wrote an entire post and then everything disappeared. want to dropkick my computer. second time’s a charm …

last night i had dinner and giggles with eliz and nathan. we (mostly they) made superyummy veggie and bean fajitas! so yummy, in fact, that i ate four. whatever, they were healthy.

here’s how i built each masterpiece: i began with a small corn tortilla that i had warmed in the oven (only 1 pt for two tortillas!). i proceeded to add a few diced tomatoes and an avocado slice. next i scooped on a spoonful of refried/black bean mixture. (yum! great idea, nathan!) atop that i added some sauteed green peppers, red peppers and red onions. i sprinkled some colby-jack cheese to finish it off.

i couldn’t wait to fold ’em up and dig in, but, as you might have gathered, i filled those babies to the brim. i took one or two bites of the folded fajita and wound up eating the rest with a fork. still tasted great! nom nom nom.

while we were sitting around afterward, eliz suggested getting mini blizzards from dairy queen. i realized, OH MY GOSH I HAVEN’T HAD A BLIZZARD IN YEARS!!!!!!

where have you been all my life? wait, have i even missed you??

i used to get blizzards with my parents every once in a while in my hometown, but i’m not sure if i’ve gotten one since i moved to the sin cities seven years ago. if i did, it was within that first year or so. i definitely haven’t had one in the last two years.

but when eliz brought up the new MINI blizzards, i was gung ho for getting one. mini blizzards are only 7 oz, which is 5 oz less than the “small” size of 12 oz. i did some calculations using the dq website’s nutrition info for a small mint oreo blizzard and found that a mini mint oreo blizzard has 338.33 calories, 11.67 grams of fat, 0.5833 grams of fiber, and 7 grams of protein. well … at least there’s a gram of protein per ounce, right? hmm, pretty sure the 48.33 calories PER OUNCE cancels out the excitement i got from the protein number.

(UPDATE: check below for newfound nutrition info. yikes.)

as it turned out, we didn’t get the blizzards. not because of the 8 pts it would have added to our already-over-pts day, but because it was raining cats and dogs. sure they would have tasted like heaven, but i’m reeeeeaaalllly glad we didn’t get them.

i’m also really glad i looked up the facts on blizzards today. maybe some day 8 pts of mini blizzard won’t put a damper on my day, but it was the last thing i needed yesterday. or even any day in the foreseeable future, for that matter. hello! i’m still trying to lose like 10 pounds here!

so now you have some mini blizzard knowledge. information is power! i’ve never gotten a large mint oreo blizzard, but now that i know the numbers NO ONE EVER SHOULD. 1070 cals+36 g fat+2 g fiber=DISASTEROUS 24 PTS! never.

UPDATED TO ADD: so i finally found the nutrition info for the mini blizzards on the dq website. you need to use the nutrition calculator rather than the nutrition info pdf. bad news, folks … it’s worse than we thought. according to their calculator, the mini mint oreo blizzard has 360 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 0 grams of fiber. that’s 51.43 calories PER OUNCE. still 8 pts. still not worth it for me right now.

no excuses. get the facts about what you put in your body.


  1. Wow a large blizzard has more points than I get in a whole day!!! Crazy. Good to know they make mini ones though if a craving ever strikes… πŸ™‚

  2. I will do that sometimes, look so forward to a treat, check the calories, realize it’s so not worth it and then really not miss it. Sometimes I just have to have it and I do and that’s ok, but sometimes just knowing the facts, makes me think twice. πŸ™‚

    Good to see you again! πŸ™‚

  3. I had a blizzard a few weeks ago- but I shared it with my son who ate more than half, so that helps me out!
    Ps if you’ve never tried the Strawberry Cheesequake one, you are missing out BIG TIME!

  4. When I used to get blizzards…the mint oreo one was the one I got! Wow, a large is 24 pts? I used to get the medium (not that it’s any better!).

  5. OMG! I have eaten a large oreo blizzard before, how gross! Since I now know that I can eat a half cup of Breyer’s mint chocolate chip aka the REAL good stuff for 150 calories and 8 grams of fat, I think that would be way better than a blizzard any day!

  6. I actually looked up the stats to see for their mini blizzards! After a long look i decided that honestly it just isn’t worth it.

  7. It’s stunning huh? I used to consume a large brownie batter blizzard in one sitting. I also weighed 343 pounds. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Jen, a priorfatgirl says:

      ooohhh – I used to eat the large banana split blizzard minus the pineapple and add chocolate ice cream. Talk about calories!

  8. funny Blizzard story: my hubby wanted to go for the “buy one, get one for 25 cents” offer. I knew any small Blizzard was bad news in the calorie department, so I ordered “one small plain Blizzard”. The DQ lady had NEVER EVER had someone order a plain Blizzard – mostly because it’s just plain vanilla ice cream in a Blizzard cup.

    Even so, that small plain Blizzard came to 270 calories according to the DQ website. But was still tasty πŸ™‚

  9. OK I have been craving a blizzard for like 2 weeks now… Happy to know I am not the only one! I want a mini PB cup!

  10. Wow! That is where all my weight came from. Well, maybe not all, but it certainly did make the pounds easier to add up. If I knew then what I know now about nutritional info and calories/fat, I would not weigh almost 200 pounds. *sigh*

  11. Ugh! My fave (cookie dough) has 400 calories! Thanks for the info! Although I can’t help but crave a blizzard right now!

  12. Ummm…Roland gets the large pretty much every time we go (which thankfully isn’t often), and minus the two bites I consume eats it all.

    And my mom and I shared one a few days ago. And by share I mean we got the small and I had two bites and she finished it. She wasn’t aware when I said I will only eat a couple bites that I was being serious and regretted the choice because she finished the rest.

    Haha…really glad I don’t care for ice cream. Would be bad for me.

  13. Hmmm, I could see doing a mini-blizzard after a nice long run day or something. That would be about all I can stand, I can’t eat too much sugar at one time or I feel MAD ill.

    The fajitas above though? Sound outta sight. I am a big fan of anything in a tortilla, pretty much.

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