn’t horribly crazy. And, I gotta tell you, I STILL weigh 149lbs —  while I am pretty sure I need to be aware of the foods I eat, I am feeling more confident than ever that I am okay with my eating and this whole idea of trusting myself.

Thursday goal:

I am working a 1/2 day at work today and then will work 1/2 day from home. That said, my goal is to go for a 2 mile run at some point today as well as get about 30 minutes of weight lifting into my day. It is recommended to taper running the week immediately prior to a race so I’ll keep my miles  limited and instead concentrate on working out some upper body muscles.

I’m pretty emotionally drained from the drama yesterday so today, besides getting my 2 miles in, my goal is to take an hour out of my schedule tonight and just relax. Thanks for always supporting me and giving me my space to deal with things in a public way without feeling bad for not sharing all the dumb details. Drama is drama and sometimes, it just isn’t worth repeating.


Maybe I shouldn’t have done it so close to my 10 mile race but last night, I gave myself permission to not run.

Let me back up a bit: I packed my gym bag and intended to get my scheduled 4 miles in over lunch. Lunchtime came and I was so imersed in my work, I didn’t even realize what time it was until 12:45pm. Since I had a 2pm meeting that I still needed to get ready for, I didn’t have time to make it down and back up {plus actually eat.} When I got home, I could have gone. The weather was nice, the sun was out and sunshine rays were glowing down like my mom sent them herself. {Thanks mom!}

But for some reason, I gave myself permission not to run. I was okay with it. I am okay with it. I smiled and allowed myself to be okay not doing my 4 miles. Because I know I’ve been pretty intense in my training schedule and can honor my need to take 2 rest days in a row (I ran Sunday but did not workout on Monday because it was a scheduled rest day.)

A funny thing happened though — despite the fact that I gave myself permission to not go running, I still wanted to do something. Carlos was in the living room setting up our speakers (which had broke, we just got the replacements finally.) I mentioned I wasn’t going running but instead of sitting down to read blogs, get lost on facebook or respond to unread emails, I went and used the new workout machine to do some weights. I did about 30 minutes and felt great!

Sure, I didn’t burn 400 calories.
Sure, I didn’t run 4 miles.
Sure, I gave in and didn’t do my training.

But it’s okay, it’s alright. Sometimes, we just gotta go with the flow. I finished my weights and took Iggy for a 30 minute walk while I talked to my sister, Melinda. Came home and had a 30 minute conference call and then…at 8pm, I zoned out watching Hulu.

And I gave myself permission to be okay with it.

And on that note, I woke up relaxed and ready to fight through whatever healthiness struggles I need to face today.

I am set for success!

Practice Makes Perfect-ish

Didja miss it? Major announcement, click here!

A true story with no names.

On Saturday night, someone was on their way home from a late night out. On the 2:30am drive home, the thought of food crossed their mind so they swung through McDonald’s drive through to get a cheeseburger & medium french fries. Food consumed during the drive home meant “to bed to sleep” was the first thought when they got home.

~~~flash forward to next morning~~~

Someone woke up around 9am and got dressed to go to the gym. They grabbed a protein shake and ran out the door. While leg pressin’ their way through the workout, they realized something was not right. Someone’s stomach started turning and gurgling and pressuring. Soon, it was apparent via foul smell that someone was extra gaseous that morning.

Someone’s mind began to wonder what happened… and then it dawned on them. This was a new protein shake so apparently, it didn’t react well with their stomach. Someone was convinced they could no longer drink said protein shakes for the sake of trainer and fellow gym members. peewww!

During a conversation later that day, someone was confiding in me the story and their new found realization that they could no longer drink protien shakes because it made them gaseous.

I pondered. I questioned. And then I doubted.

That just didn’t seem right to me. Protein? Making someone gaseous? I mean, I guess it could happen but it just didn’t seem right. And then I remembered what that person had the night before. I asked them if it could perhaps be an effect of their late night drive through rendezvous and that their body was having a hard time processing the unusually high fat content.


I remember so often when I was overweight; I would eat something and my body would scream out with side effects yet I would dismiss them as a reaction to something non-related instead of listening to my body {and lemme be honest, this still sadly happens far too often.}

On multiple multiple occasions, I remember waking up sssooo thristy. Mouth dry and craving the sweetness of a diet coke; so a diet coke I would consume. Warm, because I could drink it faster than cold. Ten minutes later, I would be thirsty again so more diet coke I would drink. Never did I stop to think that my body was actually thristy for water. Dehydrated. Craving clear, natural plan ‘ol water.

Last night, I was listening to a podcast on intuitive eating from Two Fit Chicks & a Microphone {very interested by the way, you should listen to it!} Anyway, there was a point in the podcast where MizFit chimes in and says:

“Don’t miss what our body is telling us because how horrible we feel.”

I got stuck on this sentence and rewound the podcast about three times to catch the full context but my mind started wandering. I’m the first to admit that I do not stop enough to truly listen to what my body is telling me. And even when I think I am, I’m associating a reaction or a cry for help to something totally unrelated {as in being gaseous from a protein shake vs. McDonalds}.

Practice Makes Perfect-ish

I’m in the camp that I’ll never be perfect but that I should continue to try. If I compare how much I listen to my body now vs. 3 years ago, the progress is tenfold. The first step in my journey? Well, I know “deprivation” and “denying” and “not allowing” things is considered a no-no but it wasn’t until I removed some things from my regular consumption that I realized how much those things were truly effecting me…in a negative way.

I don’t think that we need to ban things from our life – after all, life is about enjoying the little things (like oreos, love you mom!) But I do think sometimes we need to take a break from something in order to truly understand its effects on our life, on our health, on our total well being. You know, kind of like… absence makes the heart grow fonder or absence makes for gaseous tummy when you eat it again?

Easier said than done though. I still have a long ways to go in this whole intuitive eating journey. Some things, I’ve figured out. I know when my body screams for water. I know the adverse reaction eating something like McDonalds will have on my body because I haven’t eaten fast food in so long. {gaseous reaction, anyone?!} But I still have so much more to learn. So for now, I will just continue to take it baby steps. Because…

diamonds aren’t created overnight.

Ending on a bra note:

Most times, I like to make sure I end on a positive note – today, it is a bra note. My friend Missy @ The Marketing Mama just announced an amazingly fun Get Fit event on October 15th. I’ve penciled it in and am planning on going because to be honest, I’m pretty sure my boobies are not being supported the way they are suppose to. {uh, sorry if that is TMI but I gotta speak honesty.} My boobies sure have shrunk over the past three years and I really have no clue what I’m doing in the boobie support department.

And, it is free – so why not? Who is coming with me?

hi :)

still alive and kicking, friends 🙂

to tell you the truth, i’ve had a few posts in my head in the past month, but then time got away from me and i never wrote them. oops.

i’ve also been searching for my camera’s memory card adapter for a couple of weeks now. today i decided to face the music and deem it gone forever. basically, the superyummy pictures i took of the most delicious and quick homemade salsa ever are stuck on the card until my new adapter comes in the mail. (found one on ebay for less than $2 and they’ll get it to me within a few days. heck yes!)

so i guess that’s part of why i haven’t posted.

and because i’ve been feeling boring for the past month.

what can i say? still kickboxing. still trying to eat well a lot of the time. still trying to shed those extra few summer pounds. same old amanda!

actually, i did throw in a morning run last week and it rocked. i had been setting my alarm for earlier than usual the past couple of weeks, yet i just wasn’t making it out of bed for exercise funtimes. but the other day i was like, “dang it, amanda! you complain that you’ve gained a little, but you’re not really doing much about it. GET OUT OF BED, FOOL!!!!”

and i did.

and i ran and ran and ran.

and i loved it.

i had a fab day after that, and i felt really great about myself. the only negative is that it was on the treadmill rather than outside. i find the treadmill boring and, honestly, too easy. i increase the incline and speed, yet i still don’t get nearly as tired as during my outdoor runs.

for instance, when i run outside, i kinda wanna start walking after 1 or 1.5 miles. i don’t NEED to by any means, but my brain (and sometimes lungs) try to hold me back. i can run a 5K on the treadmill and only have a couple thoughts of walking. i increase the incline and speed, so what am i missing?? i prob just don’t push myself enough.

umm ok i guess that’s all for today. wish i had more. will share some colorful salsa and amanda pics once my adapter arrives. love!